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Transgender influencer who got into hot water following post-BBL surgery complications



In recent times, the name Jay Boogie has appeared more than ever in the headlines and the spotlight on him is undeniably linked to a complex and nearly fatal ordeal involving body modification surgery. In a country where societal attitudes towards transgender individuals and same-sex activities are not fully accepted, Jay Boogie, who openly identifies as transgender, catapulted into the public eye, drawing the attention of the entire nation.

His story sparked a mix of reactions, ranging from support to hateful remarks and threats from various netizens.

Jay Boogie’s biography

Jay Boogie looking good

Jay Boogie, whose real name is Daniel Anthony Nsikan, stands out as a prominent transgender figure, fashion model and brand influencer from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. Born on June 26, 1998, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, he is the oldest of his four siblings.

He attended Methodist Comprehensive High School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and Akwa Ibom State University in Uyo.

Jay Boogie, who claimed that he recognised his feminine identity from a young age, shared childhood instances like wearing a bra in Primary 4, emphasising the natural evolution of his body. Despite the societal challenges faced by transgender individuals in Nigeria and the stipulated law prohibiting cross-dressing and same-sex relationships, Jay Boogie has openly embraced his identity as a transgender individual. In an interview with BBC Pidgin, he expressed pride in living as a transgender woman, challenging societal norms.

Despite living in a country where identifying as LGBTQ is illegal, Jay Boogie has garnered acceptance for her gender reassignment journey. He also gained recognition for founding Jay’s Secret, an upcoming online fashion business.

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Jay Boogie’s career

Jay Boogie’s journey into the social media limelight began when he founded Jay’s Secret, an online fashion business. Gaining fame in his early twenties, his gender transition became a focal point on social media platforms, drawing attention from Nigerians. He is famous among the community of crossdressers in Nigeria, which includes other popular online figures like Bobrisky and James Brown.

Jay Boogie’s career has been enriched by the support and sponsorship of Queen Peace Michael, a prominent figure in the Nigerian commercial modelling scene and the winner of Face of Nigeria. Queen Peace Michael is a successful commercial model and a businesswoman, spearheading ventures like Jay Brushes, a fashion company specialising in makeup kits, and JaySecrets, a beauty consultancy firm.

Under Queen Peace Michael’s sponsorship, Jay Boogie enjoys the benefits of being associated with Jay Brushes, where makeup enthusiasts can find top-quality products and engage in beauty consultancy.

Besides being a famous face in the Nigerian social media sphere, Jay Boogie also doubles as a talented dancer.

Jay Boogie’s net worth

Jay Boogie smiling

As of the latest available information, Jay Boogie’s net worth is reported to be less than N1 million naira. This figure was estimated after Jay Boogie himself revealed that he had spent approximately 5N million,  which was reportedly all of his life savings on trying to get cosmetic surgery done, which later resulted in complications. This, according to the crossdresser, gulped every bit of his savings.

Jay Boogie’s family

While the details about Jay Boogie’s immediate family members or parents are not extensively documented, it is public knowledge that he hails from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.

Jay Boogie’s age

Nsikan was born in 1998. He will be 25 years old in 2024.

What happened to Jay Boogie?

Jay Boogie flaunting backside

In the last quarter of 2023, Jay Boogie faced a health crisis following a botched Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery, a procedure favoured by celebrities. After the surgery, he disclosed being in a critical condition, pointing fingers at the clinic, Curvy Girl Essentials, and the surgeon, Dr. Dinma, accusing them of negligence.

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The distressing situation prompted an outcry on social media. Friends initiated online fundraisers for his medical treatment at a different facility, which later raised certain amounts of donations.

Concerns were raised by a Nigerian doctor, Loveth Jennifer, who noted Jay Boogie’s critical state and his inability to urinate for 24 hours post-surgery.

Jay Boogie in the hospital

Amid the controversy, doubts surfaced about the authenticity of Jay Boogie’s medical claims. Fundraiser organisers requested verifiable medical reports but he seemed hesitant, which fuelled suspicions. He subsequently apologised to those who felt misled by his condition, suggesting unintended deception. The online community, aware of the situation, expressed sympathy, while some questioned the transparency of the fundraising.

As the news circulated, discussions intensified on social media, drawing attention to the challenges faced by transgender individuals in Nigeria. The situation shed light on the risks associated with cosmetic surgeries and the need for proper medical scrutiny.

The clinic, Curvy Girl Essentials, maintained silence, contributing to the uncertainty. During an interview on the popular podcast “Terms and Conditions”, Dr Chidinma, responsible for overseeing Nsikan’s procedure, clarified the reason for not engaging in a back-and-forth with Jay Boogie’s supporters online. She explained that it was to avoid rejections from other clinical facilities while Jay Boogie was searching for an adequate centre to address post-surgery complications and protection. However, she did release some statements to debunk rumours circulating the situation.

Afterwards, Jay Boogie was accepted by a specialist hospital that catered to his issues and nurtured him back to health. Speaking on the “Terms and Conditions” podcast, Dr Chidinma emphasised that there was never a need for kidney transplants, stating that his kidneys were in good shape. He alleged that the talks about kidney transplants were essentially an attempt to capitalise on the situation.

After the buzz around his issue calmed, Jay Boogie shared the harrowing experience of suffering complications from a botched cosmetic surgery. In a recent conversation with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Jay Boogie revealed that the health complications led him to contemplate death.

His health deteriorated to the extent that he needed daily dialysis to facilitate urine passage. Disturbingly, he faced death threats on social media as friends took pictures of him in his hospital bed and falsely claimed he required public assistance for a kidney transplant.

Expressing his frustration with online bullying, Jay Boogie explained that the intrusive pictures were shared without his consent. He lamented the insensitivity of online comments, particularly those questioning his decision to undergo surgery and highlighted the mental toll it took on him.

The health challenges prompted Nsikan to temporarily step away from social media to escape the online negativity. The toll on his well-being included swollen legs and the need for frequent dialysis sessions. The situation became so overwhelming that he contemplated the idea of death.

Jay Boogie Instagram

Jay Boogie runs two Instagram handles. His main page, @jay_boogie, has 246,000 followers, while his backup page, @jay_boogie, has 38,500 followers as of the time of writing this piece. He shares a variety of picturesque photos taken in several high-end locations.

On his profile he boldly states his sexuality, identifying himself as a transgender. His bio also describes him as a beauty, fashion, lifestyle and brand influencer.

Following the saga after his botched surgery, Nsikan has posted several photos and clips documenting his bedridden state. In these posts, he explained his ordeal and thanked Nigerians for their support.

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