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Basketball prodigy who surprisingly chose a different career path



Julian Newman is one who showed unparalleled talent as a basketball player in high school. Yet, as the cheers echoed and the spotlight shone ever brighter, he took a path diverging from the expected trajectory of a professional basketball career that so many had anticipated.

So, who is Julian Newman, a high school basketball prodigy, who, despite all expectations, chose a different path in life?

Julian Newman biography

Julian Newman

Julian Newman, born on September 6, 2001, is an American who was previously touted as one of the next generational talents in the game of basketball.

From as early as the age of three, Newman displayed a keen interest in basketball, thanks to his father, Jamie. Newman’s father introduced him to the game using regulation-size basketballs and had him participate in recreational leagues alongside older boys. Under his father’s tutelage, he maintained a rigorous training regimen, involving 100 free throws, 200 floaters, and 200 jump shots each day during practice sessions.

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Newman completed his education at Prodigy Prep in Orlando, Florida, in the year 2020. He currently stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) and he excels in the point guard position.

Julian Newman career

Julian Newman on the streets

In the autumn of 2012, Newman, who initially attended public schools, transferred to Downey Christian School, a private institution located in Orlando, Florida. This decision followed his father’s appointment as a basketball coach and history teacher at the school. As a fifth-grader, Newman began showcasing his basketball skills by joining the middle school team. His remarkable talent quickly became evident, with him even scoring as many as 91 points in a single game, and this led to his rapid promotion to the school’s university team despite him being a teenager.

It is worth noting that his team competed outside the jurisdiction of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). At that time, this 11-year-old point guard stood at a height of 4 feet 5 inches (1.35 meters) and weighed 70 pounds. Despite wearing the smallest uniform available, he had to use a hair tie to adjust the shoulders of his jersey and roll the waistband of his shorts to keep them from falling off. In his initial three starts, Newman averaged 12.4 points, 11 assists and 4.3 steals per game. Notably, he led Downey Christian to a commendable 21–6 record, while also leading the state of Florida in the number of assists.

In the following year, during sixth grade, Newman’s scoring average rose to 17 points per game. His extraordinary talent gained nationwide attention, with an article on high school sports website MaxPreps titled: “Fifth grader starting for Florida varsity team” and a viral highlight video on YouTube posted by recruiting website ScoutsFocus, amassing over 3.5 million views.

Subsequently, Newman made headlines in national publications like Sports Illustrated and The New York Times, showcasing his exceptional skills as a fifth grader competing in varsity basketball. He also appeared on television programmes like Steve Harvey, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America, and even performed during half-time at an Orlando Magic NBA game.

By December 2013, The Huffington Post dubbed him “The Best Sixth Grade Basketball Player You’ve Ever Seen”, with Newman averaging 13.6 points and 10.5 assists per game. In 2014, the Tampa Bay Times labelled him as “the most marketed 12-year-old basketball player in the world”. Nevertheless, this level of attention garnered some criticism from media outlets, drawing comparisons to child stars.

In his seventh-grade year in 2015, Newman became the youngest player to achieve 1,000 career varsity points. His remarkable 2014–15 season statistics included averages of 19.8 points, 10.2 assists, and 3.2 steals per game. One of his standout moments occurred on October 4, 2016, when he scored an impressive 52 points in a widely publicised match-up against Kyree Walker, a top recruit in the 2020 class, at the MiddleSchoolHoopsTV camp. This game’s video highlights gained immense popularity on YouTube, accumulating over 13 million views.

By 2018, his sophomore year in high school, Newman had already achieved a remarkable feat by recording a total of 3,873 points. This accomplishment surpassed the previous Florida prep record established by Teddy Dupay back in 1998, cementing Newman’s status as a basketball prodigy.

In the subsequent 2018–19 season, Newman continued to shine on the court, showcasing his skills by averaging an impressive 34.7 points, along with seven assists, five rebounds, and four steals per game.

For his senior season, Newman took on a new chapter in his basketball journey. He made a significant move by transferring to Prodigy Prep, a newly established school located in Orlando. This institution was founded by his father, who also assumed the role of coaching the basketball team.

Newman continues to pursue his passion for basketball, although not at the professional level. After graduating from Prodigy Prep in 2020, he has been seen participating in exhibition games, including those organised by entities like BallIsLife. Despite the early fame and recognition as a child prodigy, it appears that his aspirations for a career in the NBA may have taken a different path.

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Other ventures

In 2015, Newman stepped into the spotlight by becoming the focal point of his documentary series titled: “Born Ready.” This series was made available on the YouTube channel, Elite Mixtapes, and provided an in-depth look into his basketball journey and development.

Additionally, Newman and his family took their presence in the media a step further with their participation in the reality show, “Hello Newmans”. Launched by the sports network, Overtime, in 2019, this reality series offered viewers an inside look at the daily lives and experiences of the Newman family.

Furthermore, Newman is closely associated with his family’s sports apparel brand, Prodigy. The brand’s merchandise has been made available for sale at his basketball games, allowing fans to connect with his journey and patronise his brand.

He has ventured into entrepreneurship and serves as an ambassador for renowned brands such as Ethika, Nova Men and Boost Mobile.

Julian Newman’s stats

Julian Newman in the court

One notable stat in Newman’s career was the 2018–19 season. He delivered a standout performance that marked a notable stat in his basketball career.

During this season, he consistently averaged an impressive 34.7 points, along with seven assists, five rebounds and four steals per game.

Julian Newman’s net worth

According to reports, Newman has an estimated net worth of $3 million

Julian Newman family

Newman’s heritage is a blend of Jewish, African American and Puerto Rican roots. His father, Jamie Newman, has a basketball background, having played as a point guard for Colonial High School in Orlando. Jamie also serves as a history teacher and holds the position of head basketball coach at Downey Christian School.

On the maternal side, Newman’s mother, Vivian Gonzalez, hails from Puerto Rico. She once played as a point guard for University High School in Orlando, Florida, before serving in the United States Navy for four years and subsequently working for the United States Postal Service.

Newman’s younger sister, Jaden, made quite an impression in the basketball world. She began playing varsity basketball for Downey Christian as early as the third grade, earning national recognition and even making appearances on television programmes like The Queen Latifah Show. Remarkably, she was reportedly recruited by the NCAA Division I program at the University of Miami (Florida) when she was just nine years old.

Julian Newman age

Julian Newman playing basketball

Newman was born on September 6, 2001. He is currently 22 years old.

Julian Newman Instagram

Newnan has an active social media presence on Instagram, with 671,000 followers as of the time of writing this article.

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