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What 808 Angel number says about you



You wake up by 8.08 am. On your way out, you encounter a vehicle with 808 on the licence plate. Later on, you are chilling at home when you suddenly get a call from your dad at 8.08 pm. This is probably a sign that something is happening in the spiritual realm that you should take note of. It is called 808 Angel number.

The 808 Angel number often signifies something exciting coming your way if you are willing to accept them. Read this article to learn more about this lucky number and what to do when you notice it.

What is 808 Angel number?

The 808 Angel number is a sequence of numbers that carry a spiritual message from the universe. The number 808 is considered a lucky number. It means that there are good tidings on the way. In addition, the number sequence “is said to bring luck in areas related to money and travel, as well as having positive outcomes when it comes to relationships”, says astrologer and numerologist Johanna Aúgusta.

It could mean you are about to experience a financial breakthrough or find your soul mate or more.

808 Angel number meaning

In numerology, the 808 Angel number is associated with prosperity and abundance.

“Angel number 808 carries a very specific message and is believed to be representative of wealth, peace, harmony and balance,” Aúgusta explains.

Like the Chinese traditions, the number 8 is a symbol of luck. Numerologists believe the number “symbolises infinity, completeness, and perfection”, says Aúgusta. “It is connected to the law of karma and often carries a message that hard work and dedication can pay off in the end.”

Meanwhile, zero (0) generally represents eternity, the infinite cycle of life. It is a symbol that means achieving a balance within yourself and a sign that you are exactly where you need to be. Therefore, below is a breakdown of the 808 Angel number meaning:

You must create a balance within yourself

When you constantly see 808, it means you should learn to find harmony in every aspect of your life, including mental, physical and emotional health. This number sequence encourages you to engage in activities that promote such harmony, including meditation, prayer or simply indulging in hobbies. By focusing on finding balance within, you open yourself up to connecting with the divine, leading to peace and clarity.

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The universe supports you

The 808 Angel number means the universe hears your prayers and supports your endeavours. It assures you that the universe is behind you, especially in tough times and will guide you to a positive result.

You are on the right path

The 808 Angel number is assuring you that your life experiences including challenges are shaping and guiding you toward becoming a better version of yourself. Those challenges will strengthen you, and with the backing of the universe, you will be taken to where you need to be.

How to put the 808 Angel number in use

For your love life

For your love life

The 808 Angel number has a powerful significance in your love life. If you are single, it may be a signal that you are about to enter into a meaningful relationship. But first, you must release “old patterns of behaviour or beliefs that have kept you stuck in the past and opening your heart to new possibilities”, says spirituality expert, Tiffany McGee.

If you are already in a relationship, the 808 Angel number could mean you and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level, such as moving in together or getting engaged. In case you are going through a break-up, this number encourages you to lean into self-love and honour your needs. It reminds you that good things can end but you have the power to create a better beginning for yourself.

For your finances and career

For your finances and career

The 808 Angel number is all about abundance and prosperity. For your finances, it means you are about to get a mouth-watering promotion or get a major break in your career. However, you have to be open to opportunities and believe in yourself. It also assures you that you are on the right path in your career, despite the challenges that say otherwise.

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For your spirituality

For your spirituality

According to Aúgusta, 808 indicates major spiritual expansion.

“The angel number is a message from the angels that you are on the right path to achieving your goals,” she explains. “It signifies an infinite cycle of spiritual enlightenment, abundance, and protection.”

So, be ready to explore outside your physical being and tap into your more intuitive side. Hold on to your faith, whether in God or the universe or other spiritual beings and trust your instincts. You can practise by praying, meditating or journaling.

Twin flame

Twin flame

People often ask if seeing the 808 Angel number usually means that their twin flames are nearby. A twin flame is regarded as your soul mate. To prepare yourself and embrace the 808 energy, you have to make positive changes in your life and reach a higher level of consciousness. Becoming a better version of yourself waters the path that will direct you to your twin flame.

On the other hand, the 808 Angel number could mean you are about to break up with your twin flame. It could also mean that there is unfinished business between you two. Either way, this number is the universe’s way of helping you develop a healthy relationship with your soulmate.


So, why do you keep seeing the 808 Angel number? The answer is pretty simple. It means the universe has sent you the number sequence as a reminder to believe in your abilities, connect with your spiritual side and stay the course, even when it seems too challenging.

However, to enjoy the abundant benefits of this number, you have to stay focused on your goal, whether you want a great career or want to get married and start a family. With 808 Angel number, the universe assures you of having your back no matter the obstacles you may encounter on the way.

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