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Geraldine Keams Net worth 2023, Height, Weight, Career, Wiki, Bio



Quick Facts

Birth Date August 19,1951
Full Name Geraldine Keams
Profession Actress, writer
Nationality American
Birth City Flagstaff, Arizona
Birth Country United States
Father Name Lee Keams
Mother Name Helen Keams
Horoscope Leo
Networth $300000

Geraldine Keams is an actress and writer. She was among the pioneers in the Navajo Nation to introducing children to acting and conducting seminars.

By putting Navajo stories into stages, Keams has done a great deal to promote Navajo culture and stories. Geraldine opts for a low-key lifestyle, but her career aspirations thrust her into the public eye.

How much is the Net worth of Geraldine Keams?

Geraldine Keams is a Navajo actress with a $300k net worth. According to Keams’ IMDb biography, she has 27 acting credits, with her most recent role being in the television series Reservation Dogs. Geraldine has nearly fifty years of experience in the entertainment business.

Keams writes two books, Snail Girl Brings Water and Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun, in addition to performing. Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun is available in paperback for $7.95 and in library binders for $16.7.

Geraldine Keams spends a comfortable life in Pasadena, California.
Geraldine Keams spends a comfortable life in Pasadena, California. Source: The Movie Database

It received a 4.8 out of 5. Snail Girl Brings Water, his other book, has received comparable reviews. Hardcover is being sold for $7.76. Geraldine has also contributed to the Disney animated film Pocahontas as a consultant. Her children’s presentation, Native Legends Come Alive, has also traveled the globe.

Keams has been enjoying a nice life in Pasadena, California, thanks to his several sources of income. Her wealth is evident in the fact that she can afford to reside in a city where the cost of living is 67% more than the national average.

What Is Her Age? Age, Parents and Education

Geraldine Keams was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, on August 19, 1951. She is currently in her early seventies. Before attending college, Keams was reared by her parents, Lee and Helen Keams, on Navajo reservations.

Geraldine Keams when she was young.
Geraldine Keams when she was young. Source: Facebook

Keams’s experience living on the Navajo reservation was very important to him. She picked up traditional values and sheep-herding techniques. Growing up in a household devoid of television but brimming with storytellers, Keams developed a passion for narrative writing. She also wants to create the tales for the pictures.

Geraldine attended the University of Arizona to study film and drama. Keams had gone to Winslow Boarding School before that. She moved to New York City to seek a career in theater after graduating.

Professional Career of Geraldine Keams:

Movies & TV Shows

In 1976, Geraldine Keams began her career as an actress. She made her film debut in the film The Outlaw Josey Wales as Little Moonlight. She then appeared in more appearances after that. Geraldine has collaborated with well-known actors such as Dwayne Johnson.

Keams’s film and television credits are listed below.

Year Title Role Type
1976 The Outlaw Josey Wales Little Moonlight Film
1982 Born to the Wind Wind Woman TV Series
1991 Northern Exposure Great Aunt TV Series
1995-1996 The Secret of Lizard Woman Lizard Woman TV Series
2003-2004 DreamKeeper Medicine Woman TV Mini-Series
2005-2011 Big Love Adaleen Grant TV Series
2008-2015 Sons of Anarchy Amelia Dominguez TV Series
2021 Reservation Dogs Grandma Mabel TV Series
2021 Rutherford Falls Rayanne TV Series
2022 Dark Winds Grandma Alice TV Series

Well-known for her plays like The Flight of the Army Worm is Geraldine Keams. She also appears in schools and museums all over the world, telling Navajo legends in programs like Native Legends Come Alive.

Evidently, Geraldine was motivated to go it public by hearing all those Navajo legends told to her as a child. Keams has performed at illustrious venues such as the Smithsonian Institute for Performing Arts and the John F. Kennedy Center.

Geraldine Keams is apparently single.
Geraldine Keams is apparently single. Source: IMDb

What Is Her Relationship Status?

Geraldine Keams has maintained the privacy of her relationship status, much like most celebrities. She hasn’t said anything about her romantic relationships. Yes, in contrast to Kenny Vadas, Keams has not disclosed any boyfriends or engagements.

Geraldine does not actually have any children, despite her reputation for portraying mothers in films. Keams seemed content with his solitary existence in Pasadena.

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