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Hollywood star who wanted to be an engineer instead of an actor



Christoph Sanders joins the growing list of Hollywood stars who had no intention of becoming actors. While he was growing up, Sanders initially wanted to become an engineer and even went ahead to enrol in school for it, but he later changed his mind.

Going into the acting world has favoured Sanders as he has succeeded in climbing the success ladder. Today, he is known for his numerous roles on the big screen and fans love him.

Christoph Sanders

Christoph Sanders biography

Born in 1988, Christoph Sanders is from Arden, which is situated in the U.S. state of North Carolina. He grew up in the nearby town of Hendersonville, North Carolina. His education was through homeschooling and he actively engaged in extracurricular pursuits like soccer and being a part of the Boy Scouts of America. His dedication led him to achieve the highest rank within scouting, that of an Eagle Scout.

During his formative years, Sanders contemplated a potential career in engineering. He even attended drafting classes for two years at Blue Ridge Community College and secured admission at UNC Wilmington. However, his ultimate decision was to pursue acting as his desired path instead.

Sanders has developed a strong affinity for outdoor activities. Hiking, camping, and mountain biking were integral parts of his life. His connection to nature is also evident in his love for surfing, a passion he fostered during his summers spent at the ocean with his family.

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Christoph Sanders career

Sanders got into acting when he was nine years old. He took classes at the Flat Rock Playhouse in North Carolina. Before he fully went into acting, Sanders worked in restaurants. He started with basic drama classes, then moved up to intermediate. Later, he joined the YouTheater group and their top conservatory. He finished the conservatory programme when he was 18 years old.

While there, he acted in over 16 productions, including plays like A Christmas Carol, The Lion, The Witch and Bye, Bye Birdie. His ability to act on stage was certainly beneficial and it helped in film work. The two distinct acting styles share numerous similarities, often leading one to rely on them interchangeably. At 12, he got his first agent. When he turned sixteen, he did television commercials in Georgia for General Mills.

He began acting in 2006 with a role in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. After that, he had a part in the movie Hounddog, shot on a plantation near Wilmington, North Carolina. The film caused controversy due to a scene where a young girl, played by Dakota Fanning, was raped by Sanders’ character. He thought it was a challenging role that showcased his acting ability. Sanders commented that tragedies like that happen in real life, and if the film opens its eyes, it is worth it.

In January 2007, he moved to Los Angeles to get more acting gigs. He joined a television pilot in about three months, but the show was not chosen. After trying out for months, he got a role in the movie Legally Blondes and as “Ned Banks” in Ghost Whisperer. He took over the “Ned” role from Tyler Patrick Jones.

He got the role of “Kyle Anderson” in Last Man Standing. His character was the boyfriend of Tim Allen’s character’s eldest daughter but after the first season, the producers made her a mom-like figure. Sanders’ character then became the boyfriend and later husband of the middle daughter.

According to Sioux City Journal, it was reported that originally Sanders had a minor role in Last Man Standing but luckily, he connected well with Tim Allen and this led him to become a regular cast member.

He said, “I didn’t come into this with the idea that it’d be a year-long thing…The dynamic just worked out. I didn’t even have to go through the same casting process that pretty much everyone else did.”

Christoph Sanders smiling

Christoph Sanders movies

The movies that Sanders has been featured in include: 

  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)
  • Hounddog (2007)
  • Family of the Year (2007)
  • Ghost Whisperer (2008-2010)
  • Legally Blondes (2009)
  • Pair of Kings (2010)
  • Lies in Plain Sight (2010)
  • CSI (2011)
  • Last Man Standing (2011-2021)
  • Big Kill (2018)
  • Faith Based (2020)

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Christoph Sanders’ net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sanders’ net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Christoph Sanders posing

Christoph Sanders family

In a world often characterised by complexity and extravagance, Sanders and his family stand out for their simplicity and genuine interests. From their name choices to their outdoor pursuits, they embody an uncomplicated and authentic approach to life. In an interview with SheKnows, Sanders revealed that his dad, Terry Sanders, was the one behind his name.

Sanders clarified that despite their distinctive names, there is no ancestral history tied to his name and that of his brothers, Conrad and Alexander, given their North Carolina roots.

He said: “I have two brothers, one’s Conrad and the other one’s Alexander, so we all have these kinda European names…My dad likes to read and thought they were cool names. I’m from North Carolina so there’s no real lineage behind it.”

The actor’s personal life is not much different from his straightforward family background. Sanders has been in a relationship with actress Elizabeth McLaughlin, who is recognised for her appearances in television shows like Hand of God, Pretty Little Liars, The Clique and Betrayal. According to McLaughlin’s Instagram posts, the pair has been together since 2015.

Christoph Sanders age

Sanders was born on April 21, 1988. He is 35 years old as of 2023.

Christoph Sanders Instagram

Christoph Sanders has a verified Instagram account under the username @stophsanders. He has 6,359 followers as of the time of writing this piece. This has caused many to wonder if something is wrong with his Instagram account because the followers he has, on a normal day would not equate to a blue tick on Instagram. 

Although to allay the fears of fans, the actor made a post saying, “Hello friends! A few months back I found out that someone had started an Instagram account in my name. As of the last couple of days that account has been removed and stophsander is my official account. So if you’re following me, it’s me now!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram/@stophsanders

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