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Amazon Product Tester: How to become one



Amazon Product Tester

Have you ever wondered how to become an amazon product tester, would you like to begin testing things on Amazon for free? Unbelievably, it’s not that difficult. Vendors are always looking for dependable people to offer them honest reviews of their goods; some are even willing to reward you with free goods in exchange for your opinion. Ready to discover how? Continue reading

Test Goods for Amazon FBA: Important Information

To succeed in 2023, you need more than simply a product that you can copy and paste. White-labeled generic products are no longer sufficient. In order to differentiate themselves in a market that is extremely crowded, sellers must build their own special perspective on a lucrative product. Feedback is a crucial component of the creative process for any successful entrepreneur. Product testers can help with that.

Product reviewers offer sellers feedback on their goods so they can keep refining their offerings for the market. Amazon sellers are constantly looking for trustworthy product testers who can either endorse their offering or offer advice on how to take it to the next level.

As a result, Amazon FBA sellers are constantly looking for reliable customers to rely on throughout this process. They occasionally come up with concepts like giveaway services, customer coupon codes, free or reduced goods, etc. because of this. A terrific method to assist new sellers and receive (and keep) free goods is to sign up as a product tester.

How Can I Become A Product Tester For Amazon?

You can apply in a few different ways to become an Amazon product tester. You can either use the Amazon Vine program to evaluate products directly on Amazon or a third-party program to work with sellers in need of testers if you want to get started. These are both excellent choices.

We suggest? Locate a reputable third-party program that will provide you with opportunity to evaluate products without any bother. Becoming accepted into the invite-only Amazon Vine Program can be challenging. There are trustworthy programs available to connect new vendors with customers just like you. Shop owners give you a free item that is completely yours to keep in return for your useful comments.


amazon product tester

How To Become A Product Tester Without Any Difficulty

So how do you pick the best platform to discover these chances for product testing? Find someplace trustworthy and reasonable where you know you’ll receive your refund on time and that the merchant won’t pressure you to provide spammy reviews or only good feedback.

Many of the advertisements you see seeking product testers are merely attempts to circumvent Amazon’s terms of service by requesting favorable evaluations in exchange for free goods offered outside of the platform. This goes against Amazon’s review guidelines in addition to being immoral. You want to work with a company that upholds Amazon’s standards and engages in moral behavior.

Our preferred choice? My Rebate buddy! You can sign up for product testing opportunities through My Rebate Friend through a Telegram group. They put you in touch with fresh brands seeking candid feedback from consumers just like you, and you always get a 100% refund via PayPal after buying the item.

It’s simple to sign up.

amazon product tester

Anyone with a US address and an Amazon Prime Account is eligible to apply. No SSN is needed!

To join the My Rebate Buddy Telegram Group, click here.
By messaging the Amazon testers bot, adhere to the directions and submit an application to become a product tester.
Get deals for 100% cash back right away!
Provide your frank and thorough opinion.
Anyone may do this easily to start trying out things while supporting a new Amazon seller. There’s no need to wait months for your invitation while publishing reviews online, and there are no spammy, dubious business practices!

Amazon Vine use

You can always choose to join the Vine program to become a reviewer if you’d rather keep everything in your Amazon account.

Reviewers who participate in Amazon Vine’s invite-only program can help new sellers gain recognition more quickly by offering thorough evaluations in exchange for free merchandise. This service is a great resource for both sellers and reviewers, but enrollment is difficult.

Based on which people write the most insightful evaluations, Amazon chooses which individuals to invite to this program. This is decided by looking at the quantity of reviews you write, the items you review, how thorough they are, and how many people like them.

Reviews on Amazon Vine are identified as such. There is no direct connection between the reviewer and the brand because Amazon is in charge of everything. Using this method, transparency is assured.
You will always receive free goods when you participate in the Amazon Vine program.


amazon product tester


So how can you obtain an invitation to take part? You must rise to the top of Amazon’s reviewers.

Here are some pointers for being a “top reviewer.”

  1. Examine each buy. Most likely, you already make frequent purchases from Amazon. So start giving evaluations, even for straightforward transactions, and stop waiting for free items.
  2. When possible, keep it brief. For every review, you are not required to submit an essay. When you have little to say, make it short and simple.
  3. When necessary, use precise language. On the other side, some products need more thorough reviews. Larger purchases are especially indicative of this.
  4. List the advantages and disadvantages. Provide a list of the product’s advantages and disadvantages in bullet points when writing a review. These reviews are likely to receive an upvote from other consumers who find them useful.
  5. Publish images and videos. Videotape the product being unboxed and provide images of it being used. If you are reviewing an item from the clothing section, be sure to indicate your size.
  6. Be precise. Express to customers exactly what you liked and disliked about the product (this is where the pros and cons list can come in handy).
  7. Avoid writing evaluations that are merely, “That was a wonderful product,” or “I appreciated my buy.”
  8. With buyers in mind, review. You’re aiming to educate the next customer, not to flatter the brand. Instead of waiting for free or reduced. products, take into account any queries you may have had before to purchasing this product and address them in your review.
  9. Buy and evaluate hot new releases and goods. Check out the new releases section of Amazon and buy items there to post reviews as another strategy to get Amazon’s attention. Since there won’t be many reviews, you’ll probably get upvotes. You should review the best products as well.
  10. Select a specialty. You might want to establish yourself as a reliable reviewer in a specific industry. To succeed in this market, think carefully about reviewing and buying new or well-liked products in one specific niche.
    Typically, Amazon will only invite users to the Vine program if they have at least 100 reviews. Therefore, starting to review now and doing so well on Amazon review sites will give you the best chance of receiving an invite. then, hold out for an invitation!

As you can see, using Vine versus another service has a much more involved process for becoming a product reviewer. There is no better option than My Rebate Buddy for the average person looking to start a career as a product tester!


The process of becoming a product tester is simpler than ever! You can be requested to join the Amazon Vine Program if you’ve attained “top reviewer” status on Amazon. Nevertheless, using a service like My Rebate Buddy to assist new sellers by offering insightful feedback in exchange for a 100% reimbursement, you can immediately start evaluating products right away without the headache. Whichever method you use to begin product testing, don’t forget to write thorough reviews with frank commentary!

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