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Connor Hutcherson Net worth 2023, Height, Weight, Career, Bio



Quick Facts

Birth Date May 2,1996
Full Name Connor Hutcherson
Profession Senior Sales Analyst
Nationality American
Birth City Kentucky
Birth Country United States
Father Name Chris Hutcherson
Father Profession Analyst
Mother Name Michelle Fightmaster
Mother Profession Film Producer
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Dating
Networth $500,000
Sibilings Josh Hutcherson

American actor Connor Hutcherson has starred in films such as Little Manhattan. But since 2005, the actor has not been involved in show business.

Despite this, Hutcherson maintains his prominence as the brother of actor Josh Hutcherson’s younger brother. Josh’s IMDb biography lists more than 60 acting credits.

How much is the Net worth of Connor Hutcherson?

Josh Hutcherson is without a doubt one of the wealthier actors in America. The point is demonstrated by the fact that he has a $20 million net worth. So is Josh’s younger brother, Connor Hutcherson as wealthy as he is? Connor Hutcherson hasn’t disclosed his exact net worth, though. But Connor must have a $500k fortune given his lifestyle.

Connor Hutcherson is an activist for gay rights.
Connor Hutcherson is an activist for gay rights. Source: The Famous People

Josh’s sibling is no longer involved in acting. Connor, a graduate of Georgia Tech, is employed with HD Supply as a Senior Sales Analyst. In Georgia, $92,453 is the average pay for a Senior Sales Analyst. Connor lives a luxury lifestyle with this enormous sum. He follows sports, goes to many places, and lives life to the fullest.

Connor Hutcherson’s Current Relationship Status:

Connor Hutcherson is currently dating a man by the name of Andrew Peddie. On August 30, 2023, the LGBT couple made their love known to the world via Instagram. A photo of them together was published by Andrew in a number of locations, including the well-known Corn Palace. He wrote a caption for it.

“Loving our togetherness”

Connor Hutcherson with his love partner, Andrew Peddie.
Connor Hutcherson with his love partner, Andrew Peddie. Instagram @chutch2014

Like Connor, Andrew is a graduate of Georgia Tech Institute. Perhaps the homosexual pair first connected at the institute and developed romantic affections for one another over time. The two romantic partners have a similar affinity for dogs.

In a similar vein, Hutcherson may have once dated Julien Hamandi. In a tweet, Connor made reference to Julien, raising the possibility of a romantic relationship.

Is Connor Hutcherson Gay?

Connor Hutcherson is the gay brother of Josh Hutcherson. He has disclosed his sexual orientation in public. Connor tweeted on October 19, 2012, saying:

“You know I love my gay rights! Everyone deserves happiness! @ImKylePowers”

Hutcherson actively supports the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, Josh, his brother, has discussed his sexual orientation and the prospect of dating a male.

“I would probably list myself as mostly straight. Maybe I could say right now I’m 100 percent straight. But who knows?”

Who are the Parents of Connor Hutcherson?

The couple Michelle Fightmaster and Chris Hutcherson welcomed their second son, Connor Hutcherson, into the world on May 2, 1996. Connor was born in Kentucky, USA, just as Josh Hutcherson. Chris, Connor’s father, was employed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an analyst.

Connor Hutcherson's parents Michelle Fightmaster and Chris Hutcherson.
Connor Hutcherson’s parents Michelle Fightmaster and Chris Hutcherson. Source: TG Time

In a similar vein, his mother Michelle worked for Delta Airlines before becoming a producer of motion pictures. Up until 2018, Hutcherson attended the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He relocated to California to start again after graduating.

What Is The Relation Between Josh and Connor Hutcherson?

Born on October 12, 1992, Josh Hutcherson is the older sibling of Connor Hutcherson, who is four years his junior. Josh made up his mind to become an actor before Connor was even born. For his acting career, Connor’s brother relocated to Los Angeles.

Connor Hutcherson with his brother Josh Hutcherson.
Connor Hutcherson with his brother Josh Hutcherson. Source: Josh Hutcherson Wiki

However, the couple relished their short childhood years together. The Hutcherson brothers make jokes and play practical jokes on one another. The likeness between Josh and Connor is so striking that people frequently confuse the two brothers. Connor makes fun of his brother’s appearance on a regular basis.

Some people may feel that their siblings or a well-known figure devalues them. However, it doesn’t appear to have had a negative impact on Connor as a performer or actor. In Little Manhattan, the Hutcherson brothers have also made appearances together.

Josh Hutcherson & Jennifer Lawrence’s Relationship: Friends Or Former Flames?

Josh Hutcherson and his longtime partner Claudia Traisac are currently happily together. Also, josh surprised Traisac on his 30th birthday by taking her on a fun moped ride around Madrid. Riding around the beautiful sights of the Spanish city on a rented scooter, the couple enjoyed an amazing and romantic day.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson at Event June 2015.
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson at Event June 2015. Source: Pop Sugar

The Spanish actress is not the only romance the American actor has had in the past. The actor has dated Vanessa Hudgens, Shannon Marie Wada, Victoria Justice, Rochella Danishei, and Leonie Kranzl.

However, Josh Hutcherson does not mention Jennifer Lawrence as a girlfriend. He freely says that he and Jennifer were only friends and that they were never romantically involved.

Connor Hutcherson Was Exposed To Hollywood In Young Age: Acting Career

Connor Hutcherson, the younger brother of Josh Hutcherson, was introduced to Hollywood at an early age. Also, connor was inspired to pursue acting by Josh, who was also an aspiring actor. Michelle Hutcherson relocated to Los Angeles for three years when Josh was a young actor in order to support him in his acting career.

Connor was always motivated and proud to see his brother on film. Thus, at the age of 14, Connor was given the chance to provide the voice of Tonka in Tarzan II: The Legend Begins. He made an appearance in the TV series Little Manhattan that same year, when Josh, his older brother, played a major role.

Other than this, Hutcherson has no credits and has not been involved in any entertainment-related activities. However, he did co-star with Josh in the MTV series MTV Cribs.

Connor Hutcherson Is A Cynophile: Dog Lover

Similar to his romantic partner, Andrew Peddie, Connor Hutcherson has a like for dogs. He originally acquired his Australian Shepherd on February 16, 2018. Hutcherson has a dog named Loki as a pet. He and his dog have quality time together. As Connor enjoys hiking so much, he even brought Loki along to the baseball game.

Connor Hutcherson and his pet dog, Loki. Source: Instagram @chutch2014

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