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Alaya AI is an artificial intelligence platform that has revolutionised data collection and training. In today’s era of artificial intelligence, data training is essential to make information more reliable and accessible. As AI continues to advance, the hunger for data collection increases. However, data sourcing is one of the problems of AI tools.

Hence, Alaya AI was introduced to solve this problem by providing a decentralised data marketplace and toolkit that connects data buyers to a global community of data contributors.

To know more about how this data training tool works, read this article.

What is Alaya AI?

What is Alaya AI?

Alaya AI is a pioneering platform that provides data services for artificial intelligence. Such services include data collection, labelling, annotation and transcription. Alaya AI uses blockchain technology, gamification and social commerce to solve data problems such as data scarcity, quality and decentralisation in the AI industry.

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Alay AI launched products 1.0 and 2.0 in June and August 2023, respectively. It deployed these products on Arbitrum. In addition, it ranks among the top 15 in terms of activity on the chain and also ranks in the top three among projects that have not yet issued tokens. The main users are from East Asia, India, Southeast Asia and other regions, with registered users reaching over 400,000. There are also about 15,000 daily users and at least 1500 on-chain interactions per day. You can get rewards of ETH and AIA tokens in the product every day.

Alaya AI’s key features include the following:

Advanced-data quality assessment

Alaya AI  implements a sophisticated system to evaluate post-collection and labelling data accuracy. It ensures that its data is reliable, an important feature that artificial intelligence tools can leverage.

Crowd-powered data engine

Alaya mobilises experts in various fields and disciplines in finance, medicine, geospatial, retail, transportation and more to create high-precision training datasets. With data from over 50 countries, you can get information on any subject matter.

Tailored AI-driven decision support

Alaya provides a broad spectrum of data acquisition services, including classification, annotation and transcription. It also provides various data needs, ensuring flexibility for users.

Gamified experience and marketplace

Alaya combines games and quizzes with rewards to engage users. Also, the platform allows the buying and selling of digital assets like algorithms and datasets.

With Alaya, users have a voice. The platform has created policies and key technical upgrades which are administered through a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO). It is a safe place for everyone where people can connect, share information and work together on data tasks.

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Complete toolkit

Alaya provides a complete toolkit with API access. This means that you can tailor the platform to your specific needs.

Alaya AI stock

The introduction of Alaya AI has made tremendous impacts on artificial intelligence tools. The impact includes the following:

  • Optimised data analysis and trading efficiency. Alaya implements cutting-edge AI algorithms for the real-time processing of extensive financial data. It also identifies patterns and extracts valuable information to help investors to develop positive strategies.
  • Expand market access and liquidity. The gamified data training module gives NFT rewards which encourages users’ engagement. In addition, Alaya incorporates a social referral system to expand and make the market accessible to more users.
  • Enhances decision-making process. With Alaya, decision-making is easier across various sectors, including home care, healthcare, and education.
  • Opportunity to generate income and reduce costs. The gamification and referral programs are opportunities for users to generate income. It also automates research across various sectors at a lower cost, thus helping you to make decisions faster.

How to use Alaya AI

  • Visit the Alaya AI website and sign up using your email address.
  • A link will be sent to your email. Click on it to verify that you are a real person.
  • Log in using your username and password.
  • You are allowed to adjust the settings to your preference.
  • Take part in tasks to collect and label data. You can earn rewards by answering questions, pledging, and trading NFTs, contributing to the platform’s long-term sustainability.
  • Finally, make sure your private keys and recovery phrases are safe, to keep your account more secure.

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