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Video game which you can play as popular American snacks and fruits



Doodle Baseball is one of Google’s doodle games. The homepage for the Google Search engine is the most viewed webpage in the world. There is a logo above the search box of the search engine. Sometimes, the logo changes to represent something else. The logo is called Doodle.

Doodles often appear to represent world issues, major historical events, worldwide holidays, local celebrations, anniversaries and important celebrities’ birthdays. They also come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small, simple and temporary alterations to the traditional logo.

Today, this article explains Doodle Baseball, a game that is making waves in the world of video games.

What is Doodle Baseball?

Doodle Baseball: Video game which you can play as popular American snacks and fruits 1

The Doodle Baseball game is a fun baseball simulator game where players take on the role of the batter and try to hit as many home runs as possible. According to Google, the game was first released in 2011 to celebrate the start of the Major League Baseball season. However, the most popular Doodle Baseball game was introduced on July 4, 2019, alongside other Google Doodle games, to celebrate the Independence Day of the United States.

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Players in the game are popular American snacks and fruits like burgers, hot dogs, fries, cola, watermelons, chicken legs, lettuce and hot sauce. The left-handed strikers are the lettuce and lemonade, while the fielders and the pitchers are peanuts. There is also a large set of audiences mainly consisting of popcorn, watermelons, burgers and more. With a fun music background, you can hear the audience cheering you on upon hitting a home run.

Also, interactive sounds, such as “Strike” or “You’re Out”, make playing the game more fun. You can also see plenty of fireworks and your Home Run distance appears on the screen once you hit a home run. The Doodle Baseball game is available on mobile and desktop devices.

Doodle Baseball unblocked

The Doodle Baseball unblocked game is available on Google. Unblocked in this sense means you can play the game on any device, free and without any form of restrictions.

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How to play Doodle Baseball

How to play Doodle Baseball

Playing the Doodle Baseball game is pretty. All that is required to do is simply click the mouse to swing the bat. Here are steps to playing this game:

  • Search for Google Baseball in the Google search box.
  • Click on the Play button while navigating the Google page.
  • To start the game, tap on the baseball button.
  • Match your swing time with pitching, to hit a run, a home run, or a double.

Here are some tips to hit the longest home run:

  • Wait for the pitch.
  • Time your swing and hit.
  • When you hit, you can score points as your fries, ketchup and hot dogs among others, round the bases.

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