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In-Depth Review: Is Harley Davidson Insurance Worth It?



Harley Davidson Insurance

Harley Davidson Insurance is a type of insurance that is tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of Harley Davidson motorcycle owners. With this insurance, Harley riders can receive coverage for accidents, theft, and damage, as well as receive perks like towing and rental reimbursement. However, the question remains: is Harley Davidson insurance worth it? In this in-depth review, we will examine the pros and cons of Harley Davidson insurance to help you determine if it is the right choice for you.

Even for Harley motorcycles, Harley Davidson Insurance, popularly known as HD Insurance, does not provide the cheapest motorcycle insurance estimates. Yet it does so in a way that no other motorcycle insurance provider can—combining goods and services. Also, it provides a big selection of add-on coverages and a wide range of savings. For the majority of motorcycle riders, Harley Davidson Insurance is a fantastic option.

Harley Davidson insurance: Practical benefits at affordable prices

Maybe the most well-known manufacturer of motorcycles is Harley Davidson. Even yet, it’s possible that a lot of individuals aren’t aware that Harley Davidson also provides motorcycle insurance plans. The prices for Harley Davidson rates aren’t outrageous, but they are a little more expensive than those for motorcycle insurance from Progressive and Geico. But Harley Davidson really shines when it comes to providing a one-stop shop for all things motorcycle-related.

Let’s say you want to finance, insure, and get an extended service plan on a motorcycle. You would typically need to get in touch with a lender, an insurance provider, and a dealership to do this. Harley Davidson, on the other hand, provides motorcycle riders with all three of these services and goods under one brand name, a level of convenience unequaled by its rivals.
Harley-Davidson offers excellent coverage options and discounts on its HD Insurance plans, even if you don’t require the aforementioned supplementary services and goods, such as a Harley-Davidson loan. You may obtain motorcycle insurance from Harley Davidson regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride because HD Insurance is not simply available for Harley Davidson vehicles.

Cons of Harley Davidson

The biggest disadvantage of Harley Davidson is that it costs slightly more than other motorcycle insurance providers. Since motorcycle insurance is frequently less expensive than auto or homeowners insurance, the cost savings aren’t as significant, so we don’t view this as a major disadvantage. In fact, based on our sample, the price difference between an HD motorcycle insurance policy and the least expensive choice is $89 per year.

Is Progressive insurance the same as Harley Davidson insurance?

Progressive insurance is no longer offered for Harley Davidson motorcycles, but it once was. Original underwriters of Harley Davidson’s insurance policies included Dairyland and Foremost Insurance, two of our top picks for motorcycle insurance companies. Then, for motorcycle insurance, Harley Davidson partnered only with Progressive. Sentry Insurance Group is the sole underwriter of HD motorcycle insurance today. This indicates that Sentry Insurance Group, not Harley Davidson, will be liable for payment if you make a claim.

How much does insurance for Harley Davidson cost?

Even though Harley Davidson’s quotes aren’t the lowest available, they are comparable to those of the majority of its rivals. According to our sample, a Harley Davidson premium is $89 more expensive than Progressive’s cheapest motorcycle insurance rate. There are some discounts available, but they are not substantial.

Motorcycle Insurance CompanySample Annual Motorcycle Insurance Quote
Harley-Davidson Insurance$313
Sample Average$282

The organization offers a fantastic online quotation system, making it quite easy to obtain Harley Davidson Insurance prices. Clients can choose to add additional coverages and view how each affects the price of their Harley quotes as they see appropriate. Before deciding to purchase coverage, we advise comparing your Harley Davidson Insurance quote to those provided by rival companies and the typical price of motorbike insurance in your state.

Does Harley Davidson provide special rates on its insurance?
A good selection of discounts are available to policyholders of Harley Davidson Insurance. The beautiful thing about HD Insurance’s discounts is that many of them are simple to be eligible for. You can save money on your Harley estimate, for instance, if you just bought a bike or are a homeowner. A detailed list of the discounts provided by Harley Davidson Insurance is shown below.

As of right now, Harley Davidson does not provide auto insurance, so this discount is not offered. Several motorcycle insurance providers, such as Progressive and Geico, provide this discount frequently.

A Harley Davidson policy covers what?

With the exception of Alaska and Hawaii, Harley Davidson currently provides insurance coverage in every state. But, if you have an HD insurance coverage in a state that is protected, such as Tennessee, you will be covered when visiting either Alaska or Hawaii. HD Insurance offers policies for the majority of motorbike types, including the following, in addition to its extensive state coverage.

Sport touring Sport bike Standard Cruiser Sportster Street rod Softail Dyna S series
CVO V-Rod dirt bike, trike
Dual function scooter, moped, and bicycle
Policyholders have the option of enhancing their HD Insurance plans with additional coverages, many of which are beneficial to certain motorcycle riders. For instance, the optional HD insurance equipment replacement cost coverage would be advantageous for somebody who enjoys personalizing their motorcycle.

Let’s say you spent $5,000 on a set of bespoke chrome rims for your motorcycle, but now they only cost $2,000. Your insurance provider will typically pay you $2,000 less your deductible if your rims are irreparably destroyed in a covered accident. Contrastingly, HD Insurance’s optional equipment replacement cost coverage would pay you $5,000 in this case to replace the wheels with new chrome. The following are some additional noteworthy optional coverage choices.

Rental coverage offers any motorcycle you rent the same protection as is provided for any motorcycle listed on your policy. This add-on is excellent for riders who enjoy road trips because it may also cover qualified expenses, such as meals and hotel, if an accident occurs more than 100 miles from home.

Replacement Cost for Bikes: This add-on is comparable to optional coverage for replacement costs of equipment. The only difference is that instead of just particular parts, if your motorcycle is totaled, this coverage still applies. This policy would ensure that you receive reimbursement for $13,000 rather than $4,000 if, for example, you paid $13,000 for a Harley Davidson motorcycle but its depreciated worth was $4,000 at the time of your accident.

Similar to an auto roadside help add-on, Harley Davidson Roadside Assistance is a coverage. The roadside assistance program from Harley Davidson Insurance includes tire replacement, battery jump starts, fluid replenishment, and locksmith services.

In addition to the aforementioned add-on options, HD Insurance also offers the following standard coverage choices.

Physical harm liability
Risk of property damage
Complete protection
collision protection
physical injury caused by an underinsured or uninsured motorist
Property damage caused by underinsured and uninsured drivers
Protection from personal injury
Medical costs
Harley’s ratings and reviews of insurance
The quality of your motorbike company depends on how well it can handle accident-related insurance claims. The Sentry Insurance Group underwrites HD Insurance coverage, as was already mentioned. As a result, while looking for insurance, you should take the Sentry Insurance Group’s ratings into account rather than Harley Davidson’s. Independent insurance rating company A.M. Best gave the Sentry Insurance Group a rating of A+ (Superior), which can be interpreted as a seal of approval for the organization’s financial stability and capacity to honor client claims. As a point of reference, Progressive, one of the biggest insurance providers, also has an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

Pros of Harley Davidson Insurance:

1. Specialized Coverage: Harley Davidson insurance offers a specialized type of coverage that is tailor-made to meet the needs of Harley Davidson motorcycle riders. This means that your bike and equipment are covered for any type of damage or theft.

2. Roadside Assistance: If the unexpected happens and your bike becomes disabled from an accident or any other type of issue, Harley Davidson insurance provides you with roadside assistance. This makes sure you get the help you need, no matter where you might be on the road.

3. Rental Reimbursement: If your motorcycle becomes unusable due to an accident or theft, Harley Davidson insurance provides rental reimbursement. This allows you to still have transportation while your bike is being repaired or replaced.

4. Customization Coverage: Harley Davidson owners often add aftermarket parts or accessories to their bikes, and Harley Davidson insurance offers specific coverage for these customizations. This means that your bike’s modifications are covered in the event of damage or theft.

5. Loyalty Rewards: Harley Davidson insurance offers loyal customers a discount on their premiums, which rewards ongoing customer loyalty.

Cons of Harley Davidson Insurance:

1. Higher Cost: Harley Davidson insurance is specialized insurance, which means it can be more expensive than other types of coverage. However, this is often a necessary expense to receive the specialized coverage they offer.

2. Limited Coverage Options: Harley Davidson insurance only offers coverage for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This means that if you also own other types of vehicles, you will need to purchase separate insurance for them.

3. Limited Availability: Harley Davidson insurance is only available in certain states. This can make it difficult for those who live in states where it is not available to purchase this type of coverage.

4. Minimum Coverage Required: Depending on where you live, Harley Davidson insurance may require you to carry a certain amount of minimum insurance coverage. This can be an added expense for those who are on a tight budget.

5. No Online Quotes: Harley Davidson insurance does not offer online quotes. This means that you will have to contact them directly in order to get a quote for your specific coverage needs.

In conclusion, Harley Davidson insurance is worth it for those who own a Harley Davidson motorcycle and want specialized coverage that is tailored to their specific needs. While the cost of this type of insurance can be higher than other types of coverage, it offers several benefits that are not available with other insurance options. With roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, and customization coverage, Harley Davidson insurance is a great choice for those who want to protect their investment in their motorcycle. However, it is important to consider the limitations of Harley Davidson insurance, such as its limited availability and minimum coverage requirements. Ultimately, it’s important to carefully assess the pros and cons of Harley Davidson insurance before deciding if it is the right choice for you.

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