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Curvy OnlyFans’ model known for her unique bum tattoo



Adult entertainers have become some of the most searched individuals on the internet in recent times. Thanks to social media and the jaw-dropping content they share, adult creators like Becky Crocker not only garner significant attention but also earn impressive incomes.

Crocker is one of the adult creators who has a strong internet presence due to her work and sexually appealing outlook. Consequently, interested fans want to know more details about her and this piece provides the details these fans and our readers need to know.

Becky Crocker biography

Becky Crocker

Becky Crocker was born on August 30, 1997. Crocker is originally from the U.S. state of Utah but was raised and schooled in Texas.

In a 2023 interview on the Fresh and Fit Podcast, Crocker revealed that the name Becky Crocker is not her birth name. Her real name is, as she revealed, Alyssa Wilberg. She explained that she chose the name Becky because it was easily believable, stating that it “kind of stuck”.

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As far as her education goes, Crocker has a high school diploma. She stands at approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall, embodying a full-figured and curvy physique, which gets her countless alluring compliments on her social media platforms.

Becky Crocker’s career

Crocker has a unique appearance and immense sex appeal, which has drawn fans to her content. One of her features that stands out is her huge bum, which has an unmissable tattoo.

She has built a notable career in the realm of social media, primarily as an Instagram model and an acclaimed content creator on OnlyFans. She launched her Instagram account in January 2022 and quickly gained recognition. Her feed showcases captivating photos, often featuring her alongside various backdrops, including high-rise apartments. Her unique touch comes from her love for wigs and costumes.

Her career reached new heights following her venture into OnlyFans, where she has attracted a dedicated following for her exclusive adult content.

Crocker’s social media pages have seen substantial growth, as reflected in her Instagram following of over 1.3 million fans before its deactivation.

Becky Crocker flaunting her ass tattoo

Becky Crocker OnlyFans

Crocker has established herself as a prominent figure on OnlyFans, where she currently runs two types of subscription plans: a free one and a VIP subscription. Each category caters to a different audience.

On her free OnlyFans account, @beckycrockerfree, the adult model treats her followers to a selection of content. Here, she generously shares her sensual side with her fans. As of now, the free account features a collection of 77 sultry images and 73 videos.

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The page currently has over 40,000 likes from fans on the platform. In her OnlyFans bio, Crocker emphasises that she provides a diverse range of adult content. Her menu of offerings includes blowjobs, anal, creampies, squirting, lesbian and boy/girl videos and images.

Becky Crocker smiling

While the free account provides a generous dose of Becky’s enticing content, she also offers an exclusive VIP subscription option. VIP subscribers gain access to additional benefits, including discounted videos, free unlimited messaging exclusively for VIP subscribers only

Becky Crocker’s net worth

According to multiple online publications, the adult content creator is worth between $900,000 and $1 million.

Becky Crocker family

Crocker has not disclosed significant details about her family life to the public, choosing to keep that information private. However, during her interview on the Fresh and Fit Podcast, she revealed that she was born into a Mormon household but ceased adhering to those beliefs as she grew older.

On a different note, Crocker revealed that she is in a relationship and that her boyfriend is Jamaican.

Becky Crocker’s age

Age discrepancies have surfaced on various online platforms regarding Crocker’s age. Some sources have asserted that she is 30 years old, while others have contended that she is 28. In actuality, the Texas-bred model is presently 26 years old, a fact she confirmed during her appearance on the Fresh and Fit Podcast.

Becky Crocker Instagram

Crocker maintains an active Instagram presence, with over 500,000 dedicated followers. Her official Instagram account,, also displays her birth name, Allyssa Wilberg.

On this platform, Crocker shares a diverse collection of content, including stunning images and videos that captivate her audience, resulting in numerous likes and comments from her ardent fans and admirers. Additionally, Crocker uses Instagram as a channel to offer sneak peeks of her exclusive content from OnlyFans, providing followers with a glimpse into her enticing offerings.

For the convenience of her followers, Becky’s Instagram bio includes a direct link to her official OnlyFans account, simplifying access to her exclusive content. Beyond her sensual content, she also shares humorous videos, adding a touch of humour to her engaging Instagram presence.

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