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Webcomic antagonist who loves to paint walls with victims’ blood



The Grand Highblood is a posthumous antagonist in Andrew Hussie’s webcomic, Homestuck. The ancestor of Gamzee Makara and the leader of a subjugator cult, he is the incarnation of Kurloz Makara and he follows a cult praising Lord English, which is to ensure Caliborn becomes him.

Some might say the Grand Highblood is the epitome of what a villain should be, one of the reasons why Homestuck is so popular. Let us go ahead and discuss this character and his role in the webcomics.

Who is Grand Highblood?

Grand Highblood: Webcomic antagonist who loves to paint walls with victims' blood 1

The Grand Highblood is an antagonist in the popular webcomic, Homestuck. Homestuck was written by American author and artist, Andrew Hussie, and originally ran from April 13, 2009, to April 13, 2016.

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The webcomic follows a group of teens who trigger the inevitable destruction of Earth by installing the beta version of an upcoming computer game, Sburb. They come in contact with a group of Internet trolls who are revealed to be horned aliens. These trolls work with the kids to create a new universe by completing the game.

The Grand Highblood is described as a brutish figure who loves to paint his walls in the blood of his victims. He is huge and has messy hair. He is also obsessed with clowns and paints his face to look like one. However, his face paint seems to be more designed like a skull. The Grand Highblood also has long and curved horns on his head.

Grand Highblood origin

Grand Highblood: Webcomic antagonist who loves to paint walls with victims' blood 2

The Grand Highblood is the incarnation of Kurloz Makara, one of the eleven teenagers who played Sbrub. Makara’s matesprit, also known as the girlfriend, was Meulin Leijon and they lived a happy life together. They were the happy couple until Kurloz had a nightmare while they were in bed together. The nightmare caused him to scream a horrid sound that made Meulin deaf forever.

Feeling guilty for causing Meulin’s condition, Kurloz chewed off his tongue and sewed his mouth so that he could never speak again. He later met his ancestor, Gamzee, and together they formed a deadly alliance that they would work with Lord English, also known as Caliborn, an all-powerful time-travelling demon.

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What happened to Grand Highblood?

Grand Highblood: Webcomic antagonist who loves to paint walls with victims' blood 3

The Grand Highblood reigned in Alternia, where he was responsible for keeping the trolls of lesser positions in the caste system in check. He acts as a sort of enforcer for the Condesce’s regime and gained a reputation for being extremely unpredictable and violent.

After Orphaner Dualscar’s kismesissitude for Mindfang fails, he offers her location to the Grand Highblood. Meanwhile, Mindfang had written in her journal that Dualscar had made a terrible mistake aligning with the Highblood due to the latter’s volatile nature. Her prediction turns out to be true as the Grand Highblood eventually kills Dualscar for being unable to tell a funny joke.

However, he takes the threat Mindfang poses seriously and sends his wildcard, Neophyte Redglare, to attack her. In the end, it is unclear how the Grand Highblood died, outside the fact that it occurred before the beginning of Hivebent.

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