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Famous glamour model known to hook up with rappers, NBA players



The name Katt Leya resonates with many, particularly those familiar with Instagram models and adult performers. As an exotic model, Leya has not only gained fame but has also earned a substantial income. With a reputation for entertaining fans on adult cam platforms and mingling with notable figures in the sports and music industries, it’s fair to say that Leya boasts an impressive resume as a “certified hot girl”.

Without further ado, this piece explores intricate details about one of the most famous faces on Camsoda, Katt Leya.

Katt Leya biography

Katt Leya

Katt Leya, whose real name is Katalina Leya, was born on August 7, 1992, and has carved her path as a prominent Dominican-American adult entertainer, webcam model, and social media influencer. Her journey began in New York, where she spent her formative years before making Miami, Florida, her current residence.

In the last six years, Leya has become a highly sought-after figure in adult content creation. Her success started before platforms like OnlyFans became popular.

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On her Facebook profile, Katt Leya reveals her attendance at Newton County High School and Fordham University in New York City. Currently, she identifies herself as self-employed.

Katt Leya looking good

Leya possesses striking physical attributes that have contributed to her popularity. Standing at 5′ 5″ (165 cm) tall, she boasts natural back hair and brown eyes.

The most noticeable physical feature of Leya is her physique. She possesses massive boobs and bums. Leya has been open about the authenticity of her body, admitting to having had several surgeries done, including breast implants, Brazilian butt lifts (BBL) and a lip job.

Her well-maintained figure, weighing approximately 153.4 lbs (69.6 kg), has drawn countless admirers to the stunning model on social media platforms.

Katt Leya career

Katt Leya in a yellow bikini

There are several facets to Leya’s professional path. She entered the modelling business at the age of 20 intending to make a career out of it. After first dabbling in the realm of fashion, she eventually made the switch to the adult entertainment sector and discovered her speciality.

The emergence of social media prompted her to establish her presence on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. It is worth noting that she encountered account deletions due to content violations on some occasions. She began by doing live webcam strip sessions on the famous adult streaming platform, Camsoda. After gaining popularity as one of the lead models on the platform, Leya moved to establish her official website, where her content can be viewed exclusively.

On her website, Leya provides access to her content through a subscription model, charging fans a monthly fee of $30 or offering a discounted rate of $171 for a six-month subscription. Additionally, she continues to be active on Camsoda and provides customers an option to view her content for a price.

Apart from her adult entertainment career, Leya has tried her hands on music. In 2020, she released her debut single, Do It.” This track, which falls under the hip-hop and rap genres, showcases her knack for rhythm and lyrics. Leya’s passion for music reportedly traces back to her childhood, when she yearned for musical instruments and microphones. While hip-hop is her primary genre, she also experiments with pop, R&B, and soulful melodies. Her debut single, “Do It”, is readily available on major music streaming platforms.

Also, Leya is a familiar face at various nightlife events, often serving as the anchor for club parties and special appearances. Event organisers frequently book her for these occasions, capitalising on her social standing and reputation as a highly sought-after exotic model. Leya’s presence adds a touch of glamour and allure to these nightlife functions, creating a higher potential for attendees and revenue.

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Katt Leya OnlyFans

Leya has chosen not to have an OnlyFans account, unlike many in her industry. Instead, she has established her dedicated website, offering her fans exclusive access to explicit photos and videos featuring herself. She once had an account on the platform but she subsequently deleted it and focused more on her official website.

On her website, she provides a platform for those interested in her content, charging a fee for access to her private collection. This approach allows Leya to maintain control over her content and interactions with her audience. It also has links to all her official social media platforms and other business ventures.

Katt Leya’s net worth

Katt Leya wearing a gown

According to several sources, Leya’s net worth is reportedly $2.19 million. She earns a living from her career as an adult performer, and social media influencer.

Katt Leya family

Information about Leya’s family, including her parents, is not readily accessible from public sources. The model has maintained a relatively private personal life, focusing primarily on her career and public presence as an adult entertainer and musician

But regarding her relationships, Leya has been known to be affiliated with several famous individuals, from alleged hookups with rappers to being seen with several NBA players.

More recently, she was seen in a video with NBA player, Deandre Ayton. Ayton was spotted with Leya in a Snapchat video that showed him laughing and playfully brushing her hair. The video received attention on social media.

Leya shocked her followers by telling them that she was dating the NBA player, who had just signed a hefty $133 million deal, at the end of August 2023. Fans of Ayton were shocked to learn this information since they had not expected their athlete to date an adult performer.

Ayton, who is much younger than Leya, was born on July 23, 1998. He is a Bahamian who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. He joined the Phoenix Suns as the first overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft. Ayton made an impressive NBA debut with a double-double, and he’s known for his consistent double-double performances.

In 2022, he signed a historic contract with the Suns. His 2022-2023 season highlights include multiple 30+ point games and recognition as the Western Conference Player of the Week.

Katt Leya eating with Deandre Ayton

Interestingly, Ayton happens to not be the first famous figure Leya has been with. In 2022, rumours surfaced that the Dominican beauty was hooking up with British rapper Fredo. Fans dug up what were presumably receipts from the rapper flying Leya out to hang out with him.

A video also surfaced on Fredo’s Snapchat, featuring Leya and another female making out while Fredo recorded the action and could be seen getting handsy with Leya in the video. Subsequently, she confirmed during a live chat with social media influencer Cryptokid that she indeed hooked up with Fredo, who flew her out.

Katt Leya age

Leya was born on August 7, 1992. She is 31 years old as of 2023.

Katt Leya TikTok

Numerous TikTok accounts claim to be associated with Leya, with some amassing over 4,000 followers. Nonetheless, Katt Leya has not confirmed the existence of an official TikTok account on any of her social media platforms. On her official website, she exclusively mentions her presence on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photos source: Instagram

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