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Social media figure whose name isn’t far from controversy



Ian Miles Cheong, popularly known as Stillgray, is a notable figure in the realm of news reporting and writing about gaming globally.

Although he enjoys a multifaceted career, Cheong’s life has often been accompanied by controversies to his name. Do you want to know what those controversies are and how they have impacted Cheong?

Keep glued to this page to find out more.

Ian Miles Cheong’s biography

Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong, commonly known as Stillgray, is a renowned Malaysian gaming news reporter, journalist and writer. He has been active in the field of gaming news for quite some time. Cheong is renowned for his Twitter commentary and he has garnered recognition within right-wing circles by frequently sharing his opinions on U.S. politics.

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Long before he delved into U.S. domestic matters, Cheong gained prominence as a gaming journalist and played a significant role as an influential moderator on Reddit.

Cheong’s involvement in Gamergate is also noteworthy, a term denoting a dispute between mainly male gamers and female game developers that resulted in a widespread campaign of harassment in 2014.

Initially, Cheong, who once identified as a “turbo-feminist”, staunchly defended female game developers like Zoe Quinn. However, Cheong’s political stance gradually shifted towards the far-right over the years.

He has now embraced conservative, nationalist viewpoints that typically involve resistance to progressive policies, a strong focus on traditional values, scepticism toward immigration and a preference for minimal government intervention. Chkeong has also endorsed policies and positions that are deemed more radical and situated further to the right on the political spectrum.

However, Twitter users who were critical of Cheong began to state online that the pundit did not actually live in America, but instead on the opposite side of the planet—specifically, in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia.

In 2019, Cheong referred to living in Malaysia while explaining his disbelief in climate change.

“Some idiot asked me why I’m not part of the climate cult because ‘Malaysia experiences typhoons so you’re directly affected by climate change’.

“Hey, you numpty, typhoons have been lashing the peninsula for millions of years. A few decades of industry won’t change that,” Chemong said.

During the pandemic, a journalist pointed towards Malaysia while advising Cheong to cease dictating how Americans should respond to the coronavirus.

Although Cheong’s residency is no secret, this revelation resulted in a barrage of trolling aimed at the conservative figure. The replies to nearly every tweet by Cheong continually see users telling him to refrain from meddling in U.S. politics.

Ian Miles Cheong’s career

Ian Miles Cheong talking

Aside from being known to be a political commentator on Twitter, Cheong is not known to be into any career. Cheong has found himself in some major controversies in this path he chose.

One of the initial controversies arose in 2012 when Cheong was banned from Reddit after it came to light that he was promoting his websites on some of the platform’s major subreddits without disclosing the connections.

In 2014, old chat logs resurfaced revealing Cheong’s praise for Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, and this sparked further controversy. Cheong responded to the backlash by attributing it to the “toxic gaming community”.

Despite originally defending female game developers during the Gamergate saga, Cheong later switched sides in an attempt to cater to his growing far-right audience.

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Ian Miles Cheong’s net worth

There are no accurate reports on Cheong’s net worth. However, he is said to be well off.

Ian Miles Cheong at work

Ian Miles Cheong’s family

There is limited information about Cheong’s family.

Ian Miles Cheong’s age

Details about Cheong’s date of birth are scarce at the moment.

Ian Miles Cheong’s Twitter

Cheong is an active Twitter user, having 731,000 followers as of the time of writing this piece.

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