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A journey through shyness to stardom lens of adult entertainment star



Catalina Cruz is a luminary in adult entertainment whose captivating journey unfolds against the backdrop of Cleveland, Ohio. A notable shift marked her transition from the alias JennaZ to Cruz, a homage to the esteemed Penelope Cruz before she became famous in adult entertainment.

This is the story of Catalina – a tale of evolution and reinvention.

Catalina Cruz biography

Catalina Cruz

Catalina, who hails from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, was born on September 14, 1979. She is a renowned actress in the adult film industry.

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Before embarking on her professional journey, she was known for her reserved personality.

Commencing her career as a model, she later transitioned into the adult entertainment industry. She subsequently adopted the stage name Cruz for its resemblance to Penelope Cruz and made her foray into the adult entertainment sector.

Catalina Cruz OnlyFans

Catalina Cruz smile

She has an OnlyFans page where she shares exclusive content of herself.

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Catalina Cruz’s net worth

According to reports, she has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


There is limited information about her family in the public domain.


She was born on September 14, 1979. She is currently 44 years old.

Catalina Cruz Instagram

Catalina Cruz selfie

Catalina Cruz has an active social media presence on Instagram, with 115,000 followers as of the time of writing this piece.

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