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Mexican singer who spoke about hair transplant to avoid rumours



Edwin Luna is a prime example of how the children of people who are well-known for a certain profession commonly continue their parents’ legacy. Luna was raised in a musically accomplished household, with a well-known singer as his father. Even after his father’s demise, he has established himself and continued to uphold his father’s heritage.

Due to his musical prowess, Luna founded his band and assumed the role of the band’s main vocalist and leader. Continue reading as we provide in-depth information about the renowned Mexican singer.

Edwin Luna’s biography

Edwin Luna smile

Edwin Luna is a prominent figure in the Mexican music scene. He is the creator, frontman and primary vocalist of the popular Mexican band, “Banda la Trakalosa de Monterrey“.

Luna’s lineage is famous for musical excellence. He happens to be the fourth child of the late Mexican crooner, Don Miguel Luna. The elder Luna garnered acclaim through his involvement in the renowned musical duo, “El Palomo y El Gorrion”.

Luna’s journey into the music scene began at the tender age of eight. At this young age, his father introduced him to the stage. Interestingly, a young Luna displayed initial reluctance toward the very art form that would later define him. During his formative years, he had a dislike for the world of melodies and harmonies, despite being persuaded to contribute his voice to numerous gatherings.

After completing his secondary education, Luna decided to further his academic pursuits in the field of accounting. But fate had other ideas and drew him back to his family’s origins. Luna was unavoidably led back to the embrace of the music that his ancestry had so deeply ingrained into their identity by his father’s impact.

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Edwin Luna’s career

When he was 15 years old, Luna set out on a musical adventure. He teamed up with Don Arsenio Jimenez from Cadereyta and took part in musical projects with Banda Sinaloa, Virgilio Canales y Liberacion and the Piricuaco Band. Luna’s musical journey eventually led him to create the first version of his band, Banda la Escandalosa, in 2010. This initiative started when former members of La Real Banda Chilera invited him to form a new musical group. By October, he had signed a contract with Remex Music.

In November, they released “San Lunes”, their second song, and it radiated a unique Monterrey vibe. Notably, this track not only reached the top position on radio charts in northern Mexico but also received substantial airtime across the entire country and even in the southwestern United States. Banda la Trakalosa also lent their background vocals to El Pelon del Mikrophone’s popular dance track, “La Cumbia Tribalera”.

Banda la Trakalosa released their rendition of “Doble Vida”, a song by Salvador Aponte, in the first few months of 2012. This version debuted on the music scene less than a month after the original composer’s first release. Both versions quickly rose in the music charts, drawing listeners’ attention.

Edwin Luna mirror selfie

The band reached a new milestone that year when they released an album with the same name as their popular song. All of their previously published hits were included in this compilation CD, along with a brand-new song called “Concha del Alma”, which connected with their devoted audience.

In 2022, Luna underwent a transformative procedure targeting his hair. He openly shared this journey with his devoted fanbase on his social media platforms, shedding light on the progression of the process.

@edwinlunat Y así el #StoryTime de mi proceso de #cabello #transplantecapilar @Clínica DrEO gracias por todas sus atenciones y ahora si #AyVieneElPelon que te gusta y te hacer sonreír #jajaja @kimfloresgz ♬ sonido original – edwinlunat

The singer disclosed his decision to undergo a hair transplant at a facility in Mexico City. Luna gave his fans details on the entire process through his official Instagram account. He revealed that his apparent hair loss was the key driving force behind this action, which led him to take preventative measures before things got out of hand.

Edwin Luna in the hospital

Addressing his supporters, Luna stated in Spanish, “To all those who’ve inquired about my well-being, I want to assure you that everything is proceeding well. I underwent a hair treatment because I was experiencing a diminishing reserve in my ‘soil pot‘.”

This candid declaration was met with an outpouring of encouragement and solidarity from thousands of his loyal fans across social media platforms.

The Banda La Trakalosa leader chose to release recordings of his surgical journey to clear up any erroneous allegations that could have developed as a result of his clinic visit.

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Edwin Luna songs

The Mexican singer has been involved in several projects and has put out several records. Some of Luna’s songs are listed below:

  • Supiste Hacerme Mal
  • Broche de Oro
  • Borracho de Amor
  • Un Par de Cerdos
  • San Lunes
  • Mi Padrino El Diablo
  • Doble Vida
  • Después de Ti No Hay Nada
  • La Revancha”
  • Ya No Sufro Por Amor

Edwin Luna’s net worth

There are several disparities concerning the exact value of Luna’s fortune. He is reportedly worth a staggering $13 million, according to some web publications. However, other sources have offered a range of alternative estimates, with some citing sums as low as $100,000 and as high as $1 million and $5 million, respectively.

Despite all of these reports, Luna has yet to formally disclose his net worth.

Edwin Luna’s family

Edwin Luna with his family

Luna was previously married to Mexican presenter, Aima Cero. Their marriage was, however, short-lived and ended up with a divorce. 

The singer subsequently began dating Mexican model, Kimberly Flores. He subsequently announced his marriage plans in 2019. The pair ended up having a church wedding that same year.

The wedding took place on July 30 in his native Monterrey, situated in Nuevo León, Mexico. His wife is a well-known personality on Instagram. The pair has been married for four years now. 

The couple welcomed their first child, Gianna. She was born on July 7, 2018.

Although Gianna is his only child with Flores, Luna has two other children from previous relationships. He has a son, Miguel Angel, who was born from his relationship with Erika Monclova.

The singer’s other child is Dasha Yulied Luna. She was born from Luna’s relationship with a woman named Yuli.

Edwin Luna’s age

Luna was born on September 6, 1987. He is currently 35 years old.

Edwin Luna’s Instagram

Edwin Luna is not a stranger to the social media sphere, particularly Instagram, where he has cultivated a significant following. As of August 2023, his followers have soared to four million.

For those seeking a connection with his digital persona, Luna can be easily found on Instagram with the handle @edwinlunat.

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