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‘Shame Shame Shame’ actress who had a thing with Jean Dean Morgan



Anya Longwell is a name that may not immediately resonate with Hollywood’s glittering stars, but one that carries its own story of resilience and ambition. She is famous for being the ex-wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Their union was a journey that began with passion and promise but ultimately took unexpected twists and turns.

Anya Longwell biography

Anya Longwell

Anya Longwell, born on November 30, 1964, is an actress who has been featured in several Hollywood movies. Longwell is not only an accomplished American actress but also a model.

Anya Longwell career

From the early days of her career, Longwell displayed an unwavering dedication to both acting and modelling. Her breakthrough in Hollywood came in 1991 when she made her debut appearance as a showgirl in the movie “Mobster”.

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Longwell’s first taste of fame came through her marriage to her ex-husband. She truly rose to prominence when she was cast in “Death Becomes Her”, which was released in 1992. This film marked a significant moment in her career.

She subsequently starred in “Wasted in Babylon” and “Shame, Shame, Shame”, which were both released in 1999.

Longwell’s talents extended beyond the realm of acting. She ventured into the world of modelling and became a sensation as she captured the essence of brilliance through her striking poses in front of the camera. Her versatility allowed her to shine on both runways and in front of photographers’ lenses.

In addition, Longwell has also been utilised for advertisement campaigns and brand endorsements. Her involvement in various aspects of the entertainment and fashion industries showcases her multifaceted talents and adaptability.

Anya Longwell movies

Anya Longwell smile

Here is an overview of some of the movies that Longwell has acted in:

  • “Death Becomes Her” (1992) –  In this comedy, Longwell plays the role of a receptionist named “Chagall”.
  • “Shame, Shame, Shame” (1999) – Longwell portrayed the character of “Audrey” in this 1999 film production.
  • “Wasted in Babylon” (1999) – Longwell’s role in this movie was “Sasha”.
  • “Scorned” (1993) – Longwell took on the role of “The Woman”.

Anya Longwell’s net worth

Anya Longwell posing

According to reports, Longwell is said to have a net worth of $1 million

Anya Longwell Family

There is limited information regarding Longwell’s family. However, she is known to be the ex-wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, born on April 22, 1966, in Seattle, Washington, is an American actor known for his work in both television and film.

His journey into acting took an unexpected turn. After graduating from Lake Washington High School in 1984, he briefly pursued a career in basketball at Skagit Valley College. However, a leg injury dashed his hopes of becoming a professional basketball player, prompting him to explore other interests such as painting and writing.

Morgan’s acting career began with the film Uncaged in 1991, and he has since appeared in over 25 feature films. However, a significant portion of his work has been in television. He played a major character in the 1996–97 series The Burning Zone.

In 2005 and 2006, Morgan made simultaneous appearances in three television series: Supernatural as “John Winchester”, Grey’s Anatomy as a heart transplant patient “Denny Duquette”, and the Showtime series Weeds as “Judah Botwin”.

In addition, Morgan starred in the film The Accidental Husband in 2007. He has also appeared in various other films, including Watchmen (2009), Taking Woodstock (2009) and Jonah Hex (2010).

Morgan’s career continued to flourish with roles in projects like The Resident (2011), Magic City (2012), The Possession (2012) and Red Dawn (2012). He played “Joe DiMaggio” in The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (2015) and in the same year, he took on the role of “Negan” in the hit TV series, The Walking Dead.

His extensive acting portfolio includes roles in Texas Rising (2015), The Good Wife (2015-2016) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

In 2018, Morgan was part of the cast of the film Rampage. He also reprised his character “John Winchester” in the 14th season of Supernatural in 2019. In August 2022, it was announced that he would join the cast of the fourth season of The Boys.

Anya Longwell and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

During the early days of her acting career, Anya Longwell crossed paths with actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The duo subsequently embarked on a romantic journey together. Their courtship eventually led to an engagement and they exchanged vows in an official marriage ceremony held in Las Vegas.

For a substantial period, they portrayed all the qualities of a happy and healthy couple. However, after several decades together, their relationship encountered difficulties and this led them to part ways. Their marriage came to an end in 2003 after 11 years, and it is worth noting that they did not have any children together.

Anya Longwell age

Longwell was born on November 30, 1964. She is currently 58 years old and will be 59 years old in 2023.

Anya Longwell now

There is limited information about what Anya Longwell is doing now. However, she is currently single and has not settled down for marriage since she left Dean Morgan.

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