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Spanish actor who was arrested, acquitted for sexual assault



Gabriel Guevara is a Spanish actor and model, best known for  My Fault (2023), Skam España (2018) and HIT (2020). He made headlines recently when he was arrested in Venice, Italy, on September 2, 2023, for an alleged sexual assault that had taken place in France.

However, his lawyer, Pedro Fernández González, later revealed that his client was arrested for a case for which he was accused and acquitted when he was 13 years old. It was reported that the accuser was Guevara’s cousin. Guevara was eventually released and allowed to go home after the Venetian Court of Appeals declared his arrest warrant and extradition request null and void on September 15, 2023.

Here are more details about the young Spanish actor

Gabriel Guevara biography

Gabriel Guevara

Gabriel Guevara was born on  February 6, 2001, in Madrid, Spain. He is bilingual in both Spanish and French and proficient in English. Guevara graduated from Instituto Lope de Vega with a Baccalaureate of Performing Arts in 2018.

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Gabriel Guevara career

Gabriel Guevara acting

Guevara showed interest in the performing arts from childhood. He took up roles in advertising campaigns and acting roles, as well as undergoing formal dance training.

In May 2017, Guevara began a modelling career and he was represented by Uno Model Agency. In late 2018, he made his television acting debut where he played Cristian Miralles Haro in the first season of Skam España, the Spanish adaptation of Skam, a Norwegian teen drama series.

Guevara also featured in Amanda Kernell’s 2018 film, Charter, as “Manuel” and as “Cristofer” in 2020’s Señoras del (h)AMPA. He also played “Samu” in the television series, Riders, that same year. In 2020, Guevara got a big role in the TVE series, HIT, a high school drama about an unconventional educator tasked with turning around troubled institutions. He also appeared in the Paramount+ original series, Bosé (2022); the Prime Video movie, Tomorrow is Today (2022); the Netflix series, You are not special; and the HBO Max series, How To Screw Everything Up as Fran in the same year.

However, Guevara got his biggest role yet in the 2023 Prime Video romance film, My Fault, where he played “Nick Leister”, a young man involved in dangerous street racing and an illicit sexual affair with his step-sister. My Fault, a novel series adaptation, originally called Culpables, by Mercedes Ron, became the highest opening three-day viewership figures of any non-English local original film in the history of Amazon Prime Video since its release in June 2023. Guevara will reprise his role in the film’s sequel, Your Fault and Our Fault, for Amazon Prime Video. Production already began on August 31, 2023.

Guevara is currently involved in the Spanish television series, Red Flags, and in a miniseries, Ni una más, based on the novel of the same name by Miguel Sáez Carral. Ni una más is set to be released on Netflix where Guevara will reunite with My Fault co-star, Nicole Wallace.

Apart from a career in film and TV, Guevara has featured in several theatre productions. He first appeared in Tosca (2010), a Royal Theater opera production; Robin Hood (2012),  L’Elixir d’amore (2017) and Krol Roger (2018).

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Gabriel Guevara movies

These are some of the movies and television shows that Guevara appeared in:

  • Charter (movie, 2018)
  • Skam España (TV, 2018-2019)
  • Señoras del (h)AMPA (TV, 2020)
  • Riders (TV, 2020)
  • HIT (2020-2021)
  • Bosé (TV, 2022)
  • How To Screw Everything Up (TV, 2022)
  • Tomorrow Is Today (movie, 2022)
  • My Fault (2023)
  • Red Flags (TV, 2023)
  • Ni una más (TV, 2023)

Gabriel Guevara’s net worth

Guevara reportedly has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Gabriel Guevara family

Gabriel Guevara with his mother

Guevara comes from a family of successful artists. His mother, Marléne Mourreau, is a French vedette, model, actress and television presenter. His father, Michel Guevara, is a Cuban dancer. Guevara featured alongside his father in  L’Elixir d’amore in Italy.

Gabriel Guevara age

Guevara is 22 years old as of 2023.

Gabriel Guevara Instagram

Gabriel Guevara has an active Instagram account where he posts modelling, acting and lifestyle content. He has about 6.4 million followers as of the time of writing this piece.

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