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Indonesia Riera Net worth 2023, Height, Weight, Career, Wiki, Bio



Profession Actress
Full Name Indonesia Riera
Birthplace Venezuela, South America
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Marital Status married
Relationship History Yes
Hair colour Blonde Brown
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 52 Kg
Instagram Link

Indonesia Riera is one of the most well-known actresses in Venezuela, South America. Her most well-known role is that of A que te rie, a character from Moa Vie. In addition to her career, actress Carlos Gonzalez is well-known for being the spouse of the renowned baseball player.

how much is the Net Worth of Indonesia Riera?

In terms of her financial situation, since Indonesia Riera is well-known and has experience working with big production teams, the work she does could bring in a sizeable number of money.

Indonesia Gonzalez. Source: Instagram.

However, as was already noted, the actress is renowned for upholding a great degree of caution when it comes to her life, both personal and professional. As a result, there is no such data about her earnings and net worth.

However, part of the reason for their success is her spouse, who is a well-known figure in the sports sector. He’s known to be the most popular outfield player. Carlos currently has a net worth of about eight million dollars. The majority of his entire wealth comes from his successful career as an athlete.

Who is Indonesia Riera dating?

Born and reared in Maracaibo, Indonesia is an actress. One of those individuals with less online information is an actress. Actress Indonesia was raised in Indonesia. Yes, the actress from the film A que te rie got married to Carlos Gonzalez, one of the most well-known baseball players.

The first occasion the two saw one other was during a get-together for a mutual acquaintance. Following that, the two started dating and spent over eight years in a committed relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Family picture of Indonesia Gonzalez. Source: Instagram

This pair eventually exchanged vows on October 20, 2012, after considerable time had elapsed. In 2014, they were fortunate enough to have twins after just two years of marriage. However, at this time, there isn’t any information regarding their child available online.

Professional Career of Indonesia Riera:

Similar to most other aspirant actresses, Indonesia began her acting career on tiny television screens. She made her television debut on a local show. Working on both the stage and small screen helped her become a better actor. She then made a name for herself in the business as a very successful actress.

She worked on a major production picture called A que te rie later, taking a break from little television screens. This project completely changed her career in the film industry. Her movie A que te rie was acknowledged as one of the best-grossing movies of the year at the box office.

Furthermore, the internet does not have a lot of information available. She gives off the impression of being rather private, or maybe she just wants to stay out of the spotlight.

Regarding her spouse, Carlos Gonzalez

Now let’s move on to Indonesia. My spouse, Carlos Gonzalez, is a Major League Baseball outfielder who joined the Oakland Athletics in 2008 and has remained there ever since. The Colorado Rockies dealt with him after that in 2009.

Indonesia Riera
Carlos Gonzalez and her Husband Source: Instagram

In addition, the baseball player was signed by the Diamondbacks at the age of just 17. He also took home the Silver Slugger Award and the National League batting title. Additionally, have a look at Joshua Hall, a licensed realtor in Austin, Texas.

Social Media

The well-known public figure, the actress, is active on social networking sites such as Instagram. She has a sizable global following on all of the social media sites that she uses. She’s posted over 2,000 times and has over 209,000 followers. The majority of her Instagram posts offer comments on both her personal and professional lives, as well as her family.

How tall is Indonesia Riera?

The actress’s physical measurements are comparable to those of a typical person. Actress Indonesia stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs fifty-two pounds. She has a desirable body type and seems to be in good form. Like most movie actresses, Indonesia appears to be worried about her physical appearance and well-being.

Actresses are required to keep up their appearances on camera. It is not easy to get the media to pay attention to you. She works out at a gym and practices yoga in the mornings to maintain her fitness and figure, but she also makes eating a nutritious diet a priority.

Interests and Hobbies

She is an even more fascinating person because she is the mother of three children, two of whom were adopted and one of whom she was born to. Although she works in the film industry, she likes to dress up in stylish clothing in her own time.

Twin daughters of Indonesia Gonzalez. Source: Instagram

The performer exudes a strong brand awareness. She uses social media and ramps to show off her stylish sense of style. Actress also likes to amass clothing and accessories from her favorite brand, Calvin Clan. Despite her preference for wearing black clothing. Thai food is her favorite type of eating.

Her favorite activities to do in her free time are spend time with her kids and watch movies.

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