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Meet Vitalis Udoka’s Son Ken Sunday Udoka, Biography, Networth



Ken Sunday Udoka

On the internet and social media today, we have had many searches on with the intent to know who the star kid is. Well, in this article we will meticulously explain who the celebrity kid, exploring his age, biography and net worth. Join us as we elucidate this personality.

A star child is Kez Sunday Udoka. Star kids are famous people’s famous children. They are typically not well-known for their own accomplishments. They already qualify as celebrities because of their famous parents. Kez Udoka, the son of renowned American actress Nia Long and former NBA player and ex-international from Nigeria, Ime Udoka, is one example of this.

In 2022, Udoka came under media scrutiny, but not for the right reasons. One drawback of being a star child is that you frequently learn about your parents’ controversies. This is the situation with the youthful Udoka. Let’s learn more about this media darling and what made him so popular.

Kez Sunday Udoka, who is he?

Ken Sunday Udoka

On November 7, 2011, Kez Sunday Udoka was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Celebrities Ime Udoka and Nia Long are his parents. Ime Udoka, who is of Nigerian ethnicity, played basketball for Nigeria during his playing career. Before he was suspended due to a cheating incident, he was the head coach of the Bolton Celtics. His mother, Nia Long, is a well-known American actress who has been in hit films like Are we there yet?, Big Momma’s House, The Best Man, The Best Man Holiday, and Boys in the Hood.

Udoka’s parents have tried to do everything to keep him out of the the limelight, therefore his personal information is kept hidden. But according to accounts, he attends a nearby middle school. Massai Dorsey II, his 22-year-old older half-brother, is another relative. Massai is the name of Long’s child with actor Massai Dorsey from an earlier relationship.

Udoka frequently goes with his mother to see the Bolton Celtics play since he is also a fan of the team. He also goes with his mum to red carpet events like movie premieres.

Age of Kez Sunday Udoka

Kez Sunday Udoka

On November 7, 2023, Udoka will turn twelve years old.

What’s Kez Sunday Udoka’s worth?

There is no recorded source of income for Udoka. His net worth is therefore unknown.

He does, however, come from wealthy parents with millions of dollars in annual income.

Household of Kez Sunday Udoka

Kez Udoka has ancestry in Nigeria, America, Trinidad, Barbados, and Grenada. Ime Udoka, his father, played professionally in basketball before retiring and switching to coaching. Nia Long, an American actress, is his biological mother.

The older half-brother of the younger Udoka is a student and aspiring baseball star named Massai Dorsey II. Dorsey participates in baseball for the Eastern Kentucky University squad.

The parents of Kez Sunday Udoka

Ime Udoka, the father of Udoka, was born to Nigerian parents on August 9, 1977, in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. Vitalis Udoka, Ime Udoka’s father, is a native of Akwa Ibom in South-South Nigeria. His deceased mother, Agnes Udoka, was American. Mfon Udoka, Ime’s older sister, played professionally in the WNBA basketball.

Nia Talita Long, a well-known American actress, is Udoka’s mother. She was born on October 30, 1970, to Talitha Long (née Gillman) and Doughtry Long. When Long was two years old, her parents got divorced, and she went to Iowa City with her mother. They relocated to the southern region of Los Angeles when she was seven years old. When Long was cast as the lead in the popular film Boys in the Hood, her acting career took off.

Udoka and Long first crossed paths in Boston in 2010. They allegedly met through a common buddy. Udoka played basketball back then for the Sacramento Kings of the NBA. They started dating each other. Long is seven years older than Udoka, which is one of the details of their relationship. This did not appear to bother the pair as they maintained a committed union that gave birth to a kid, Kez, a year after they first met.

2015 saw the couple’s engagement and impending nuptials. They waited years to be married for whatever reason. It wasn’t explained why. The pair split up in 2022 after reports of Udoka’s suspected liaison with a female Bolton Celtics employee surfaced in the media. In September, Udoka was likewise demoted from his position as the Boston Celtics’ head coach.

Long later disclosed the breakdown of her relationship with Kez Udoka’s father. She also revealed to that she and her two sons would be returning to Los Angeles from Boston. Udoka, on the other side, has expressed regret for his scandalous affair to his family, friends, and the Bolton Celtics.

The Kez Udoka Socials

There isn’t a formal Instagram account for Kez Udoka. He is too young, in his parents’ opinion, to maintain a formal social media profile.

However, his mother frequently shares his photos on her Instagram profile, which allows people to learn about his activities.


Star child Kez Udoka is fortunate to have wealthy and well-known parents. He regrettably found himself in the centre of his parents’ ugly divorce. His father’s affair, which is being covered by the media, is not his fault. But it is the cost he must bear for being a famous young person.

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