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Top 20 funny PFP to inspire you to create yours



Funny PFP is becoming a trend on social media and the internet. Many users now are inclined to change their PFPs to hilarious pictures because, well, they are funny. We all know funny pictures often attract followers and engagements to one’s social media page. Many live their lives on social media and would do anything to gain lots of traffic.

On the other hand, many are not social media freaks but love funny pictures and memes anyway. Whether you want to grab attention or just like being funny, using a funny PFP is a great way to enjoy social media. Therefore, this article reveals what funny PFP means and the top 20 to inspire you to create yours.

What is funny PFP?

Funny PFP simply means a funny profile picture. That’s right. PFP means Profile Picture, an image that represents a social media account’s owner. A profile picture helps users identify and follow one another. It also helps users to start conversations without giving away too much private information.

Since the introduction of the internet and social media, users have been limited to using profile pictures of themselves. Now, PFPs have evolved to the extent that internet users can practically choose any image of their choice. In an era where social media is everything, many users now use funny profile pictures because these images are top-notch attention grabbers.

Funny PFP spices up your social media presence. You are not just creating humour and keeping your audience engaged, you are also gaining followers which will help boost your career and personality if utilised wisely.

Top 20 funny PFP ideas

Here are the top 20 funny PFP ideas that will inspire you to create yours.

20. Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson

Hollywood star, Samuel L. Jackson is known for many things. But you can never predict seeing his face on a cat. Why not a dog? That will be more appropriate, right? Either way, it is still funny and many fans of the Avengers star will laugh over this funny PFP.

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19. Smiling Squidward

Smiling Squidward

Fans of the Nickelodeon animated TV series, Spongebob SquarePants will laugh over this PFP. Squidward is an octopus, a very unlikeable character due to his grumpiness. However, seeing him smile will make you smile because it is often not associated with the character.

18. Shaq is Thanos

Shaq is Thanos

Thanos is the dreaded villain in the Marvel Avengers franchise. Shaquille O’Neal is a celebrated former basketball star. Who knew he shared a striking resemblance to arguably the most hated villain in the Marvel universe? The creator of this PFP and it is hilarious.

17. Who wants a burger?

Who wants a burger?

Are you hungry? Do you mind a burger? The only problem is you may be eating a whole tortoise instead of bread. If you are not vegan or vegetarian, you will find this PFP hilarious.

16. Will “Shrek” Smith

Will "Shrek" Smith

Will Smith is hands down one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. Indeed, a lot of women would argue he would be in the top 10. So, what his face is doing over Shrek’s face is not just baffling, it is funny. Shrek is a beloved protagonist in the Disney animated franchise of the same name. However, he is an ugly troll, a total contrast to the Hollywood star. Whoever created this does not like the King Richard actor at all, lol.

15. Cinderella


How will you react if one of the most beloved and perfect Disney princesses gives you a middle finger? Cinderella is a popular Disney princess, often portrayed as beautiful, innocent, sweet, kind, humble, an animal lover and, generally, a perfect human being. Giving the middle finger is a vulgar way of expression. It simply means “fk you!” Imagine our innocent and sweet Cinderella gesturing “fk you” to your face. Funny, right?

14. Not in the mood, please

Not in the mood, please

This PFP is a funny illustration of how one spouse wants to “do the do” while the other spouse is not interested. The aroused spouse is like “Madam, turn let me do small”, while the uninterested spouse is like, “In this shege banza Promax period, segz. If belle enter, nko? Ogbeni, leave me alone.” Meanwhile, using a banana for this illustration is funny as hell.

13. Selfie cat

Selfie cat

Cat PFP is one of the most popular on social media, especially TikTok. Using a picture of a cat taking a selfie will create the desired attention and gain you more followers.

12. Fairy skeleton

Fairy skeleton

We have seen a lot of funny stuff on the internet. But the fairy skeleton ranks up there as one of the weirdest and funniest PFPs you can find on social media.

11. Cool pineapple

Cool pineapple

Have you ever seen pineapple so yummy and cool? This one is a perfect PFP that will elicit some funny reactions. Try it and thank me later.

10. Ugly face

Ugly face

The PFP is popular in Nigeria. Generally, an ugly face is one of the best ideas to create your own funny PFP. If you can make the ugliness a little more exaggerated, the better. Nigerians love a good laugh. They will laugh at this one.

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9. Kiss me

Kiss me

This is one of the most popular “kiss me” PFPs on Nigerian social media spaces. It is particularly funny because the PFP shows a plain-featured man with a frightful set of teeth. You will be wondering who will kiss him, even if he is richer than Elon Musk. But it will shock you.

8. Yam head

Yam head

We are all created differently but there are physical differences that are worth posting as funny PFP on social media. This includes a divided yam head, one of the frightful faces that make viewers laugh.

7. Covid Mona Lisa

Covid Mona Lisa

COVID-19 has taught us the importance of wearing masks, especially in public areas. This includes the Mona Lisa, one of the masterpiece paintings in the one. Mona Lisa often gets visitors, in the form of tourists and art enthusiasts. So, she should wear a mask to avoid getting COVID, right? So funny.

6. Dog in da hood

Dog in da hood

A PFP of a dog wearing a hood jacket is often cool and funny. It is one of the best funny PFP ideas you can get from the internet.

5. Cute Rock

Cute Rock

Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, has been an inspiration for many internet users. His images have been used to create several crazy memes. He makes a great funny PFP too, like this one where he wears short bangs and a feminine bag pack over his muscled shoulders. What a funny contrast, lol!

4. Mr. “Mona Lisa” Bean

Mr. "Mona Lisa" Bean

Speaking of Mona Lisa, can you believe that our favourite Mr. Bean, makes a great image of the iconic painting. Also, the signature smile adds to the entire funny look. This will inspire you to create your own Mona Lisa funny PFP, this time with your face.

3. Brockli


The Rock inspires another funny PFP. This time, his face is on a vegetable which hilariously sounds like his stage name. Broccoli plus The Rock, means The Brock or Brockli, lol.

2. Bathroom dog selfie

Bathroom dog selfie

Bathroom selfies are some of the most popular profile pictures on social media. Posting a dog taking a selfie in the bathroom is funny as hell and will guarantee some hilarious reactions from viewers.

1. ‘How to’ PFP

'How to' PFP

Some internet users are annoying. Any book on how to slap them through the internet will sell, which is why this PFP tops the list. Meanwhile, we have seen a lot of “how to” PFPs on the internet. A frog reading How to Slap Someone Through the Internet is one of the top hilarious funny PFPs that should inspire you to create yours.

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