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Manhwa that explores unrequited love, obsession in girls’ love



If you enjoy the girls’ love genre, then you will enjoy Bad Thinking Diary. The Bad Thinking Diary is a Korean manhwa about unrequited love, excitement, and obsession. Read this article to know more.

What is Bad Thinking Diary?

What is Bad Thinking Diary?

The Bad Thinking Diary is a Korean manhwa written and illustrated by Park Do-han. It was also published by Lezhin. Bad Thinking Diary follows the story of two best friends, Minji and Yuna. The girls have been best friends since high school and everything seems cool between them until things start to change when Minji begins having erotic dreams of herself and Yuna.

At first, she attributed those dirty thoughts to loneliness. But when she confides in Yuna about her dreams, the latter, who has just come out of an abusive relationship, starts acting strange about it. The question is: Is Yuna upset with Minji? Or has she been harbouring erotic feelings for Minji all along? Where will these feelings and bad thoughts lead these best friends?

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Bad Thinking Diary manga

Bad Thinking Diary explores Yuri, Drama, Slice of Life, School and Romance genres. The manga is currently in its first season with about 60 chapters.

Apart from the story, the manga’s characters are what makes it so popular among manga and comic fans. The main characters are:



Yuna is a stunning beauty with lustrous black hair and captivating blueish-grey eyes. She also prefers the gothic look, which is why she often wears black attire. At 21, Yuna exudes self-assurance and carries herself with dominance. When she was younger, she had endured a toxic relationship with a boyfriend who sought retribution after she broke up with him. Yuna can escape with the help of her best friend, Minji. Over time, she falls in love with her best friend.

Kim Minji

Kim Minji

Kim Minji is a cute young lady with light brown hair and captivating green eyes. Unlike Yuna, Minji loves wearing bright attire. Unaware that she is Yuna’s love interest, Minji begins to have erotic dreams about herself and Yuna. But she is too shy to open up. When she eventually does, she is surprised by Yuna’s reaction. Through all the seemingly unrequited love and obsessions, Minji gets a deeper understanding of herself.

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Oh Hyera is the primary antagonist in the Bad Thinking Diary series. She is portrayed with distinctive pink hair and eyes, and she often dresses in provocative attire. Hyera is what one would call a total bitch. She specialises in using people for her gains and often engages in numerous romantic relationships with other women. Hyera is dominant in sadomasochistic practices. However, she has a crush on Yuna and does not like her love interest’s close friendship with Minji. So, Hyera uses Minjae to break the friendship.

Other characters in Bad Thinking Diary

Jo Minjae


Jo Minjae is the submissive partner of Oh Hyera. She has red hair and golden eyes. She is completely in love with Hyera and would do anything for her. Hyera takes advantage of her love and submissiveness and recruits her to break up Yuna and Minji. However, Minjae later discovers that Hyera does not love her but only uses her for selfish reasons.

Han Jihoon

Han Jihoon

Han Jihoon is Minji’s former love interest. He looks like her current love interest, Yuna.

How to read Bad Thinking Diary

You can read all chapters of the Bad Thinking Diary manga on Lezhin Comics, MangaBuddy, and

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