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Meet the stunning new co-host of NBC’s ‘Saturday Today’ show



Laura Jarrett is the latest addition to Saturday TODAY on NBC and viewers are eager to learn more about her. With her background as a senior legal correspondent and lawyer, she brings a unique blend of knowledge to the morning show.

As she takes her seat as co-anchor, this article explores Laura Jarrett’s journey, achievements and what she brings to the highly acclaimed American TV programme, Saturday TODAY.

Laura Jarrett biography

Laura Jarrett smiling

Laura Jarrett was born on October 29, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She comes from a family deeply ingrained in politics and public service. Her mother, Valerie Jarrett, is a prominent figure in American politics. This familial connection to politics and public service influenced Laura’s interests and career choices.

She pursued her education with a strong focus on law and journalism. Her academic journey took her to Amherst College in Massachusetts. Subsequently, Jarrett obtained her Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree at Harvard Law School, a pivotal step that would profoundly shape her career. After law school, she worked as a law clerk for several years, gaining valuable legal experience.

Her educational background in law would later complement her career in journalism, allowing her to provide in-depth analysis and reporting on legal matters.

Jarrett is of African-American descent. Her diverse upbringing and background have helped shape her distinctive viewpoint and insights into her professional activities throughout her career. According to her date of birth, Scorpio is her zodiac sign.

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Laura Jarrett career

Early on in her career, Jarrett worked in the legal field. She went back to Chicago after finishing law school and worked as a legal assistant for two federal judges. Later, she joined a law firm, where she mostly represented businesses and people under investigation by the Department of Justice. However, she had dreams of becoming a legal analyst for TV news even while she was in her thirties.

As a six-year legal associate, the moment of truth came as she thought about the road to partnership at her firm. She understood that finding lasting happiness required looking elsewhere. She chose to go after her ambition of becoming a TV news legal analyst at this point since she wanted to start working before having a family.

With no prior television experience, Jarrett embarked on her journalistic journey by knocking on the doors of news stations, fully willing to start from scratch. CNN was the first network to extend an opportunity, albeit at a challenging 4 a.m. time slot. While few may have tuned in at that hour, it marked the inception of her media career.

Over six years at CNN, She worked tirelessly to build her reputation. Despite being a relative newbie to the industry, her considerable coverage thrust her into the spotlight. Notably, Valerie Jarrett, her mother, had previously worked for President Barack Obama as a top advisor. As a result, Jarrett had to work hard to develop her distinct personality and win the respect of her coworkers and sources.

More recently, just seven months after she was appointed a senior legal correspondent for NBC, Jarrett’s journey in the world of journalism has taken an exciting turn as she was unveiled as the co-host of “Saturday TODAY”, succeeding Kristen Welker. Jarrett commenced her new role on September 9, sharing the anchor desk with Peter Alexander.

Laura Jarrett on the show

Peter Alexander, Jarrett’s new co-anchor, shared his enthusiasm around this change and thinks the TODAY audience is in for a treat.

He said: “Since Jarrett joined our team at NBC News, it has been an incredible pleasure getting to know her. I’m so thrilled to welcome her as my teammate on Saturday mornings. Not only is she one of the smartest journalists around, she’s so much fun to be with.”

Jarrett’s mother, Valerie Jarrett, found the news of her daughter’s new position to be particularly touching. Jarrett described her mother’s response as one of excitement and support. Speaking on her mum’s response, Jarrett said, “She was very excited”, Jarett said of her mum’s response. “I love that she’s been super encouraging about helping me take this plunge. I think because she pivoted a lot in her career and had her sort of non-traditional path, she gets it and has been so supportive.”

Laura Jarrett’s net worth

Jarrett’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million, according to sources. Her successful career in both law and journalism has allowed her to accumulate significant wealth over the years.

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Laura Jarrett family

Laura Jarrett with her family

Jarrett’s mother, Valerie Jarrett, is a well-known figure in American politics, having served as a senior advisor to President Barack Obama during his eight years in office. Her mother’s career in politics has undoubtedly influenced her (Laura’s) path, instilling in her a strong sense of public service and dedication to her career in journalism.

Her father, William Robert Jarrett, complements this family unit.

Jarrett and her husband, Tony Balkissoon, share a heartwarming love story. They first crossed paths as second-year law students at Harvard University in 2008 and their connection deepened over time. Their journey blossomed in marriage in 2012, marking the beginning of their life together as a loving couple.

According to the TV host, her husband has been a constant source of support throughout her rigorous profession because he understands the satisfaction and delight she finds in her job. Jarrett and Balkissoon have two kids, a boy named James and a little daughter named June.

Described as a “ham and a half” by his mother, James exudes a vibrant presence and curiosity about the world around him. He is a curious preschooler with a knack for asking a lot of questions. James is very diverse in his interests, and he enjoys Sudoku puzzles, which may occasionally stump even his mother. This was revealed by Jarrett during an interview with

Laura Jarrett's kids

Born on July 17, 2022, June carries the names of her grandmother, Valerie June Jarrett, and her paternal grandmother, Tahay, as a tribute to both sides of her family. June shares a special bond with James and is often found petting his head while they dine together.

Laura Jarrett age

Jarrett was born on October 29, 1983. She is 39 years old and will celebrate her 40th birthday in 2023.

Laura Jarrett  X (Twitter)

Jarrett maintains an active and engaging presence on Twitter through her handle @LauraAJarret. Her Twitter account offers a window into her professional life, insightful commentary and her perspectives on current events.

Particularly in her role as a senior legal reporter for NBC News, Jarrett uses her platform on Twitter to offer relevant news updates. She frequently discusses important legal developments, U.S. Supreme Court decisions and newsworthy justice-related issues in her tweets, giving her followers insightful information on the legal system.

Beyond breaking news, Jarrett provides in-depth analysis and context to help her audience better understand complex legal issues. Her tweets showcase her expertise in legal matters, making her a trusted source of information in the field.

Additionally, Jarrett occasionally informs her fans about significant professional milestones and successes. She informs her audience about her career experience whenever she takes on a new position, participates in an interview, or features a noteworthy section.

She interacts with her followers by leaving comments, retweeting insightful viewpoints and joining in on discussions. On her Twitter network, this strategy promotes a sense of community and free discussion.

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