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BeatBox drink is a symphony of vibrant flavours which is redefining the landscape of innovative beverages. From its flagship product, the BeatBox Party Punch, to a diverse array of enticing flavours like Blue Razzberry, Fruit Punch and Juicy Mango, each sip becomes a celebration.

The journey of BeatBox is not just about the drink, it is about embracing a dynamic lifestyle that resonates with the next generation of drinkers. Join us on a journey where every BeatBox sip is a note in a harmonious symphony of taste and celebration.

What is Beatbox drink?

What is Beatbox drink?

BeatBox is a drink which has made its mark in the world of innovative alcoholic beverages. This unconventional brand has disrupted the traditional ways of enjoying cocktails by introducing vibrant, portable drink boxes that are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

BeatBox Beverages is the brainchild of three MBA graduates from the University of Texas, Austin, in the United States of America. From its humble origins in crafting do-it-yourself (DIY) party punch, the journey of BeatBox is a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability.

At the heart of BeatBox’s success is its flagship product, BeatBox Party Punch. This lower calorie, lower sugar, lower carb, gluten-free wine-based cocktail boasts a vibrant 11.1 per cent alcohol by value (ABV). Available in four delightful flavours—Blue Razzberry, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch and Fresh Watermelon—this portable libation has become a staple for outdoor enjoyment.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its packaging choices. The re-sealable 500mL Tetra Pak and the 3L BIB (Bag-in-Box) options are not only recyclable but also align with the eco-friendly ethos that BeatBox champions.

BeatBox Beverages had an unconventional start in 2011. The founders, still completing their MBAs, created their own “punch” – a vodka and Crystal Light concoction funnelled into upcycled Franzia bags. The unexpected popularity of this creation led to the decision to turn it into a business. After graduating in 2013, the founders pooled $50,000 from personal savings, friends, and family to legitimize their venture.

The pivotal moment came in 2014 when BeatBox secured a staggering $1 million investment in Shark Tank from none other than the billionaire businessman and investor, Mark Cuban. The brand’s popularity soared, with distributors across the United States eager to stock the Party Punch. Walmart’s offer to place BeatBox in 3,000 stores marked a turning point and the team had to rapidly scale production to meet the growing demand.

While 2015 witnessed phenomenal growth, 2016 brought a plateau and by 2017, cash reserves were running low. The founders identified the need for change, focusing on single-serve stock-keeping units (SKUs) and refining distribution strategies. The introduction of a single-serve SKU proved to be a game-changer, now constituting a significant portion of Party Punch sales.

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To address distribution challenges, BeatBox enlisted industry veterans, including a former president of InBev, a VP of Sales from MillerCoors and marketing staff from Tito’s. This diverse and experienced team facilitated a swift turnaround, doubling revenue, tripling depletions, and significantly expanding the brand’s presence by the end of 2018.

Austin, a city in the U.S. state of Texas, renowned for its vibrant music and festival scene, served as the muse for BeatBox. The founders’ shared passion for music is reflected in the brand’s name and packaging, deeply tying it to the music festival scene where BeatBox has achieved concession success at events like Rolling Loud and Splash House.

Noteworthy investors include professional skateboarder-turned-venture capitalist, Rob Dyrdek, along with celebrity figures in the music space such as DJ duo GTA, DJ Party Favor and DJ Cut Snake.

BeatBox positions itself as a purveyor of fun, emphasising that it sells an experience rather than just wine. Understanding the millennial demographic, the brand has developed products designed for the next generation of drinkers. Beyond Party Punch, BeatBox is set to launch a cocktail-inspired hard seltzer line, Brizzy, and a canned sparkling rosé, Corkless, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and staying ahead of beverage trends.

Reflecting on obstacles faced, the founders acknowledge their initial lack of industry experience. Cash flow challenges, common to startups, were mitigated through successful financing rounds, including a Series A round bringing in $4.7 million and a recent Series B closing at $5.6 million.

In 2021, Future Proof made headlines by revealing its flagship product, BeatBox Beverages. It subsequently clinched the title of the fastest-selling wine and ready-to-drink cocktail brand. According to the IRI data as of December 26, 2020, BeatBox surged ahead of all other single-serve wine and ready-to-drink cocktail offerings, boasting an impressive $2.7 million sales per point in Category Weighted Distribution (CWD). Remarkably, this achievement was accomplished with only a fraction of the distribution enjoyed by its competitors.

The sales figures for BeatBox outstripped the second-leading brand in the state, nearly doubling its sales and solidifying the company’s position as a dominant force in the category. In the realm of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, BeatBox not only outperformed the top 10 RTD products but also demonstrated a significant lead over other ranked brands. This success underscores BeatBox’s prowess and establishes it as a clear leader in the competitive market.

On June 1, 2023, BeatBox Beverages introduced its Hard Tea flavour across the U.S., a strategic move reflecting the brand’s significant growth and the heightened demand from consumers for a broader range of BeatBox flavours. This new variant features the hallmark qualities that have made BeatBox a consumer favourite: 11.1 per cent ABV, a non-carbonated composition, resealable and recyclable packaging and low sugar content.

Zech Francis, VP of Global Marketing, said: “Our Hard Tea offers half the calories and half the sugar compared to competitors but delivers an exceptionally delicious taste. Brewed with real tea and boasting an 11.1% ABV ‘punch’, BeatBox Hard Tea presents a smooth, confident flavour with subtle hints of lemon. BeatBox Hard Tea unquestionably ParTEAs Harder!”

The initial soft launch of Hard Tea took place at two music festivals in late 2022, entering retail markets in January 2023 across 13 states as part of test markets. The positive outcomes swiftly propelled the product from the testing phase to a nationwide launch.

“With more than 55,000 accounts making purchases in the last 90 days and early results indicating remarkable traction at retailers, we are delighted to introduce another flavour for the BeatBox community to savour. In the last 30 days, Hard Tea and our Creator Series Avril Lavigne Pink Lemonade have been searched almost 100,000 times on our store locator.

“What began at two music festivals has generated retail excitement like never before, and we are thrilled to bring this experience to our family across the country,” highlighted Francis.

BeatBox Products

1. BeatBox Blue Razzberry

A vibrant and energetic party starter, BeatBox Blue Razzberry brings the lively spirit of celebrations with its bold blue raspberry notes. Perfect for those who seek a dynamic and exciting beverage experience.

2. BeatBox Fruit Punch

Timeless and invigorating, BeatBox Fruit Punch offers a classic flavour with a punch. Its bold and dynamic taste profile adds an exciting twist to the traditional fruit punch, making it a perennial favourite.

3. Beatbox Juicy Mango

Taking taste buds on a tropical journey, BeatBox Juicy Mango introduces a luscious infusion of mango flavours. This exotic blend brings the essence of sun-kissed beaches and adds a touch of paradise to the BeatBox lineup.

4. Beatbox Lemonade

BeatBox Lemonade provides zesty refreshment, offering a burst of invigorating lemony notes in every sip. Ideal for those who enjoy a tangy twist, this flavour brings a refreshing and citrusy experience.

5. Beatbox Party Box 6 Pack

The BeatBox Party Box 6 Pack captures the essence of festivities in a portable package. With a selection of vibrant flavours, it is a convenient companion for gatherings, ensuring the party atmosphere goes wherever you do.

6. Beatbox Peach Punch

BeatBox Peach Punch delivers peachy perfection with a harmonious blend of sweet and juicy peach flavours. This refreshing option adds an elegant touch to the BeatBox repertoire, offering a delightful and fruity experience.

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Beatbox drink nearby

Beatbox drink nearby

BeatBox Beverages understands the importance of bringing the party to your doorstep and that is why navigating their vibrant selection has been made effortlessly convenient for customers.

On the company’s website, you will find a treasure trove of information that allows you to uncover the nearest stores stocking these dynamic beverages.

So, whether you are planning a gathering, heading to a festival or simply want to stock up on your favourite BeatBox flavours, the website’s store locator ensures that the beat is just around the corner.

How to get Beatbox drink

How to get Beatbox drink

To acquire BeatBox Drinks, follow these steps:

Visit the official website:

Visit the official BeatBox Beverages website. Navigate to the designated section that provides information on where to purchase their drinks.

Use the store locator:

Utilise the convenient store locator tool on the website. This feature allows you to input your location details and find stores near you that stock BeatBox Beverages.

Explore retail partners:

Check the website for a list of retail partners that sell BeatBox Drinks. This could include supermarkets, local shops and other establishments where you can find the brand.

Contact local retailers:

Reach out to local retailers directly to inquire about the availability of BeatBox Drinks. This could involve calling or visiting stores in your area and asking if they stock the desired flavours.

Online Retailers:

Check online retailers or e-commerce platforms that offer BeatBox beverages for purchase. Some platforms may deliver directly to your doorstep, providing a convenient option for those unable to find it locally.

Check special events and festivals:

Keep an eye on special events, festivals or pop-up markets where BeatBox beverages may have a presence. These occasions often provide an opportunity to purchase directly from the brand.

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