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Nigerian director who’s making trailblazing impact in Nollywood, tech



In a world where innovation knows no boundaries and the pursuit of excellence drives individuals to remarkable heights, Editi Effiong is one name that stands out. His journey through the realms of technology, filmmaking, and social impact has left an indelible mark on Nigeria and beyond.

From founding Anakle Limited, a pioneering digital tech company, to making waves in the Nigerian film industry through Anakle Films and tirelessly championing social causes, Effiong’s story is a testament to vision, dedication, and the power of storytelling.

Join us as we delve into the inspiring narrative of a man who has not only embraced change but has become a catalyst for it in his homeland and beyond.

Editi Effiong biography

Editi Effiong

Editi Effiong is the founder and CEO of Anakle Limited, a digital technology company in Nigeria. Additionally, he is actively involved in the film industry as a producer and director and the name of his production house is Anakle Films.

Effiong obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Calabar.

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Editi Effiong career

At the age of 18, he embarked on his journey into web design, prompted by a friend who mentioned building a website. This serendipitous moment marked the beginning of his remarkable career.

His professional path included roles such as the Country Manager for XEQ Technology and later, the position of Product Manager at Thompson & Grace Group. In 2010, he went on to establish Anakle, a company specializing in delivering solutions encompassing web and app development, digital marketing, social media management, online brand reputation management and UI/UX design.

In 2010, Effiong’s team at Anakle spearheaded Interswitch’s maiden digital campaign. They created a captivating flash animation video to promote Interswitch’s anti-fraud campaign, with Editi himself designing the flash content. During the early stages of Anakle’s business, Editi was responsible for the execution while his business partner, identified simply as Abass, managed the business operations. This campaign was particularly impactful during its time, considering that 12 years ago, orchestrating and executing such a campaign was a remarkable achievement for both Anakle and the brands they served.

In 2011, Effiong and his business partner had a vision driven by data. They predicted that internet penetration would deepen within the next five years, with the number of Nigerians online increasing from a mere five million to a substantial 30 million by 2016. Effiong’s business partner, Abass, charged business owners ₦50,000 to assist with digital marketing campaigns, backed by a money-back guarantee. The guarantee was simple: if they could not effectively promote the brands online, customers received a refund without any hassle. Effiong and his partner recognised the burgeoning online market potential and made a significant bet on it.

Effiong’s team collaborated with Diamond Bank on a project during the period they came on social media. Notably, the bank chose to have its brand assets stored on a CD, a common practice at the time when CDs were still in use. This decision was primarily made to prevent the unauthorized distribution of their assets to other entities or agencies.

Speaking about his experience working on the Diamond Bank project on his wedding day, Effiong recalled: “I found myself in the hotel foyer, engrossed in this project until I was summoned into the wedding hall to exchange vows and officially tie the knot.

“So, I temporarily set aside my laptop, participated in the wedding ceremony, and then promptly returned to continue working, even during our honeymoon. It’s quite remarkable to consider that this was only the second bank we assisted in building a Facebook app and guiding them into the realm of social media. Diamond Bank marked the second bank in Nigeria to embrace the digital marketing journey.”

Anakle has gained a reputation for orchestrating numerous viral campaigns across both social and mainstream media. Notable examples include the Brideprice App in 2014, the Call Your Mum App in 2015, and the 2017 “Things Come Together” advertisement created for Wikipedia.

Beyond his achievements as a tech entrepreneur, Effiong is committed to giving back to his community. He channels this commitment through initiatives such as “Forward by Anakle”, a training platform designed to support emerging SME businesses in Nigeria. Furthermore, his most recent public endeavour involved constructing a computer lab for the primary school where he received his education during his formative years.

In addition, Effiong is a movie producer and director. He said his transition to Anakle Films represents his strategic preparation for retirement. He aspires to retire as a writer and writing has been the guiding force throughout his life. This move aligns with the trajectory he envisions for his writing career. Anakle Films serves as both his motivation and platform for writing, providing a compelling reason to craft, create, and establish something from the ground up.

Notably, Anakle Films achieved recognition with its theatrical releases, Up North and The Setup, both of which were acquired by Netflix in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Other movies he has produced include Fish Bone (2020), Day of Destiny (2021) and his latest blockbuster and top-chatting film on Netflix, The Black Book (2023).

Effiong has also left his mark in other realms. Some may have come across his name during his involvement in the #ENDSARS judicial hearing panel in 2020. During this period, he attended the hearings and diligently documented daily proceedings, sharing videos, photos and commentaries on his Twitter page. His unwavering commitment to reporting on the investigation into the memorable events of October 20 the previous year earned him respect, admiration, and a substantial following.

Editi Effiong movies

Editi Effiong with a horse

Here are some of the movies that Effiong has produced:

“Up North” (2019): The movie follows the journey of a young man from a privileged background who is sent to northern Nigeria for his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) service year, where he has a transformative experience and discovers the cultural richness of the region.

“The Setup”

“Black Book” (2023): The movie documents the actions of a grieving deacon who embarks on a personal quest for justice in the wake of a kidnapping frame-up targeting his son. The deacon confronts a corrupt police syndicate in a determined effort to clear his son’s name.

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Editi Effiong’s net worth

There is limited information about Effiong’s net worth. However, from his comments on social media, he can be categorised as a well-to-do individual.

Editi Effiong family

Editi Effiong repping his culture

There is limited information about his family. However, he is known to have a brother named Udim.

Editi Effiong age

Effiong was born on July 23, 1983. He is 40 years old as of 2023.

Editi Effiong Twitter

Editi Effiong has an active social media presence on Twitter, with 189,000 followers.

He is also on Instagram and he has 10,900 followers.

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