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Hope Newell Net worth 2023, Height, Weight, Career, Wiki, Bio



Profession Actress
Full Name Hope Newell
Birthplace Indianola, Lowa, United States
Nationality American
Marital Status Divorced
Relationship History Yes
Net Worth $11,000,000
Horoscope Aquarius
Imdb Link

Hope Newell was a native of Indianola, Los Angeles, California. She was an actress who became well-known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels (1976) and Starksy and Hutch (1975).

She wed James Daly, but the two later made the decision to divorce. Regretfully, she passed away on December 27, 2009.

How much was the Net Worth of Hope Newell?

Although Hope Newell did not feature in many films, she was able to increase her wealth to a respectable level. Her profession in entertainment provides the lion’s share of her riches. An estimate of her net worth is $11,000,000.

The American actress has an uncomplicated outlook on life. She continued to live her simple life and appreciated it even after she came into the spotlight.

Early Years and Family

On February 12, 192, Hope Newell was born in Indianola, Lowa, in the United States. She has starred in two television programs, according to IMDB. The well-known actress undoubtedly had a great work ethic, but she was never given the chance to show off her abilities.

Regarding her personal and family life, Newell withheld nothing. There aren’t many details about her family online because she valued her privacy.

In her early years, Newell developed an interest in the performing industry. Her love of performing began to increase as she grew older. Though there weren’t many opportunities, she was unable to seize them quickly enough. Her desire of appearing in a movie had to be postponed as a result.

Professional Career of Hope Newell:

Actressing has always been Newell’s dream job. Despite having a lot of promise, in her early years she was unable to seize any opportunities that presented itself. Things changed once she and James Daly got divorced.

In her debut film, the American actress played a lead role. Her first motion picture was Starsky & Hutch. Despite having a little part in the film, she was able to draw attention with the little screen time she had. She then got the part of Mrs. Brown in Charlie’s Angels.

Hope Newell during a photoshoot
Hope Newell during a photoshoot. Source: Pinterest

Newell’s Role in Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels is a television series that aired on ABC from September 22, 1976, to June 24, 1981. It is an American criminal drama that ran for five seasons and 115 episodes. It follows the adventures of three women who operate in Los Angeles, California, for a private investigation agency.

Mrs. Brown was played by Newell in the series. Her role had its premiere in the episode “counterfeit angels.”

Who was the husband of Hope Newell?

James Daly and Newell first connected in 1942 through mutual friends. Everything began when they both felt a connection with one another. In 1942, following several months of courtship, the couple exchanged vows and tied the knot. See more articles on famous couples.

The pair got along well with one another. They even have four kids together. Their children are named Tyne Daly, Glynn Daly, Peegen Michael Daly, and Tim Daly. But things didn’t work out, and in 1965 they made the decision to split up.

Hope Newell and James Daly along with their children
Hope Newell and James Daly along with their children. Source: Wall of Celebrities

Regretfully, Daly passed away in Nyack, New York, on July 3, 1978, from heart failure. He was reportedly preparing for his role in the play Equus in Tarrytown, New York.

More about Hope Newell’s Husband, James Daly

James Firman Daly was a well-known American actor from theater, cinema, and television. He is most known for playing Chad Everett’s superior, Paul Lochner, in the medical drama series Medical Center.

The American actor was born in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, on October 23, 1918. His roles in a number of films allowed him to become well-known. With a number of successful films to his credit, he is undoubtedly among the most prominent actors in the business.

Professional Career of James Daly:

As an accomplished stage actor, Daly started his career in 1946 covering Born Yesterday for Gary Merrill. He starred in Tennessee Williams’ Period of Adjustment and Archibald MacLeish’s Pulitzer Prize-winning J.B. on Broadway.

From 1953 until 1955, Daly was a cast member of the television series Foreign Intrigue. Additionally, he has made cameo appearances in a number of TV shows. He appeared in several television shows, including Appointment with Adventure, Breaking Point, Mission: Impossible, DuPont Cavalcade Theater, The Twilight Zone, and The Tenderfoot.

James Daly is in a suit
James Daly is in a suit. Source: Wikipedia

The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company offered the American actor television commercials for Camel cigarettes in 1958. He served as the Camel representative for seven years.

In addition to his acting career, Daly hosted NBC Radio’s Saturday Monitor show from 1963 to 1964. Daly starred in the miniseries Roots: The Next Generations as Mr. Boyce, his final motion picture role.

James Daly’s Sexuality

Tim Daly, the son of James Daly, disclosed in an interview with CBS News Sunday Morning that he came out to his father as gay ten years after James and Hope’s divorce. According to accounts, his struggle to come to terms with his sexual orientation almost broke his family apart.

He was not “cured” by James and Hope, as homosexuality was still considered a psychiatric illness in the early 1970s. After their divorce, he made the decision to spend less time with his kids out of concern that they would develop mental health issues.

How many Children did Newell have?

Together with Daly, the American actress had four children. Additionally, two of them work in the entertainment sector. Newell grew up with her kids in close proximity. Her children have always looked up to her as a role model.

Tyne appeared in Daly’s television program Foreign Intrigue as a kid actor. In the 1970 season 1 episode Moment of Decision on Medical Center, she made her second appearance as Paul Lochner’s adult daughter, Jennifer Lochner.

A father and daughter team made an appearance in the first season of Mission: Impossible on television. On the other hand, Tim plays a child with his father in Henrik Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People.

More about Tyne Daly

Actress Ellen Tyne Daly is best known for her role in the television sitcom “Cagney & Lacey.” She has performed in both theater and film. Her career in theater, film, and television has been amazing. In 1967, she made her Broadway debut in “That Summer, That Fall,” for which she was honored with six Emmys and a Tony Award.

The well-known actress is most recognized for her six-year role on the TV show “Cagney & Lacey” as Detective Mary Beth Lacey. Later, she played the same part in four television films.

More about Tim Daly

Tim Daly is a well-known actor, producer, and director with a wealth of experience in theater, television, and film. Over the years, he has assumed many roles in the entertainment industry. In addition to performing, he has directed and produced a number of movies and TV series.

Even after all of his success in TV and movies, Tim still has a great passion for the theater. He and his sister Tyne worked together on the play “Downstairs” in 2018. Audiences responded well to this play, and critics gave it favorable reviews.

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