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Korean comic criticised for romanticising sexual abuse and violence



Jinx manhwa is an ongoing Korean story, written and illustrated by Mingwa. The manhwa was first released in 2022 by Lezhin, which also licenses the comic’s release in English. Each chapter is released ten days after the previous chapter.

Although the manhwa has gained popularity among comics lovers, it has been heavily criticised for “romanticising” sexual abuse and violence.

What is Jinx manhwa?

What is Jinx manhwa?

Jinx manhwa is a Korean literary work of art, written and illustrated by Mingwa. The story is written in Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese and  Portuguese.

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Jinx tells the story of a young physical therapist, Dan Kim, who is down on his luck in finding a job. He also has to deal with the burden of taking care of his sick grandmother, avoiding menacing loan sharks and his former boss who is making it hard for him to find a suitable job. So, when an offer to treat top-paid MMA fighter, Joo Jaekyung for a whooping sum of $5,000 comes his way, he naturally thinks it is a dream come true. The offer even feels sweeter because Jaekyung calls him a night before an anticipated match.

The MMA fighter claims he has a “jinx” in need of a particular type of “treatment”. However, it turns out Kim is not quite prepared for it as he discovers Jaekyung has a “rougher” side in the bedroom than he does in the ring. Kim is not sure he can survive being in the room with the acclaimed fighter but the money being offered is too appealing.  Can a night together with Jaekyung break the jinx?

Jinx manhwa is categorised in the romance, drama, sports, yaoi, and smut genre. Specifically, it belongs to the BL (Boys Love), an increasingly popular fictional genre that centres around the romance between boys. However, the manhwa has been criticised for romanticising sexual abuse. Although the art style is beautiful, that does not distract from its awful content, which includes incidences of sexual abuse, manipulation and violence.

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Jinx manhwa anime

Jinx manhwa anime

Manhwa is the Korean term for comics and print cartoons. Although, the Jinx manhwa is making waves among comics lovers, mostly for the wrong reasons, an anime adaptation has not been released yet.

How to read Jinx manhwa

Jinx Manhwa currently has about 32 chapters as of the time of this piece’s publication. You can read all the chapters in  Lezhin Comics. Lezhin Comics is a South Korean webtoon platform that features various comics and manga from several nations, including Korea. You can also read Jinx manhwa in  Manga Buddy, an Indian website and mobile app that features many different types of manga.

Meanwhile, you can read some of the chapters for free but most of them are paid. In Lezhin Comics, you must buy coins to access the chapters.

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