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Dennis Rodman’s former spouse who accused him of abuse



Annie Bakes is an American woman of striking beauty and undeniable charisma. She found herself on a path that intertwined with Dennis Rodman, a former NBA basketball player who is currently revered as a legend of the game.

Join us as we uncover the compelling story of Annie Bakes, a woman who made her name in the world of modelling and got connected to Dennis Rodman.

Annie Bakes biography

Annie Bakes

Annie Bakes is a former American adult model, most notably recognised as the former wife of NBA player, actor and TV personality, Dennis Rodman. Discovered by a modelling agent when she was just 16, she pursued a successful career working with various modelling agencies and companies.

Additionally, Bakes was a hostess in clubs during her younger years. Renowned for her exceptional beauty in the modelling industry, Bakes, admired for her bold and stylish presence and enviable figure, was once one of the most in-demand adult models in the field.

Beyond her modelling career, Bakes is a multi-talented individual and has authored the book, ‘White Girls Don’t Bounce.’ Presently, she is married to a police officer and is a mother to a young woman.

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Annie Bakes career

Bakes began her modelling career in her teenage years. Initially, she modelled for print adverts, but after reaching the age of 18, she transitioned to modelling lingerie and swimwear.

During this period, Bakes also started working in nightclubs to supplement her income. Her modelling career, however, came to an end in 1986 after a road accident left her with injuries and scars.

Following the conclusion of her turbulent marriage, Bakes turned to writing. In 1997, she published a book, titled: Worse Than He Says He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side With Dennis Rodman. Later on, the same book was re-released with the title: White Girls Don’t Bounce.

In recent years, Bakes has maintained a low profile in the media. She currently works with People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) and resides in Citrus Heights, California.

Annie Bakes’ net worth

According to reports, Bakes is said to have a net worth of $1.5 million.

Annie Bakes’ family

Annie Bakes with her ex husband

There is limited information about her family. But she was popularly known for her relationship with Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is a retired professional basketball player. He is also known for his involvement in wrestling and his role as a TV personality.

He was born Dennis Keith Rodman on May 13, 1961, in Trenton, New Jersey. Rodman grew up with his mother, Shirley, as his father, Philander Rodman, left the family and moved to the Philippines. Dennis Rodman reportedly has a total of 47 siblings on his father’s side, but his only known siblings are Debra and Kim.

After becoming a single mother, Rodman’s mother worked various part-time jobs to support the family, which meant that Rodman and his sisters grew up in a financially disadvantaged situation.

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Rodman attended South Oak Cliff High School in his native New Jersey. However, during his teenage years, Rodman did not display any special talent for playing basketball, unlike his sisters who had a natural aptitude for the sport. His height also played a role in his lack of interest in basketball; By the time of his high school graduation, he was just 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters) tall.

Surprisingly, Rodman experienced a significant growth spurt and reached a height of 6 feet 7 inches (2 meters) before his 18th birthday.

Recognising that he now had more opportunities as a basketball player, Rodman decided to give the sport another try. It was then that he was discovered by the coach of the Texas-based Cooke County College, who offered him a scholarship after seeing his skills.

Despite his talent in the college’s basketball team, Rodman transferred to Southeastern Oklahoma State University due to his poor grades. There, his success in basketball attracted the attention of National Basketball Association (NBA) scouts and in 1986, Rodman was drafted in the second round by the Detroit Pistons.

After spending nearly a decade with Detroit, Rodman joined the San Antonio Spurs in 1993, staying with the team for two seasons until 1995 when he joined the Chicago Bulls.

Following four years with the Bulls, Dennis joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 1999 but only remained with them for a year until 2000 when he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

By the early 2000s, he had won five NBA Championship titles. Additionally, he was selected for the NBA All-Star team twice and was named the NBA Rebounding Champion seven times.

In terms of his personal life, Rodman has been married three times. The NBA legend has three children: a daughter, Alexis, aged 35, whom he shares with his first wife, Annie Bakes; as well as a son, Dennis “D.J.” Jr., aged 22, and a daughter, Trinity, aged 21, with his third wife, Michelle Moyer.

Before the release of his 2019 ESPN documentary, “Rodman: For Better or Worse,” Rodman had an emotional conversation with the network and revealed that his “major demon” was “trying to convince” himself that he’s “a good dad”. He expressed the challenges he faced and the difficulty in breaking the cycle of his upbringing.

While he has not always had a close relationship with some of his children, in recent years, Rodman has made efforts to be closer to all of them. His two youngest children are even following in his footsteps as talented young athletes.

Following his divorce from Annie Bakes, he married actress Carmen Electra in 1998, but the marriage was short-lived and the couple separated in April 1999.

Rodman then entered a relationship with Michelle Moyer, with whom he had his first son, Dennis Jr.; and a daughter, Trinity. The couple married in 2003 but separated in 2004. The divorce was not finalised until 2012 as Rodman and Moyer attempted reconciliation for several years.

Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman

Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman

In 1987, Bakes encountered Rodman in a bar in Sacramento where she was then employed. The two fell in love instantly and Rodman conveyed the impression of being a caring man to her.

Amidst their passionate romance, Bakes and Rodman began living together and she soon became pregnant with his child. In 1988, their daughter, Alexis Caytlin Rodman, was born. Bakes and Rodman continued their relationship after Alexis’s birth, and in 1992, they eventually got married.

However, their marriage was short-lived. Later that year, Bakes initiated divorce proceedings, alleging that Rodman had subjected her to abuse and repeated physical harm throughout their time together.

Following their separation, she requested £7,700 per month in child support. She also claimed that she had ceased working at Rodman’s insistence, as he had supposedly assured her of financial support once they became a couple.

Bakes had reportedly encouraged Rodman to undergo marital counselling before their separation. While Rodman had initially agreed, he did not keep his promise, as she explained,

“After a couple of sessions, he quit. You can’t compel this guy to seek help. He doesn’t believe he has a problem. He thinks he’s invulnerable,” she claimed.

Following Bakes and Rodman’s divorce, he purportedly went for extended periods without visiting his daughter, as Bakes disclosed to The Chicago Tribune in 1997.

In the same interview, she stated that her daughter, Alexis, was grappling with anger issues stemming from her distant relationship with her father.

She said: “Alexis is displaying a lot of anger right now, and she holds it against me for leaving Dennis.”

Bakes expressed that her daughter’s difficulties were impacting her academic life and relationships with her schoolmates.

She said: “Alexis keeps telling kids at school, ‘My daddy has girlfriends and my daddy doesn’t come to see me.’”

After an incident where Alexis struck another girl at school, she began receiving counselling to address her anger.

The precise moment when Rodman and his eldest daughter mended their relationship remains undisclosed, but they have recently been seen spending time together.

Alexis was interviewed for her father’s series, “Rodman: For Better or Worse”, and she described her father as a ‘wonderful person’.

Annie Bakes age

Bakes was born on January 31, 1965. She is 57 years old as of 2023.

Annie Bakes now

There is no recent information on developments related to Annie Bakes.

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