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Controversial adult empire that dominated entertainment landscape



Abby Winters is a distinctive presence in the realm of adult internet content and it has remained a divisive figure throughout its remarkable two-decade journey. Originating in Australia, this website has traversed a path marked by transformation, legal disputes, and tenacity.

This piece delves into the captivating narrative of Abby Winters.

What is Abby Winters?

Abby Winters model, or simply Abby Winters, is an Australian adult paysite predominantly centred on nude modelling photo shoots, lesbian encounters and solo performances by female models. It emphasises its use of all-female production teams and is a participant in the “authentic” and reality-based adult entertainment market. The site was launched in the year 2000 and has since been divided into three distinct sections: ‘Solo’, ‘Girl-Girl’ and ‘Intimate Moments’ (focused on self-pleasure).

Abby Winters originally began as an Australian website with Australian participants and staff. It is now based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and combines its extensive Australian content with new material produced since its relocation. In addition to photographs and videos showcasing erotic modelling and intimate activities, the site also offers a variety of both scripted and unscripted scenarios reminiscent of real-life situations, especially in video content. These scenarios include naked yoga, aerobics, video game sessions, swimming and car washing.

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The website is renowned for its mix of “core” professional models, though their numbers are limited, and a substantial collection of genuinely amateur models, many of whom had no prior experience in erotic modelling or video work before joining the company. The content is typically captured in high-quality, high-definition video and photography, featuring somewhat unique “signature” camera angles and notably, none of the models have undergone breast augmentation surgery.

The models featured on the website wear minimal makeup and many maintain a full patch of pubic hair. Additionally, the website asserts that its photos undergo no retouching, except for basic colour balancing.
As of January 2008, had approximately 30,000 subscribers. Despite its Australian origins, 65 per cent of Abby Winters’ subscribers are reportedly located in the United States.

In 2010, in response to shifting political attitudes within the Australian government regarding the acceptability of pornography in the country, the company relocated its offices to the Netherlands. Before this move, the site’s web servers had already been based in the Netherlands and the United States for a considerable period.

The website showcases female models, typically falling within the age range of 18 to 25. In photo-based shoots, the women are photographed in their own homes, bedrooms, and sometimes outdoor settings.

They typically start the shoots wearing their clothes and underwear, gradually disrobing during the session. In videos, there might also be candid interviews but videos featuring groups usually follow a theme or an implied backstory. For example, a yoga class may begin fully clothed and gradually shed garments as the yoga session progresses. As of March 2018, there were 1,485 models featured on the site, with over 500,000 images and 5,459 videos, and new content was added twice daily.

Regina Lynn, a writer for, noted that the site presents sexual content in a more realistic manner than most pornography. Customers can suggest scenarios on the site’s forum, which are sometimes turned into filmed content.

Once a rough scenario is established for each shoot, the production team allows the performers to decide the pace of the scene’s progression and which sexual acts they will engage in. It is claimed that all scenes are filmed by women, some of whom have previously modelled for the site. Models are compensated approximately $500 for a solo masturbation scene and $800 for a scene involving another model.

In 2003/2004, departed from featuring exclusively girl/girl content by producing six boy/girl scenes. These were presented as real couples and, like the females, the male participants were amateurs. The site featured a boy/girl scene in May 2011 and, starting in December 2011, released one boy/girl scene per month.

Abby Winters achievements

Abby Winters model smiling

In terms of awards and recognition, Abby Winters has received several accolades over the years:

  • 2006 Australian Adult Industry Awards: ‘Best Adult Website’
  • 2007 Australian Adult Industry Awards: ‘Best Adult Website’
  • 2008 AVN Award: ‘Best Amateur Series for “Intimate Moments’
  • 2011 AVN Award: ‘Best Membership Site’
  • 2012 XBIZ Award: ‘Adult Site of the Year (Solo/All-Girl)’
  • 2013 XBIZ Award: ‘All-girl Release of the Year’ for “Girls With Girls”

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Who owns Abby Winters?

Who owns Abby Winters

According to Garion Hall, Abby Winters is a woman he encountered in 1999 who expressed a desire to produce alternative adult content and initiated a website. Hall played a role in managing the commercial aspects of the venture. However, by 2003, she had lost interest in the project and Hall took full ownership. It is worth noting that the character of Abby Winters is widely regarded as a creation and a pseudonym used by Garion Hall.

What happened to Abby Winters?

In 2007, Helen Corday, a former Abby Winters model, who used the stage name Liandra Dahl, raised concerns about privacy issues related to G Media sites. She expressed worries that the site did not adequately inform young and inexperienced models about the potential distribution of their content beyond the paysite, including on file-sharing networks. Corday also had concerns about how their involvement in pornography might affect their future choices. Following a police raid on G Media, Corday later reopened her blog to clarify that she did not support the new anti-pornography laws in Australia and that she felt misquoted by the Herald Sun.

On June 16, 2009, G Media’s offices in Melbourne were raided by the Victoria Police as part of “Operation Refuge”. The raid was based on suspicions that G Media may have filmed an underage model and that the company’s DVD productions might have violated Victoria’s film classification laws. CEO Garion Hall was arrested during the raid but was later released. G Media issued a statement asserting that nothing had been seized during the raid, and they praised the police for their professionalism.

In December 2009, Hall faced charges from Victoria Police, including 54 counts of making objectionable films, for profit and possessing a commercial quantity of objectionable films. However, these charges were eventually dropped, and two charges were filed against the company itself. A judge imposed a fine of $6,000 on the company on May 28th, 2010. The combination of legal issues encountered with law enforcement, financial penalties and a less receptive climate for the company’s activities led to Hall’s decision to relocate the company out of Australia to establish its operations in Amsterdam.

In June 2010, Hall announced that G Media was selling its business to a new Dutch company. This decision was motivated by legal challenges the company faced in Australia, where its operations had been based in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. As a result of this change, Abby Winters’ operations were relocated to Amsterdam, Netherlands, where it currently operates from a central office.

However, in June 2023, Hall announced through a publicly available site forum that Abby Winters would cease producing new scenes. The reasons cited included a lack of profitability and a shortage of suitable models, although the site would continue to operate in other capacities.

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