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Haunting Adeline is a gripping narrative that revolves around a young woman named Adeline, who finds herself entangled in a web of secrecy, danger, and unexpected desires. Set within the chilling confines of an old mansion, this story unravels the haunting tale of Adeline’s encounters with an insistent stalker, a sinister world of corruption.

What Is Haunting Adeline?

What Is Haunting Adeline?

Haunting Adeline is a novel written by H.D. Carlton that falls within the thriller and suspense genres. It explores a dark and intense storyline centred around the character of Adeline, a successful writer who becomes the target of a relentless stalker. The book delves into themes of suspense, obsession and the disturbing aspects of human nature.

Haunting Adeline recounts the tale of a young woman residing in a grand mansion, pursued by a persistent stalker who poses constant threats but unexpectedly finds herself developing feelings for him. This novel also delves into the intricate world of affluent and morally questionable individuals.

Despite the male protagonist’s mission to eliminate corruption, he grapples with his issues. He employs various tactics to intimidate the women he is interested in, earning him the nickname ‘little mouse’ from the female lead, as he plays with her emotions akin to a cat toying with a mouse.

As the narrative unfolds, it reveals how the girl becomes a target of the organisation that Zane, the male lead, was striving to dismantle. The story commences with the girl moving into the ageing Parson Manor following her grandmother’s demise. Aware of the manor’s haunted reputation, she chooses to reside there in pursuit of the true cause behind her grandmother’s death. Her relationship with her parents, particularly her mother, is strained, and her deep affection for her late grandmother propels her to investigate.

She is an aspiring writer, and during a book signing event, she encounters a mysterious man, unaware that this single meeting will alter the course of her life. This man becomes her stalker, issuing threats and warning her to steer clear of all other men, promising dire consequences for any who approach her.

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Gradually, she finds herself developing affection for her enigmatic pursuer and willingly assists him, even finding him to be her protector when she and her best friend encounter a perilous situation that could have ended disastrously. However, her involvement ultimately lands her in a substantial predicament.

Haunting Adeline: The author: H. D. Carlton
The author: H. D. Carlton

Haunting Adeline series

It is intriguing to know that there is a sequel to “Haunting Adeline”. Sequels often provide an opportunity to further develop the characters and expand on the themes introduced in the first book.

Haunting Adeline book

Haunting Adeline is a novel that can be described as a haunting and suspenseful thriller, delving into the shadowy realms of obsession, love and the complicated matters of the human psyche. This book is not for the faint-hearted as it boldly delves into disturbing and provocative themes, featuring graphic violence and explicit content that adds layers of complexity to its narrative.

However, it is crucial to highlight that Haunting Adeline steps into uncomfortable territory with its depiction of graphic violence and explicit content. The themes it tackles, such as human trafficking, child sacrifice, and elements of BDSM, are not for everyone. This is a book that should be approached cautiously, and only by readers who are comfortable with the darker and more provocative aspects of literature.

How to read Haunting Adeline

Haunting Adeline is available for readers to access online. It can be found on various e-book platforms, allowing readers to download and enjoy the novel from the comfort of their digital devices. The book also can be purchased on sites like Amazon.

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