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OnlyFans model who survived poisoning at Mexican festival



Cintia Cossio is a Colombian social media influencer, model and businesswoman. She gained fame by sharing her stunning and glamorous photos and videos on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, X (formerly known as Twitter) and OnlyFans.

Therefore, this is a biography of the famous social media star known for her colourful tattoos and curvaceous figure, which she often flaunts online.

Cintia Cossio biography

Cintia Cossio smile

Cintia Cossio was born on October 24, 1996 in Medellínm Colombia.

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Cintia Cossio career

Cintia Cossio

Cossio began her career as an Instagram model in 2013. Known for her beauty, charisma and jokes she made with her brother, YouTuber and influencer, Yeferson Cossio, Cossio gained over 200,000 followers on the app. By 2021, she was already popular on TikTok with over 4.3 million followers.

Some of her most popular content on the platform includes “How I am in reality 🤡🤣” (21 million); “Would you challenge your partner?” with Jhoan López (10 million); “Test with filter that mimics a rhinoplasty” (19.1 million); “Fav for my broken tooth” with Jhoan López (11.7 million); “And your sister?” (11.3 million) and “I am the boss Dominican Lirycs” (6.8 million).

In addition, Cossio’s success on social media paved the way for her appearance on mainstream media. She briefly appeared on the fifth season of the reality show, Acapulco Shore, alongside Luis Caballero, Tadeo Fernández and Leslie Gallardo in 2018.

Cintia Cossio OnlyFans

Cintia Cossio at the seaside

In 2019, Cossio was on vacation in Paris with her brother. There, her brother told her about OnlyFans and she decided to try her luck. To the surprise of her fans, Cossio created an OnlyFans account where she began to post adult content. At the time, she was the only Colombian woman on the platform. Now, she is the second highest-earning Colombian on the platform after Aída Cortés.

Cossio’s success on OnlyFans opened more opportunities for her in the adult film industry. In 2021, she featured in a series on Hotgo.TV, the streaming platform known as “Netflix” for adults.

Meanwhile, subscribers must pay $18 to view her content for a month.

Cintia Cossio net worth

According to reports, Cossio has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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Cintia Cossio family

Cintia and her brother, Yeferson
Cintia and her brother, Yeferson

Cossio comes from a family of successful online influencers. Apart from her social media star brother, Yeferson Cossio, she has a younger sister named Gisela, who is also popular on Instagram, though with a lesser presence.

Cossio is reportedly married to fitness model and social media influencer, Jhoan Lopez. She welcomed a son named Thiago at the age of 18. After she lost her father, the grief and stress reportedly led to the miscarriage of her second pregnancy. Meanwhile, Cossio and Lopez often post content about hanging out together on their respective social media account. They also created a YouTube channel where they post vlogs, pranks, challenges and other fun content.

In April 2022, Cossio was reportedly drugged during a vacation in Mexico during the celebrations of the Tulum festival. Her brother and other friends were approached by seven (Colombian) women who revealed that they were followers of their content and asked to take some photos, which they obliged. However, the men who accompanied the women began to create trouble, accusing Yeferson and Lopez of flirting with the women. The situation escalated when Cossio became unconscious and she was rushed to a hospital. She underwent an electrocardiogram and several tests that confirmed her husband’s suspicions.

“Sure enough, they found two substances in Cintia’s organism, so they proceeded to stabilise her and give her medicine. What a turn! I don’t understand why people do this! What do they have in their heads? (…) The drugs they injected her are cleaning her and she no longer loses consciousness, as she lost it every five minutes,” López said.

Following the ugly incident, Yeferson revealed he would no longer oblige fans who ask to take photos with him.

Cintia Cossio age

Cossio is currently 27 years old and will turn 28 in 2024.

Cintia Cossio Instagram

As previously stated, Cintia Cossio started her career on Instagram in 2013. She now has about 7 million followers on the platform as of the time of writing this article.

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