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Social media influencer who succinctly combines beauty, influence



Amber Ajami is an American social media influencer and model, whose captivating presence and striking beauty continue to make her prominent on the social scene. With an innate passion for the performing arts, Amber embarked on a journey of unwavering determination to make her name in the entertainment world.

Amber Ajami biography

Amber Ajami mirror selfie

She is an American social media influencer and model. Born in 1998, Ajami, who hails from the U.S. state of Hawaii, displayed a keen interest in the performing arts from an early age. Fueled by her unwavering passion and determination, she embarked on a journey to make her mark in the entertainment industry.

Ajami achieved remarkable success in her early life. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Belmont University.

She identifies as an atheist, with her zodiac sign being Aries.

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Ajami began her professional journey as a full-time social media influencer, primarily focusing on creating and sharing lip-sync and dance videos. Additionally, she maintains an OnlyFans account where she offers exclusive, adult-oriented content to her subscribers.

Amber Ajami’s net worth

Amber Ajami at the beach

According to reports, Ajami is said to have a net worth of $600,000

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There is limited information publicly available regarding Ajami’s family.

Amber Ajami age

Amber Ajami

Ajami was born in 1998. She is 25 years old as of 2023.

Amber Ajami Instagram

Amber Ajami has an active social media presence on Instagram, with 405,000 followers. She has two other Instagram accounts under the names – sunsugarshine and beachbunniexo.

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