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Action-packed fighting game set in university campus



College Brawl is an interesting game that can be played on both Android and IOS devices. It is a game which has a battle theme that accompanies violent fighting. Exciting and full of suspense, you are guaranteed to fight for your life (online of course) to get your heart racing and your butt at the edge of your seat.

College Brawl has gradually become a fan favourite among young people as it reminds them of what it is like to be around bullies and thieves.

Do you want to know about this fighting online video game? Then, it would be best if you read this article.

What is College Brawl?

College Brawl is an online video game that takes players across a college campus to fight a group of bullies and thieves who are bent on destroying lives. Also known as the beat’em up game, College Brawl revolves around Ken who has to fight a group of vicious and dangerous criminals, known as Red Kat, to retrieve his friend’s belongings that the group stole.

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College Brawl is filled with violence. So, the game is only available for people from 18 years and above.

College Brawl game

College Brawl game

In this game, a player will be playing as Ken and you have to help your friend get back the things stolen from him by the Red Kat. The Red Kat is a group of girls who are very violent and will do anything to get what they want. So, you will rely heavily on your fighting skills and strategy.

The game has five levels, each level harder than the last. However, you will have resources that can help you fight the Red Kat at each level such as hiding in dark corners, using distraction techniques, and exploiting weaknesses in enemy defences.

Therefore, let us take a deeper look at the features of the game.

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  • 3D graphics, which make the design of the environment look real and attractive.
  • Simple controls that even a newcomer can easily understand and master. It makes playing the game very smooth and fun.
  • Characters are designed to look like real people. Ken, Anko, and the Red Kat girls remind us of real heroes and villains in a college setting. You also have the liberty to change how your characters look; the visuals are fantastic.
  • Defeat the bosses who are designed to be more powerful than you. Also, it would be best if you defeated each boss to progress to the next level.
  • Multiple venues which means you will not get bored fighting Ken’s enemies on a single ground. There are many arenas or grounds to take your fight to, which will keep you glued to the game to the very end.
  • Monitor your energy levels as your vitality is critical to the success of your mission. Take note of your KI & HP levels to ensure you don’t run out of steam during a fight. Also, your energy will decrease as you get hit, so you must replenish it using the HP points.
  • Weapon upgrade: You will be equipped with basic weapons at the start of the game. However, as you progress, your weapons will be upgraded to be more powerful and effective. This gives you a better chance to win the battle and overcome the vicious Red Kat.
  • Grocery and food system which allows you to collect ingredients, cook tasty meals, and earn bonus points.
  • Earn awards like HP & KI awards that can help you re-stock basic supplies and purchase new weapons. They also help you rejuvenate your energy levels and take on more challenges.

In other words, College Brawl is action-packed and you must maintain victories in the battles to get rewards and progress in the quest.

How to play College Brawl

To play this game, make sure that third-party applications are allowed on your device. There are numerous websites to download the game for both Android and IOS devices for free. Just visit any of these websites and follow their instructions on how to launch the game on your device.

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