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Classic Car Insurance Chandler A Review



Classic Car Insurance Chandler A Review

Classic Car Insurance
It’s not your typical automobile. Obtain the appropriate insurance. serving Chandler and the whole state of Arizona.
Age alone won’t make something a classic. A collector car serves more than one purpose. In the upcoming years, it will continue to increase in value as an investment.

As not all classic or antique cars are utilised in the same way, Parrish Insurance Agency will work with you to choose the best insurance to match your needs, taking into account your coverage requirements, miles travelled, vehicle age, and vehicle modifications.

When looking for classic car insurance, you should consider the following characteristics:

Agreed Value: In the case of a covered total loss, the provider will pay you the full (agreed) value, less any applicable deductible. Compared to “actual cash value” or “stated value,” which you could receive from some carriers, this sort of coverage is much superior.
Cheap Rates: Why pay for full-time insurance when you only occasionally drive your classic car?
Choices for Coverage: Since each collectible car is unique, Parrish Insurance Agency will work with you to choose the appropriate level of insurance protection for your needs.

Generous Mileage: Drive your collector automobile with pride. Although not all insurance companies have a mileage cap, the majority of collector automobiles should only be driven 5,000 miles or fewer annually to preserve their value.
Get coverage that will transport your vehicle to the closest qualified repair centre, whether you’re in your neighbourhood or on a vintage rally through the mountains.

Whether it’s a muscle car, hot rod, or vintage military vehicle, maintaining a classic car in your garage is like preserving a piece of history. It is an investment in a specific time period. Such investment also has to be safeguarded. As a result, there are a few things to consider while thinking about Vintage Vehicle insurance.

Vintage car insurance differs significantly from standard auto insurance in one very significant way. Your standard liability and physical damage (Comprehensive & Collision) coverages will still be purchased. But, when you insure a classic car, you’ll be protecting the amount that both you and the insurance provider determine the car to be worth at the time the policy is bought. This Agreed Value ensures that, in the event of a total loss of the car, you will receive payment for that precise amount.

Instead of an Agreed Value policy, some insurance firms provide a Stated Amount policy. A Stated Amount policy does not ensure a payout of the precise value indicated for that car, which is a critical distinction. The insurance provider retains the right to compensate for the vehicle’s lost worth. Many owners of older cars find this to be less than ideal because the depreciated value is frequently significantly lower than the vehicle’s perceived value.
You might need to do routine vehicle assessments and submit them to your insurance carrier, depending on the insurance company. To make sure the car isn’t overinsured, certain insurance companies need these monthly appraisals. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these appraisals can raise the expense of these automobiles’ overall ownership.


Insurance for classic cars is frequently less expensive than standard auto insurance. Classic car insurance providers are aware that antique vehicles aren’t driven as frequently as modern cars. Many owners restrict the number of miles their historic car is driven in order to maintain the value of the car. Most insurance firms do so by adjusting their premiums. Ask a qualified representative in our office to get you some quotes from a few of the leading insurance providers if you want to learn what your premium will be.

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