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Man who ghost writes songs for rapper Lil Wayne



Gillie da Kid may not be quite popular as a skilled rapper, but he has carved out a niche for himself as a brilliant composer. Affectionately known as “King Philly” among his devoted fanbase, Gillie da Kid’s prowess extends beyond his own musical endeavours, making him an influential figure in both his solo career and his collaborative efforts with hip-hop giants.

While Gillie da Kid’s tracks resonate with authenticity and lyrical depth, it’s his behind-the-scenes contributions that have further solidified his position as a lyrical force to be reckoned with.

Gillie da Kid biography

Gillie da Kid smiling

Gillie da Kid is an American rapper and composer born in Philadelphia, United States of America. He is popularly known by his fans as “King Philly”. He is also a part of Major Figgas, a rap group consisting of seven members. Gillie Da Kid gained fame by ghostwriting songs for the renowned rapper Lil Wayne.

Gillie da Kid was born on July 31, 1984, in Pennsylvania. The rapper and composer’s real name is Nasir Fard. While not much is known about his parents, it’s understood that he has a sister named Kiara.

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Gillie da Kid’s career

Gillie da Kid embarked on his rap journey at a young age and joined Major Figgas, a rap group comprising seven members, during the late 1990s. The ensemble secured a deal with Houston-based Suave House Records and produced numerous tracks, including the breakthrough song, Yeah That’s Us. However, the label’s distribution arrangement with Universal came to an end, leading to the group’s dissolution.

Subsequently, Da Kid pursued a solo career and signed with Cash Money Records in 2003. Although he did not release any solo albums under the label, he asserted that he had ghostwritten several songs for Cash Money’s star rapper, Lil Wayne. This sparked an enduring feud between Da Kid and Lil Wayne.

Da Kid continued to release mixtapes, including I Am Philly in 2009, King of Philly 2 in 2012, and King of Philly 3 in 2014. He also explored the world of acting, featuring in movies like The Wrath of Cain (2010), Force of Execution (2013) and Blood Brotha (2017). He not only acted in Blood Brotha but also produced it.

Additionally, he made appearances in multiple episodes of Chase Street (2017-2018). Da Kid unveiled his second studio album, Welcome to Gilladelphia, in 2015 through Relumae Records, a label he established in 2011 alongside NFL player Tamba Hali. The album featured guest appearances from Pusha T, Waka Flocka Flame, Jadakiss, and other artists.

In 2017, he introduced another album titled: Million Dollars’ Worth of Game, which also lent its name to his podcast, a collaborative effort with his cousin Wallo267, launched in 2019. The podcast takes a humorous approach to discussions about music, relationships, personal anecdotes and advice. Over time, the podcast has gained substantial popularity, boasting notable guests such as Kevin Hart, Mike Tyson and Meek Mill.

Gillie da Kid Songs

Gillie da Kid at an event

Here are some songs and albums that Da Kid has released:

  • “Yeah That’s Us”
  • “Welcome to Gilladelphia” (from the album of the same name)
  • “Million Dollars’ Worth of Game” (from the album of the same name)

Various songs featuring guest appearances:

  • Pusha T
  • Waka Flocka Flame
  • Jadakiss and oher artists on his albums

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  • “Welcome to Gilladelphia” (2015)
  • “Million Dollars’ Worth of Game”


  • “I Am Philly” (2009)
  • “King of Philly 2” (2012)
  • “King of Philly 3” (2014)

Gillie da Kid’s net worth

Da Kid has an estimated net worth of $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Gillie da Kid family

Gillie da Kid

Da Kid is married to Regina Little, a makeup artist, who is popularly known as Tudie. The couple has four children: Nasir Jr., Nasirah, Nala, and Nia.

Da Kid also has a younger sister named Kiara.

Gillie da Kid Age

Da Kid was born on January 1, 1984. He is currently 39 years old.

Gillie da Kid’s Instagram

Gillie da Kid has an active social media presence on Instagram, with three million followers at the time of writing this article.

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