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Kevin O’Neal Net Worth, Age, Wiki! (Updated January 2024)



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Kevin O’Neal

Full Name

Kevin O’Neal




March 26, 1945

Date of Died

January 28, 2023


Los Angeles, California, United States


United States



Current City






Zodiac Sign







Kevin O’Neal was born on March 26, 1945, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He had a great career as an actor, writer, and producer in the entertainment business. O’Neal was well-known for his versatile acting abilities, having acted in a number of television episodes and films throughout his career.

What was the net worth of Kevin O’Neal?

Kevin O’Neal was estimated to have a net worth of $1 million at the time of his death. Throughout his career as an actor, writer, and producer, O’Neal made a consistent living from his many endeavors.

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Career of Kevin O’Neal:

O’Neal’s innate talent and charisma made him a popular performer in both dramatic and humorous parts.

In addition to acting, O’Neal has written and produced. He developed and produced independent films, as well as various television show scripts, to demonstrate his creative ability outside of performing.

Kevin O’Neal (left) sparred with Ryan O’Neal at his brother’s Studio City home in 1964. COURTESY

Unfortunately, Kevin O’Neal died on January 28, 2023. His passing left a vacuum in the entertainment business, and he is regarded as a gifted and dedicated professional who contributed significantly to the worlds of film and television.

Physical Appearance:

O’Neal was recognized for his unusual physical look. O’Neal had a slender to average frame and frequently wore a well-groomed beard and mustache, which added to his rugged appeal. With dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes, he attracted audiences and created a lasting impression on both big and small screens. Despite his age, O’Neal exuded youthful vigor and vitality, which contributed to his overall attractiveness as an actor.

Family Information:

Kevin O’Neal was born into a family of artists and performers. His mother, Patricia O’Callaghan, was a well-known actress who worked in both film and stage. His father, Charles O’Neal, was a prominent screenwriter and director.

Was Kevin O’Neal married?

O’Neal was married to Sheila Stubbs.

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In conclusion, O’Neal was a gifted and varied actor, writer, and producer who had a tremendous impact on the entertainment business. O’Neal’s career spanned decades and included appearances in several television shows and films. He was known for his engaging performances and charming on-screen presence. His job as a writer and producer highlighted his creative ability. Despite his premature death, O’Neal left a legacy of outstanding performances and contributions to the worlds of cinema and television. He will be remembered as a dedicated professional who provided delight and amusement to audiences all around the world.

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