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Golden Dragon: Casino slot game with big payouts



Google Golden Dragon and you will get different meanings, including lewd ones. However, we are going to stick with the Chinese version. If you are familiar with the Chinese culture, you will know they are big on dragons. Dragons are some of the most mythical ancient creatures known to mankind. However, there are still debates over whether they ever existed at all.

Anyhow, they are still an integral part of the Chinese culture. From their art to their delicacies, the dragon myth has also influenced Western culture including the games. This article provides more details about the Golden Dragon and the game.

What is Golden Dragon?

What is Golden Dragon?

A definition from Wikipedia describes the Golden Dragon as a popular motif that is mostly associated with Chinese culture, but can also be found in Western cultures. However, a dragon is a mythical creature who is often depicted by the media as a mighty, monstrous and vicious beast with features more or less similar to that of a reptile. It is also often depicted as an evil, winged fire-breathing vicious beast.

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In Chinese culture, dragons are regarded as harbingers of good fortune and luck. Unlike Western depictions, the Chinese dragons are described as serpent-like beasts that can fly and often bring thundershowers and lightning wherever they go. Dragons are also associated with emperors who were seen as the representative of God. It is believed that they possess pure dragon blood running through their veins often referred to as the ‘Son of the Heavens’, the representation of yang energy in yin-yang.

Therefore, the Golden Dragon in Chinese mythology is considered to be an extremely benevolent deity like most other Chinese dragons and its presence is said to bring great prosperity to the land. Gold is generally associated with wealth. In Chinese culture, gold has been associated with the sun (Yang energy), implying innate strength and divinity. Therefore, the Golden Dragon is regarded as an omnipotent sun deity or god of the harvest.

Golden Dragon game

Golden Dragon game

The Golden Dragon game is a classic casino slot game boasting 50 pay lines. It also includes 10 different winning combinations. Produced by Microgaming and developed by GameArt in October 2016, there are five reels and three rows which consist of the following imageries: reptile eyes, coiled serpent-like renderings, cartel insignias, and fire-breathing wilds that have our hearts racing.

This game is available in both online and offline modes and comes with impressive bonuses and promotions. You can also play this game for free or you can pay. The free version is in demo mode, with no download and no registration required. For the paid version, wagering requirements are £0.25 for the lowest stake and £25 for the maximum bet. The jackpot is five thousand coins.

The Golden Dragon setting consists of the red glow of the candlelit lantern, creating a traditional impression of strolling through the Chinese gardens in the night. With a background that looks like red silk that might be woven into a kimono, the golden dragon himself is featured on both sides of the reels.

Some reel icons include poker numbers such as 10, Queen, and King. Other images feature Chinese objects, such as dragons, fish and flowers. It all pulls together well and speaks to the genre.

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How to play Golden Dragon

How to play Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon game is known for its exciting features and big payouts. Starting the game is pretty easy. Once it loads, you will see clearly labelled buttons. Choose your bet (per two lines, not one) and click the spin button. If you prefer to play without interaction, hit autoplay. There are also options to see the pay table and change a couple of settings. Meanwhile, these are the pay table basics:

  • The Golden Dragon offers 0.25 for three matches, 1.00 for four matches and 10 for five matches
  • Other dragons yield 0.15, 0.50 and two respectively.
  • The fish and bar offer 0.10, 0.30, and 1.50.
  • The poker cards provide less but are often winners. You can get anywhere from 0.05 tokens to 0.75.

The Golden Dragon game has special features that you should watch out for, like the golden bowls which are your scatter symbols. They award a prize that can be up to four times what you initially placed a bet on. You also get to enjoy a few free spins by utilising the scatter symbol. Finally, you can play the Golden Dragon on any mobile or desktop device.

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