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Hilarious online game that brings novel twist to football



In the world of sports, innovation and creativity often lead to the birth of unique and entertaining games. One such game that brings humour into football is the Small World Cup.

Unlike traditional soccer or football, this game requires players to control a rag-doll player and slam it against the ball in a quest for goals.

Let’s dive into the amusing world of the Small World Cup and explore how this funny two-player game captivates players of all ages.

What is a Small World Cup?

What is a Small World Cup?

A Small World Cup, developed by Rujo Games, is an intriguing mini-football game that is meant for two players. The objective is to score as many goals as possible and emerge as the champion. This unique game combines soccer with the comic elements of the classic game “Mutilate a Doll”, which ultimately creates hilarious and memorable moments.

You and a friend can participate in this version of soccer where you control a rag doll and must forcefully collide it with the ball to score goals. Whether you choose to practice or aim to win the World Cup, a Small World Cup guarantees an entertaining and amusing experience.

The game features a chaotic 1v1 format that lasts for 30 seconds, adding to the excitement of the game. In this intense mode, you must skillfully control your ragdoll character to accurately strike the ball while it is in motion, disregarding any rules. This unrestricted gameplay is a major reason for the game’s popularity, as it ensures continuous action and keeps players engaged until the very end.

The Small World Cup’s simplicity and humouristic style make it an accessible game for players of all ages and skill levels. It is easy to understand, to the extent that even novice gamers can jump right into the action. Whether you are playing with friends and family or even strangers, the Small World Cup guarantees a fun-filled experience that transcends age barriers. The game’s emphasis on laughter and amusement fosters a positive and inclusive environment, creating lasting memories for all participants.

In a world increasingly dominated by online multiplayer games, the Small World Cup offers a refreshing change by promoting face-to-face interaction and friendly competition. By gathering around a screen, players can engage in playful banter, cheer each other on and revel in the shared joy of the game. The physicality of the rag-doll slams and the ensuing laughter create a social bonding experience that strengthens friendships and fosters camaraderie.

The objective of the game remains the same as before: score more goals than your opponent within a specified time limit. However, in this version, the only way to score a goal is by hitting the rag doll against the ball and propelling it into the opponent’s goal. The rag doll acts as both the player and the ball, adding a comedic and challenging element to the game.

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A Small World Cup unblocked

A Small World Cup unblocked

A Small World Cup Unblocked offers several exciting features:

  1. Two-player soccer game: This game allows two players to compete against each other.
  2. Rag-doll characters: Teams consist of rag dolls that players use to slam against the ball, adding a unique and humorous element to the game.
  3. Hilarious situations: The combination of “Mutilate a Doll” and soccer leads to comical and entertaining moments throughout the gameplay.
  4. Game modes: A Small World Cup Unblocked provides various game modes, including practice mode, World Cup tournament and Golden Goal mode.
  5. Golden Goal mode: In this mode, only one goal is required to win a match and progress through the different stages of the tournament.
  6. Compatibility: The game is designed to be played unblocked on Chrome and other modern web browsers, ensuring accessibility for players.

With these features, A Small World Cup Unblocked offers an enjoyable and laughter-filled gaming experience for soccer enthusiasts.

Who created a Small World Cup?

Who created a Small World Cup?

Small world cup games were created by Rujo Games in Milan, Italy.

How to play a Small World Cup

How to play a Small World Cup

You have a choice between training and competing in the World Cup. You will face various difficulties, form a team and participate in the tournament. It is important to be aware of the Golden Goal mode, where a single goal can determine victory and advancement to the next round. However, keep in mind that your opponent also only needs one goal to progress. Your objective is to control your character and score goals to reach the final. Can you win this mini-World Cup?

In A Small World Cup, you control rag dolls to push the opposing team. You can select your favourite country, but your team will consist of only one rag doll. Your goal is to smash the rag doll into the ball to score.

Achieving precision while flinging your rag doll player across the screen requires significant effort. There is a unique beauty in the possibilities that arise:

  • You vigorously head-butt the opponent’s crossbar at an incredible speed, missing the ball entirely.
  • Despite your best efforts, you completely miss the ball, intercept your opponent’s hapless trajectory through the air, and both players end up entangled on top of the goal.
  • After missing the ball completely, you slide along the grass while doing the splits, then abruptly halt right in front of the opposing player (still doing the splits).
  • With tremendous force, you strike the ball against the crossbar, but it bounces neatly into your own goal.
  • By hitting the ball with the same force and trajectory as your opponent, both of you land in a tangled mess on top of the ball, which barely moves.
  • As your opponent collapses on top of you initially, they are propelled through the air against their will, resulting in a sensational own goal.

In this unpredictable and amusing game, anything can happen as you strive to win the mini-World Cup.

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A Small World Cup Poki

A Small World Cup Poki

You can also play the Small World Cup game on Poki. Poki is an online gaming platform that provides a wide selection of free games. It offers a diverse range of genres and categories, catering to players of different interests and preferences.

Poki is accessible through a web browser, allowing users to play games directly without the need for any downloads or installations. This makes it a popular choice for casual gamers who want quick and easy access to a variety of games.

On the Poki platform, you can find games ranging from action-packed adventures and challenging puzzles to sports simulations and multiplayer competitions. There are games suitable for all ages, making it an inclusive platform for players of different skill levels and ages.

The platform features a user-friendly interface that allows players to browse and search for games based on specific criteria, such as genre, popularity, or recommended titles.

Poki also provides features like game ratings, reviews, and recommendations to help users discover new and exciting games. The Small World Cup game has a 4.4-star rating, at the time of writing this piece.

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