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Betty Gore Murder Scene Surfaces Online



In June 1980, Sweet Montgomery, who was reportedly having an extramarital relationship with the husband of Betty Gore, her neighbor and shut buddy in Wylie, Texas, fatally assaulted Gore with an ax after a dispute regarding the affair. 

Montgomery argued that she acted in self-defense when Gore attacked her in response. The tragic loss of life of this two-child mom shocked the group. Here’s a assortment of Betty Gore Murder Scene photos.

The Betty Gore Crime Scene Images

The Betty Gore Crime Scene Images are a sequence of 9 photos taken on the scene of Betty Gore’s homicide by Detective Juan Rivera of the Miami-Dade Police Division. The images solely present the {photograph} of Betty Gores that was found on the spot; no extra proof or issues are depicted.

Some have questioned why the police didn’t take additional photos of the crime scene and solely confirmed this one. Others have questioned why the cops simply displayed this single picture. There are a number of potentialities that might account for this.

There are a number of potentialities that might account for this. It’s doable that the investigator didn’t have duplicates of the shot, or that taking extra footage may taint the proof in some method.

These two situations are each believable. No matter why these pictures had been shot, they supply an enchanting glimpse into the investigation of one in every of Florida’s most iconic crimes.

Betty Gore was axed 41 instances by her greatest buddy Sweet Montgomery

Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos

Sweet Montgomery was making ready to exit the room, trying to flee her confrontation with Betty Gore. The 2 apparently fought over the ax that Gore used to threaten Montgomery within the first place.

Based on the sufferer’s court docket proof, even after she smacked her within the head, inflicting appreciable blood, she wouldn’t enable her to flee.

Sweet cleaned up in Betty’s rest room after the crime

Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos

Sweet Montgomery, in keeping with sources, rinsed the blood off herself within the sufferer’s home earlier than departing to go about her day by day enterprise. She said throughout her trial that she took a bathe on the Gore residence earlier than departing whereas Betty’s toddler was nonetheless upstairs, wailing within the crib.

She turned into clear garments at residence and went to church to attend Bible faculty together with her youngsters and Gores’ older daughter earlier than going out to lunch with pals. Montgomery additionally threw away the sneakers she was sporting when she murdered Gore.

Betty Gore’s next-door neighbors found the bloody crime scene

Two of Gore’s neighbors, Lester Gayler and Richard Parker, found her physique and the grotesque crime scene at her residence. The 2 allegedly walked over to the Gores’ home after getting calls from Betty’s husband, Allan Gore, who grew to become involved about her whereabouts when she didn’t return his calls.

Gayler described the crime scene as essentially the most horrifying factor he had ever seen. He remembers seeing ax marks as excessive because the roof and blood in every single place. Lester additionally remembered seeing Montgomery the subsequent day and remarked that she appeared unaffected by the incident.

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