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30 Famous Actors With Big Ears



Whereas it’s subjective to find out who has “huge ears,” here’s a checklist of some well-known actors who’re identified for his or her distinctive ears:

  1. Will Smith
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Daniel Radcliffe
  4. Steve Martin
  5. Adam Driver
  6. Adrian Brody
  7. Colin Farrell
  8. Keanu Reeves
  9. Hugh Grant
  10. Elijah Wooden
  11. Daniel Craig
  12. Jude Legislation
  13. Martin Freeman
  14. Orlando Bloom
  15. Brad Pitt
  16. Benedict Cumberbatch
  17. Leonardo DiCaprio
  18. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  19. Michael Cera
  20. Seth Inexperienced
  21. Jamie Foxx
  22. Jim Carrey
  23. Owen Wilson
  24. Vince Vaughn
  25. Woody Harrelson
  26. Adrian Grenier
  27. Crispin Glover
  28. Michael Shannon
  29. Rupert Grint
  30. Eddie Redmayne

Bear in mind, the notion of bodily options may be subjective, and these actors could also be identified for quite a lot of causes past their ears.

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