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Cris Borgnine Net Worth, Age, Wiki! (Updated January 2024)



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Cris Borgnine

Full Name

Cris Borgnine




August 9, 1969


Los Angeles, California, United States


United States



Current City






Zodiac Sign







  • Actor

  • Film producer

  • Film cinematographer

  • TV Producer

Cris Borgnine, born August 9, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, is an American actor, film producer, cinematographer, and television producer. He has built a name for himself in the entertainment world by combining his various talents and services. Cris has had a remarkable career spanning several decades, working on a variety of cinema and television productions that demonstrate his versatility and skill. As an actor, he has played a variety of characters, demonstrating his extraordinary acting abilities. Cris has also dabbled in production and cinematography, proving his proficiency in the field. He continues to have a huge impact on the world of entertainment.

What is the net worth of Cris Borgnine?

Cris Borgnine is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. He has amassed this fortune through his successful careers as an actor, film producer, cinematographer, and television producer. As an actor, he has surely earned a large chunk of his net worth via his performances in films and television shows.

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Career of Cris Borgnine:

Cris Borgnine’s versatility and talent in a variety of roles within the entertainment industry have distinguished his career. He has experience as an actor, film producer, cinematographer, and television producer.

Ernie and Cris Borgnine Say Goodbye - YouTube
Ernie and Cris Borgnine Say Goodbye

Cris Borgnine’s passion for the entertainment industry and ability to perform in a variety of positions have been evident throughout his career. He has made important contributions to the film and television industries, both as an actor and as a producer and cinematographer.

Physical Appearance:

Cris Borgnine stands 6 feet 0 inches (182 cm) tall and has a strong and dominating presence. With his black eyes and black hair, he exudes distinction and magnetism. At 53 years old in 2023, he emanates maturity and expertise. His physical height, paired with his natural abilities, enhances his versatility as an actor, allowing him to play a wide range of roles in the entertainment industry. Cris Borgnine’s physical appearance matches his impressive abilities and adds to his obvious on-screen presence.

Family Information:

Cris Borgnine was born to parents Ernest Borgnine and Donna Rancourt. He grew up with his siblings, Sharon Borgnine, Nancee Borgnine, and Diana Rancourt-Borgnine. His father, Ernest Borgnine, was an accomplished actor, and his mother, Donna Rancourt, was a teacher. Cris has continued the family history in the entertainment industry by following in his father’s footsteps. The Borgnine family has a major presence in both the cinema and television industries, with Cris and his siblings making their mark as well.

Is Cris Borgnine married?

Cris Borgnine is married to Kim Borgnine. They have been together for several years and have a steady and loving relationship.

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In conclusion, Cris Borgnine has had a successful and diverse career in the entertainment world. As an actor, film producer, film cinematographer, and television producer, he has demonstrated his flexibility. Throughout his career, he has made substantial contributions to the cinema and television industries, making a lasting impression. He is still renowned for his physical presence, career accomplishments, and tight family ties. Cris Borgnine’s experience in the entertainment world demonstrates his enthusiasm, perseverance, and talent.

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