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Stunning internet sensation who gained fame for her sultry cosplay contents



Alice Delish has, from a young age, cultivated a substantial online following that has flourished over the years, thanks to her remarkable talent for character imitation and her skilful cosplays of various anime characters. As her fan base grew, she diversified her content to encompass explicit not-safe-for-work (NSFW) material, catering to her subscribing fans.

With an Instagram following surpassing the million mark, she has emerged as one of the most sought-after cosplayers in the online sphere.

Alice Delish biography

Alice Delish selfie

Alice Delish, also known as Alisa Levina, is a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer. She has gained popularity for her beauty and fashion-related content showcased on her YouTube channel.

Born on May 3, 2002, in Russia to a mixed Russian family, Delish spent her early childhood with her family. She completed her high school education in 2018 and attended college for two years before taking a break to pursue her career.

She is well known on social media platforms for her elegant cosplaying photos, in which she dresses up in different costumes of on-screen characters. Most of her inspiration comes from manga and animated shows.

Stature-wise, she stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 6 inches and maintains a weight of around 49 kilogrammes.

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Alice Delish’s career

Delish has achieved significant milestones in her career. She worked as an office assistant at a law firm before joining two different creative agencies and other prominent companies in Manhattan. After signing with the IMG Models agency, she became the face of renowned brands like H&M, Zara and Tommy Hilfiger.

Delish’s journey into the world of fame began when she started posting captivating videos and pictures of herself on various social media platforms. Her consistent presence, eye-catching visuals and flawless makeup skills quickly garnered her a substantial following.

While Delish’s Instagram account is not officially verified, it boasts an impressive following. On this platform, she showcases her fashion sense, beauty tips and everyday life, captivating her audience with stunning visuals.

Additionally, Delish is a passionate cosplayer. Cosplay involves dressing up as fictional characters from various media, such as comics, movies and video games. Delish’s talent for bringing these characters to life has garnered admiration from her fans.

In a bid to diversify her content and engage with a broader audience, Delish ventured into YouTube. She launched her self-titled YouTube channel on November 14, 2021. Her first video was posted on January 22, 2022.

On this platform, Delish shares a wide range of content, including gaming, makeup tutorials and discussions about skincare. Her YouTube channel has over 27,500 subscribers and includes content featuring her sister, Olivia, and mother, Sandy. The duo has created two other YouTube channels, one for casual hangouts and another dedicated to beauty vlogs.

Alice Delish OnlyFans

Alice Delish handling milk bottles in the sun

Delish does not have an OnlyFans page under her name. However, she does engage with her audience on various other digital adult platforms that are similar. These platforms offer her a unique space to connect with her followers and share content that aligns with her style and interests.

One of the platforms where Delish interacts with her fans is Patreon. Patreon is a popular choice for creators in various fields, including adult content creators. It allows creators to offer exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, and personalised experiences to their subscribers.

Alice Delish’s net worth

As of 2023, Delish’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $1 million, according to sources.

Alice Delish family

Delish maintains a relatively private stance when it comes to her family life. However, some information is available about her family members. Delish was born to Sandy Webb and Garfield Webb. Her parents have been supportive of her throughout her career and personal journey, according to the model.

Delish has two siblings – a brother and a sister.

Alice Delish’s age

As of 2023, Delish is 21 years old.

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Alice Delish Instagram

Alice Delish

Alice and Delish, known for her striking looks, has amassed a massive following on the popular social media platform Instagram, where she actively maintains her account. Her primary Instagram profile, under the username @alice_delish, boasts an impressive 1.2 million followers and consistently receives high levels of engagement and likes on her posts.

Delish is renowned for sharing breathtaking photos, alluring content and captivating cosplay shots of herself on this platform. Furthermore, her Instagram profile provides a link leading to her various accounts on other digital platforms, including Patreon, Kitty, TikTok, X (Twitter) and her secondary Instagram account with the username @alicedelish.

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