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Babe Didrikson Zaharias Net Worth, Wiki! (Updated January 2024)



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Full Name- Mildred Ella Didrikson Zaharias

Last Name- Zaharias

First Name- Mildred

Birth Date- June 26, 1911

Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias (June 26, 1911–September 27, 1956) was a versatile American athlete who excelled in golf, basketball, baseball, and track and field.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias had great success, winning two gold medals in track and field at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Zaharias also held world records in the javelin and 80-meter hurdles.

What is the net worth of Babe Didrikson Zaharias?

There are several sources that estimate Babe Didrikson Zaharias’ net worth to be $5 million. Her money was primarily acquired through a successful career as a professional athlete, where she excelled in sports such as golf, basketball, baseball, and track and field.

Babe-Didrikson-Zaharias had a net worth of $5 million Image Source: Instagram

It is crucial to note that these estimates are based on her lifetime earnings and may not completely reflect the enduring worth of her legacy and influence on women’s sports.

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Career of Babe Didrikson Zaharias:

Babe Didrikson Zaharias demonstrated her abilities as a multi-sport athlete by succeeding in basketball, track and field, baseball, and golf. Her amateur sports career began with high school basketball, and she eventually rose to prominence as a baseball player, gaining the nickname “Babe” in honor of Babe Ruth.

She won two gold medals in track and field at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, setting or equaling world records in the 80-meter hurdles and javelin.

She began her professional career in August 1947 and co-founded the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) in 1950. In recognition of her outstanding efforts, the Associated Press named her the Woman Athlete of the Half-Century in 1950.

Didrikson Zaharias, known for her theatrics and outgoing nature, frequently made a dramatic entry at tournaments with the announcement, “The Babe is here!”

Domination in amateur golf championships: 1946-1947.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias created history by winning gold medals and breaking or matching world records in the 80-meter hurdles and javelin at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. She gained the nickname “Babe” after hitting five home runs in one baseball game, evoking Babe Ruth’s manner.

Despite briefly being classified as a professional athlete by the USGA due to her baseball earnings, she successfully regained her amateur status in 1943. From 1946 to 1947, Zaharias dominated amateur golf, winning 17 events, including the renowned 1946 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship and 1947 Women’s British Amateur Championship.

She entered the professional scene in August 1947 and co-founded the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) in 1950. Notable victories in the United States Women’s Open in 1948 and 1950 cemented her golfing career.

In recognition of her outstanding efforts, the Associated Press named her the Woman Athlete of the Half-Century in 1950. Throughout her amazing career, Babe Didrikson Zaharias enthralled audiences with her strong personality and fascinating flair.

The Charismatic Couple: Babe and George Zaharias

Babe Didrikson Zaharias married professional wrestler George Zaharias in St. Louis, Missouri, on December 23, 1938.

Following their marriage, she became known as Babe Didrikson Zaharias, or simply Babe Zaharias. George Zaharias, a professional wrestler known for his flair, had a significant influence on Babe’s engaging stage appearance.

Babe-Didrikson-Zaharias with her husband Image Source: Pinterest

The union not only marked a personal milestone for Babe, but also revealed the dynamic interchange of showmanship cues between the two spouses. They became a charismatic and prominent duo, with each adding to the other’s public presence.

Zaharias and George Zaharias’ marriage was a significant event in both their personal lives and the larger context of their public images in sports and entertainment.

Connecting sports, philanthropy, and community.

Zaharias was well-known for his generosity and willingness to serve people. When she discovered she had cancer in 1953, she and her husband founded the Babe Didrikson Zaharias Fund. This fund supports cancer clinics and treatments.

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Even now, the fund continues to support cancer research and treatment. Additionally, the Babe Didrikson Zaharias Foundation provides scholarships to female athletes. This is done to recognize her and her commitment to women’s athletics.

Babe founded the Babe Didrikson Zaharias trophy, which is awarded annually to an exceptional American woman in athletics. Babe had a hectic sports career, but she always took time to help the community and promote causes that were important to her.

Honoring Babe Didrikson Zaharias’ Legacy:

Zaharias died from cancer on September 27, 1956, at the age of 42, at John Sealy Hospital in Galveston, Texas. She had been receiving therapy since 1953, when the cancerous illness was identified following her triumph in the Babe Zaharias Open golf event in her hometown of Beaumont, Texas.

In search of comfort, she underwent X-rays and two surgeries to reduce pain and address a cancer-related intestinal blockage. As her health deteriorated, Babe and her husband founded the Zaharias Fund to benefit cancer clinics and treatment.

Despite the general progression of the cancer, her final weeks were mostly pain-free. The funeral was held on September 28, 1956, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Beaumont, Texas.

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