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Check out some amazing Bloxburg house ideas to spice up your gaming experience



How would you like some insightful Bloxburg house ideas? For fans of simulation games, you have probably come across “Bloxburg Houses” by now. These are the architectural creations or homes you can design within the highly popular Roblox game, known as Welcome to Bloxburg. It is akin to the ultimate DIY (do it yourself) home makeover show, but set in a virtual world.

You can play as an architect and interior decorator in this game. Build your dream pad, fill it with interesting things, and, in essence, live your best virtual life in this make-believe town. The greatest thing, though? By accepting various jobs in the game, you can earn some “Bloxbucks.” Use that money to upgrade your virtual residence, get some swanky transportation, or even interact with other gamers in this pixelated paradise.

Several players of this simulation game have loved the idea of these exotic-looking houses featured in the game but find it difficult to find a way to acquire one due to a lack of ideas or confusion on which style of house to go for.

Below, we have detailed some impressive Bloxburg house ideas to help players make their choice of architecture in the famous simulation game.

12 Bloxburg house ideas

1. Mediterranean Home

Mediterranean Home

The Mediterranean Home in “Roblox Bloxburg” draws inspiration from Mediterranean architecture, aiming to capture its warm and inviting essence. It typically features a stucco exterior with earthy tones, clay roof tiles, arched doorway and wrought-iron accents. The layout includes four bedrooms, accommodating a virtual family, and various amenities like a laundry room, office, bathroom, garage, kitchen, and living room, all adorned in Mediterranean style. Building it may require a specific in-game pass, and the estimated cost is around $40,000 in in-game currency, making it a budget-friendly Bloxburg house option.

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2. Minimalist Villa

Minimalist Villa

A sleek and modern home design, the Minimalist Villa in “Roblox Bloxburg” emphasises simplicity and utility for a tidy and simple living environment.

On the exterior, it often has simple landscaping, a subtle colour scheme, and clean lines. To saturate the space with natural light, large windows are frequently used.

The inside of the Minimalist Villa includes a living area, a kitchen, a dining room, four bedrooms, and three bathrooms. With streamlined furnishings, subtle colour palettes, and no adornment, these rooms are of substantial size and adhere to a minimalist style.

Players might need a particular in-game pass to build the Minimalist Villa in the game. It is projected to cost roughly $59,000 in-game cash, making it a more expensive yet fashionable living choice when compared to the Starter.

3. Nordic-Style House

Nordic-Style House

The Nordic-style house in “Roblox Bloxburg” takes inspiration from Nordic countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland. It emphasises simplicity, functionality and cosiness.

Externally, it combines wood and white paint, creating a charming exterior with large windows for natural light.

Inside, you will find warmth with exposed wooden beams, wooden flooring and cosy furnishings. It includes multiple bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and dining areas.

To build it, players usually need an in-game pass. However, it is one of the pricier options, costing at least $400,000 in-game currency, offering a detailed Nordic aesthetic for enthusiasts.

4.  Starter House

The Starter House is an easy and cost-effective housing choice created for users who are just starting their virtual life in “Roblox Bloxburg”. It is a simple, practical living area with all the necessities.

Typically, the exterior is uncomplicated, with a simple design and little vegetation. It strives to keep expenses down while offering a useful living area.

The Starter House has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area, among other necessities for a decent home. It has a simplistic layout that is intended to satisfy a virtual player’s fundamental demands.

A game pass is not normally needed to construct the Starter House. It is intended to be used by brand-new users without the need for extra in-game payments.

Construction of a Starter House in the game normally costs roughly $10,000 in in-game money. This makes it a fantastic option for gamers with modest resources who are just beginning their virtual lives.

5. Cheap Budget Home

For players on a limited budget, “Roblox Bloxburg” offers the Cheap Budget Home. It provides a straightforward, no-frills living area with necessary facilities.

To keep expenses down, there is not much vegetation on the exterior. It has a small layout inside with a living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

What’s best? It is available to everyone and does not require a game pass. It is one of the most affordable choices in the game, costing only $10,000 in in-game cash.

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6. Winter Family Home

Winter Family Home

The Winter Family Home was created to convey the cosiness and warmth of a winter getaway. Typically, it has a design and decorations that make it perfect for enjoying the winter season in the game.

Snow-covered rooftops, comfortable lighting and a wintry environment can be present on the outside of the Winter Family Home. It strives to provide a lovely and welcoming environment.

The Winter Family Home’s interior design has a cosy kitchen, a sizable living area with a fireplace, cosy bedrooms and a layout that incorporates the winter motif. The Winter Family Home might not require any particular in-game prerequisites or game passes. It is intended to be usable by a variety of players. In the game, the approximate cost to construct a Winter Family Home might vary but is often in the neighbourhood of $82,000 in-game money.

7. Aesthetic Botanical Roleplay Farmhouse

Aesthetic Botanical Roleplay Farmhouse

The lovely Aesthetic Botanical Roleplay Farmhouse is a home design that combines beauty and natural components. It tries to produce a calm and beautiful environment. The outside may include a two-car garage, a front yard with tasteful landscaping and a look that goes with the botanical concept. To improve its beauty, it frequently incorporates vegetation and other natural components.

Three bedrooms are often included in the interior arrangement, giving a virtual family plenty of room. It could also have features like a big living room, a nice kitchen, and other luxuries.

To develop the Aesthetic Botanical Roleplay Farmhouse in “Roblox Bloxburg,” players might need to adhere to particular design principles and buy the right accessories and furniture.

Constructing this house design in the game would cost around $30,000 in in-game money. This makes it a reasonable option for those looking for a calm and natural setting.

8. Blush Modern Mansion

Blush Modern Mansion

The Blush Modern Mansion in “Roblox Bloxburg” offers a luxurious and modern living experience, enhanced by elegant blush pink accents.

Outside, it boasts clean lines, a well-maintained front yard and contemporary architectural elements. Features like a two-story design, large windows and modern landscaping often grace its exterior.

Inside, you will find five bedrooms, three bathrooms and multiple leisure areas, providing a spacious and lavish living space with a touch of elegance.

To construct the Blush Modern Mansion, players may need to purchase specific furnishings and decorations that match the modern and elegant style. Some items may require in-game currency.

However, this luxury living option comes at a relatively high cost, estimated at around $239,000 in in-game currency.

9. Dark Academia Home

Dark Academia Home

The Dark Academia Home is inspired by the Dark Academia aesthetic, which embraces a vintage and scholarly atmosphere. t frequently has deep, dark hues, wood textures, and traditional furnishings.

There could be a multipurpose building on the exterior built around a spiral staircase. It often has multiple reading and eating areas, two bathrooms, and four bedrooms.

Players may need to adhere to particular design principles that perfectly replicate the Dark Academia look to construct the Dark Academia Home in “Roblox Bloxburg”. To finish the appearance, some furniture and accents may be needed.

This video game’s in-game housing design is estimated to cost around $63,000 to construct.

10. Hillside Mansion

Hillside Mansion

The Hillside Mansion in “Roblox Bloxburg” offers a grand and spacious living space built on a picturesque hillside. Its exterior features a massive front yard, possibly with a waterfall, a multi-story design, large windows, and decorative elements. Inside, you’ll find a generous layout with a spacious kitchen, living room, multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and leisure spaces.

To build the Hillside Mansion, players may need specific in-game items and decorations for a luxurious atmosphere. However, the cost can be quite high, often exceeding $200,000 in in-game currency, making it a luxury choice for players who desire a grand and impressive virtual home. Players who opt for the Hillside Mansion can enjoy a virtual living space that offers grandeur and stunning views, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate spacious and luxurious design within the game.

11. Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion

Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion

The Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion in “Roblox Bloxburg” offers an elegant and serene living space, combining cherry blossoms with a lakeside setting.

Outside, there’s a lakeside gazebo, a waterfall, and cherry blossom trees, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Inside, you will find multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a spacious living area, and a well-appointed kitchen.

To build it, players need specific in-game items and decorations, like cherry blossom trees. It typically starts at around $150,000 in in-game currency, providing a luxurious and nature-inspired living experience.

12. Modern elegance

Modern elegance

The Modern Elegance home in “Roblox Bloxburg” is a beautiful fusion of contemporary style and class. The building’s exterior has modern architectural elements, such as a two-story design and big windows, as well as clean lines, a neat front yard and well-kept landscaping. An expansive and luxurious living area is created within the house by the three bedrooms, two living areas and a diving pool.

Players may need to spend money on particular in-game furniture and accents to complete the construction of this house to suit its sleek and contemporary design. However, it has a hefty price tag of over $138,000 in in-game cash.

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