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Married social media influencer who doubles as OnlyFans girl



For someone like Kendra Peach, getting into the OnlyFans field was not a hard decision to make. Before she ventured into the industry, she had already amassed thousands of admirers across social media platforms due to her stunning looks and attractive physique. It was only a matter of time before she leveraged her online fame into becoming an adult content model.

Without further ado, let us explore the life and career of this stunning model who has a lot of skills on her plate.

Kendra Peach’s biography

Kendra Peach selfie

Kendra Peach is a well-known social media influencer and content producer who was born in Los Angeles. She goes by the aliases, “Viking Peach” and “Viking Goddess”.

Kendra Peach posts thrilling videos and images, frequently created in partnership with her husband, Matthew Segovia. She also offers unique content on her OnlyFans account.

Peach lives a healthy lifestyle and enjoys a reputation for being physically fit. She and her husband operate a YouTube channel, “Basic Living With The Segovias”. The duo shares videos of their adventures, living off the grid in the Washington Highlands.

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Kendra Peach career

Kendra Peach posing in the sun

Kendra Peach has made a name for herself as a prominent social media influencer and content creator. Her eye-catching photographs and videos, which are largely posted on renowned social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter, have helped her become a household name.

A major focus of Peach’s influencer business is her unique lifestyle. In the untamed woods of Washington, she and her husband, Matthew Segovia, have adopted an unorthodox lifestyle. Using their strong internet presence, they chronicle their experiences and difficulties in these far-off places. This includes activities such as homesteading and cultivating an organic garden.

Peach and Matthew have built up a sizable fan base of viewers who are interested in experiencing their way of living since establishing their channel in 2016. They provide a blend of educational and entertaining information, allowing their audience to learn about the difficulties of rural life while taking in their outdoor excursions. By doing this, fans and followers learn more about the reality of life in a remote, natural setting through the videos they produce on this site.

Their YouTube channel has helped them establish themselves as online influencers by providing a forum for them to share their expertise and experiences.

Also, Peach maintains an active presence on Twitter, where she engages with her followers and shares updates about her life and activities. Her Twitter handle is @kendrapeachx and she has approximately 9,600 followers.

She occasionally reveals details about her life and hobbies on Twitter to establish a more direct and personal relationship with her fans. In August 2021, Peach made a tweet via her Twitter account announcing that she was starting her OnlyFans.

Kendra Peach’s OnlyFans

Kendra Peach rocking a bikini

Kendra Peach has an OnlyFans account where users can purchase exclusive access to her content. Both her income and fame are influenced by this platform. She has gained prominence on the site and has received a significant number of likes and comments. She has received 285,200 likes overall as of September 2023. Under the username, @kendrapeach, she has posted 228 sexually explicit videos and 395 very sexual photographs to her verified Onlyfans account.

Kendra Peach’s OnlyFans account operates with a fixed monthly subscription fee of $10.40. Upon payment of this fee, subscribers gain exclusive access to her private content, which includes explicit photographs and videos. For those looking for longer-term access, a three-month plan is available for a total cost of $31.20, and a six-month plan can be obtained for $54.60. It’s worth noting that there is no yearly subscription plan offered on her account.

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Kendra Peach’s net worth

Although the exact figures have not been officially confirmed by Kendra Peach herself, several reports have suggested that her net worth ranges from $100,00 to $500,000. She earns from her career as a social media influencer, content creator and adult performer on OnlyFans.

Kendra Peach family

There is little information available about Kendra Peach’s family because she has never disclosed anything about her parents or siblings.

It is, however, known that she is married to Matthew Segovia. Together, they are well-represented on social media, especially on sites like Instagram and YouTube. They frequently work together and share experiences, challenges and achievements that they encounter together.

Kendra Peach age

Kendra Peach flaunting her shape in a colorful dress

Kendra Peach has decided to withhold her precise birth year from the general public. As a result, her age is unverified.

Kendra Peach Instagram

Kenrda Peach keeps a highly active presence on Instagram and she is a regular user of the platform. Her current Instagram account, which was created in 2022, boasts of 179,000 followers.

On her Instagram page, Peach uses her platform to promote a wide range of content, including her YouTube videos and content on her OnlyFans page. Notably, she provides a direct link to her OnlyFans page in her Instagram bio, offering her followers easy access to her exclusive content.

As of the time of writing this piece, Peach has shared a total of 111 posts on her Instagram account, @thevikingpeach.

Aside from Instagram Peach also appears on other social media platforms, including TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter).

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