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Top 10 dog side eye memes to send a message



Google “dog side eye meme” and you are going to see so many memes that you will be dizzy with laughter. From time immemorial, dogs have been man’s best friend. So, it makes sense that their mannerisms like the side eye will be turned into memes. As you already know, memes are popular ways to express ourselves, often in a hilarious way, in this age of information and technology.

If you have not joined the meme trend, you are seriously missing out on one of the most entertaining parts of the Internet. The dog-side eye meme is just one out of many out there.

To know more about the meme, read this piece.

What is ‘dog side eye’?

The ‘dog side eye’ refers to when a dog turns its head to the side and looks at you from the corner of its eyes. It is also known as whale eye, doggie side-eye, dog whale eye or stank eye. A ‘dog side eye’ often looks funny but the very opposite in reality. If your dog is giving you the side eye, it is best to wary because that is not a good sign.

There are several reasons for the side eye and they include the following:

  • Nervousness: Your dog can give the side eye because it is nervous about something. It can also mean that they are scared. Instances include being in an unfamiliar environment or facing something scary. In that case, just hug your dog and assure it that everything is fine.
  • Feeling threatened: Dogs are sensitive by nature. They can smell danger very quickly, which is why there are trained dogs in military service. Therefore, a dog can give you the side eye if they are feeling threatened by your presence. It can also mean an unwelcome guest has invaded their space or wants to take away something precious from them.
  • Guarding their food or favourite toy jealously: Have you tried taking a bone away from a dog? Yeah, do not try it. Dogs guard their properties jealously. They also do the same with their favourite person. The side eye means you should back off or you are going to regret it.

Dog side eye memes

According to Know Your Meme, the dog side eye meme refers to a photograph of a dachshund dog looking sideways toward the camera with a suspicious look and squinted eyes. The image was first posted to Reddit on April 23, 2015, when a Redditor, identified simply as “gooddboyy”, posted an image to /r/aww of a brown wiener dog giving the camera the side eye.

The Reddit user captioned the image: “A ride in the car, huh? Are you sure it’s not a ride in the car…to the vet?”

It became a popular reaction image in the following years, especially on TikTok, where it is attached to videos and images of people exhibiting “sus” behaviour.

Below are the top 10 hilarious dog side-eye memes.

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1. You have seen shege

You have seen shege

This is arguably the most popular dog-side eye meme in Nigeria. The meme is a sympathetic expression you give someone who has suffered in life. Shege in this context means suffering. Nigerians are seeing different versions of shege these days. Some might say they brought this problem on themselves.

2. Don’t try it o!

Don't try it o!

Most Nigerian mothers are guilty of this. Growing up, if you have received money from a visitor and given it to your mother to keep it safe for you, OYO is your case. When you ask for that money back, you will hear something like, “All the food you have been eating, where did you think the money came from?”

3. You talk too much

You talk too much

We have that one person we dated who is super friendly to everyone. They light up the room with their presence, making everyone laugh and feel good about themselves. The problem is their partners find their behaviour annoying. If you are a super friendly person, your bae is using this side eye to tell you to stop.

4. Aunty, run o!

Aunty, run o!

So, you are making a video call with that cute guy. He is telling you how you are the girl of his dreams and his dog is somewhere in the room giving this side-eye. Aunty, that means you should carry your e-slippers and run away to avoid hiding your identity to rant on Facebook.

5. How to toast a guy you like

How to toast a guy you like

Have you watched a movie where a beautiful lady trips on a hot guy, he catches her and they lock eyes together, sparking a sizzling romance? That is how to toast a guy without really toasting him. Ladies, kindly take note. This is 2023, not 1023; if you know, you know.

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6. Don’t use me to lie

Don't use me to lie

Randy married men can do anything to land a lady they want, including using their friends. Have you ever been in a situation when you helplessly watch as your married friend lies in other to get their target? You may not be able to talk out of loyalty but you may want to signal your friend to stop. So you side eye hoping they will get the message.,

7. Did you see it?

Did you see it?

It is normal to share a hilarious meme with someone else, even if you are in a crowded room. However, you expect the person to react to the meme you shared, which is also normal. This is the side eye you give while waiting.

8. Caught red-handed

Caught red-handed

The first rule about doing something bad is: Do not get caught. However, when you are caught red-handed, a cute side eye might help you get away with it. If not, well… hasta la vista, baby!

9. Yeah… no

Yeah... no

If I were a betting person, I would bet that this dog is not innocent! Whatever it is accused of, it did it. This side eye is evidence. If you no agree, you go explain tire.

10. You are not funny

You are not funny

One of the mysteries of life is that there are people you detest for no reason. So, you naturally will not find their jokes or anything they do funny. You may not be vocal about your dislike but this dog eye expression is all you need to show how you feel.

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