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Lannywitch review: Legit or Scam? What we know



Lannywitch review: Legit or Scam

A lannywitch review will shed light on the brand and show it if is legit or scam. Continue reading to find out.


According to what we know, Lannywitch, which can be found at, is a phoney and fraudulent internet site that advertises the sale of inflatable boats, clothing, fans, scooters, and other items. As a result, online customers run the danger of getting subpar products or nothing at all from the same retailer. Online shoppers are urged to get in touch with their bank or financial institution to have their transactions reversed and money reimbursed after visiting the fraudulent business. This article will explain why they are fraudulent and why you should stay away from them.

Lannywitch: What do they Sell?

They state that the website “sells books to people all across the world” in the section, About Us.
The “All Products” section, on the other hand, includes everything from air purifiers to drones to shoes and boats. Because sells a wide variety of goods in addition to books, this raises questions regarding the type of webshop it is.


I observed that the majority of the items in the various categories are priced consistently. For instance, regardless of the type, the reported price for all air conditioners is $58.68.
Several of the listed prices are absurdly cheap, which does little to inspire users’ confidence. Deals that seem too good to be true usually are.

When was founded?

Fraudsters often falsify the creation date of their website to make it seem more established and trustworthy because people are far more likely to believe an older website. The “About Us” part of claims that the website was founded in 2020.
Nevertheless, I discovered that the domain was registered in February 2022 when I looked it up on It appears that the website’s owners are lying about the age of the site as a result.

Lannywitch review: Legit or Scam? What we know

The structure bears the name of the latter business etched on it, proving that Lannywitch is not housed there. Scammers frequently list random locations in the US to deceive unwary customers into thinking that they are based in the US, even though the website is presumably run from China.

Review of by Users

Customer testimonials are useful for illuminating a business, and I discovered some for I saw two unfavourable reviews where clients complained that they had paid for a product but never received it.

Lannywitch review: Legit or Scam? What we know


Contact information that is inconsistent

I noticed that they list their email as [email protected] towards the bottom of the page. However it’s obvious that this email came from a separate website. This is typical of scam websites and is done to make it more difficult for users to contact them.
It’s interesting to note that they have provided [email protected] as their email address on the “Refunds: page. This raises the issue of why there was a need for two different emails. It is probably done to raise questions and discourage customers from getting in touch.
Once more, I noted that despite the location being in Florida, the phone number shown here, +1 (567) 216-7278, has the Ohio state code. This is done intentionally to create more uncertainty and make it more difficult to find or contact the business.


All things considered, is probably a fraud. There are too many warning signs that must be taken seriously. Although many other things being marketed, the website claims to sell books. Although the address stated is for a law company, they state that they are in Florida. They provide a number of email addresses, one of which is from a separate domain.
Instead of Florida, where they are purportedly situated, the advertised phone number has an Ohio area code. Although the website has inflated its domain age to make it seem more reliable, the customer evaluations I read were unfavourable.

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