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Representation emblem for those with limited romantic, sexual connection



In the realm of LGBTQIA+, it is essential to decode the meanings behind each flag and ensure awareness as the community expands. As new identities emerge, understanding the significance of their representation fosters knowledge and inclusivity.

In this article, our focus is on the Aroace flag, a unique symbol that represents the union of asexual and aromantic identities. Come explore the distinct meaning and vivid colours that comprise this flag, honouring the varied and rich experiences found among different communities.

What is the Aroace flag?

What is the Aroace flag?

The Aroace flag represents the identities of individuals who identify as both aromantic (aro) and asexual (ace).

The phrase “aromantic-asexual“, often abbreviated as “AroAce”, refers to people who identify as both asexual/ace-spec and aromantic/aro-spec. The identities that fall within this general phrase include acespike frayromantics, lithromantic greysexuals, aromantic demisexuals and aromantic asexuals.

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Aromantic individuals do not experience romantic attraction, while asexual individuals do not experience sexual attraction. The flag combines colours and symbols to visually represent these two aspects of a person’s identity.

Certain phrases must be recognised to comprehend people’s attractions. The term “ace” or asexuality, describes someone who has little or no sexual interest. The term “aro” or aromanticism, refers to those who have little to no romantic sentiments. Now think of “aroace” as a combination of aromanticism and asexuality, denoting minimal to nonexistent romantic and sexual desire. 

The AroAce flag, introduced on Tumblr in December 2018 by user “aroaesflags”, was collaboratively designed with input from the AroAce community. It underwent several design stages and has become widely recognised as a representation of AroAce individuals on social networking sites and support forums.

Aroace Flag Meaning

Aroace Flag Meaning

The Aroace flag is a symbolic representation that reflects the identity of individuals who identify as Aroace—those experiencing little to no romantic and sexual attraction. Here is the meaning behind the flag’s colours:

It reflects the unity of the AroAce community, with orange positioned between aromantic green and asexual purple.

2. Yellow (representing love and relationships)

It depicts relationships that exist beyond traditional notions of romance and sexuality.

3. White (signifying wholeness)

Symbolises individuals as complete entities on their own, encompassing platonic and non-amorous relationships.

4. Blue (signifying the AroAce identity)

Represents the aroace identity, positioned between aromantic green and asexual purple.

5. Purple (reinforcing the AroAce identity)

Another representation of the aroace identity emphasises the spectrum between aromantic green and asexual purple.

Aroace pride flag

Aroace pride flag

The Aroace Pride Flag is a symbolic banner designed to represent and celebrate the pride of individuals who identify as Aroace—those experiencing little to no romantic and sexual attraction.

It is essential to note that the Aroace Pride Flag is often used interchangeably with the Aroace Flag, and there is generally no significant difference between the two terms. Both terms are used in referring to the flag, which aims to provide visibility, recognition and a sense of unity within the Aroace community.

In 2016, DeviantArt user @Pride-Flags crafted one of the earliest AroAce flags by combining the purple-striped flag of the asexual community with the green-striped flag of the aromantic community. Shortly after, another design emerged, incorporating an older yellow design for the aromantic flag within a heart shape.

A third version featuring fewer stripes and somewhat different colour shades of the original was unveiled in 2017 by DeviantArt user, decaykid. The chronology was completed in 2018 when Tumblr user, aroaesflags, unveiled the Sunset flag, highlighting individual identity through purposeful colour selection. Between Ace Purple and Aro Green, the orange stripe symbolised the oneness of the AroAce community.

Quora user, Ezrasberry, coined the term “AroAceflux” in October 2020, describing a person who is both aroflux and aceflux, experiencing fluctuating romantic and sexual orientations within the aromantic and asexual spectra. This led to the creation of a separate AroAceflux flag, featuring a gradient of stripes in shades of dark purple, blue, and green.

Throughout these transformations, alternative versions of the AroAce flag emerged, showcasing the vibrant and diverse expressions within the AroAce community. Each redesign and reinterpretation contributes to the tapestry of AroAce’s identity, reflecting the spectrum of experiences and identities within this unique community.

The creation and adoption of pride flags within the LGBTQ+ community, including the Aroace Pride Flag, serve several important purposes. 

The flag provides visibility to the Aroace community, helping individuals identify and connect with others who share similar experiences and identities. Also, it recognises the unique intersection of aromanticism and asexuality within the Aroace identity.

Furthermore, the Aroace pride flag fosters a sense of community and solidarity among Aroace individuals, creating a visual representation of shared identity and pride. It facilitates connections, support networks, and a feeling of belonging for those who might feel marginalised or misunderstood.

Pride flags, including the Aroace Pride Flag, serve as a means for individuals to express pride in their sexual identity. They provide a visual language through which Aroace individuals can communicate their experiences, fostering self-acceptance and empowerment.

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