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Magnus Midtbo Net worth 2023, Height, Weight, Career, Wiki, Bio



Profession Norwegian rock climber and YouTuber
Full Name Magnus Rognan Midtbø
Nickname Magnus Midtbo
Date of Birth 18 September, 1988
Birthplace Bergen, Norway
Nationality Norwegian
Marital Status Dating
Girlfriend Yes
Relationship History Yes
Net Worth $5 million
Active Year 2011
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5-foot-7-inch (174cm)
Weight 71 kg (157 lb)
Horoscope Virgo

Magnus Rognan Midtbø, sometimes known as Magnus Midtbo, is a YouTuber and rock climber from Norway. On September 18, 1988, he was born in Bergen, Norway.

Magnus is well known for his outstanding abilities as an indoor and outdoor climber as well as his significant influence in the climbing world.

How much is the Net worth of Magnus Midtbo?

Magnus Midtbo, the former professional climber who is now a YouTuber, is thought to be worth $5 million as of right now. Because competitive rock climbing is such a specialized sport, it did not yield significant financial rewards. However, Magnus’s YouTube channel accounts for a substantial portion of his riches.

Climbing has a competitive edge as one of the most well-liked personalities in the field and is very profitable on YouTube thanks to his inventive video content, which regularly garners views.

Magnus Midtbo with his gold button from YouTube.
Magnus Midtbo with his gold button from YouTube. Source: Instagram/@magmidt

He also gets brand partnerships and sponsorships, which boost his wealth even more. It is estimated that he makes about $200,000 each year. Sponsorships and YouTube ad revenue are his main sources of income. In addition, he is a wealthy man thanks to the book he wrote.

Magnus has more than 1.55 million subscribers to his personal YouTube channel. The average income for YouTube channels ranges from $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views, with a $4 estimated middle. Additionally, find out how much other YouTubers like Keemstar and Joshua Ovalle are worth.

Magnus’s channel has received over 230 million views, and he has made around $1 million from YouTube ad income alone. Because of his notoriety, he can charge greater sponsorship rates, which turns these alliances into a sizable source of revenue.

Early Years, Family and Education

The full name of the sensational Norwegian climber is Magnus Rognan Midtbo. Magnus, who was born on September 18, 1988, in Bergen, Norway, has made a lasting impression on the climbing community. His remarkable accomplishment-filled competitive climbing career came to an end in 2017.

Remarkably, he is not the only climbing celebrity in the family; Hannah Midtbo, his sister, was also well-known in the climbing world when she was born in 1990. In lead climbing, she won the 2006 Nordic Championships (NM). As a bouldering athlete, she has participated in multiple IFSC World Cups and European Championships.

Magnus keeps a great degree of seclusion when it comes to his early life and family history, keeping a large portion of his private life unknown to the general world.

Professional Career of Magnus Midtbo:

Midtbo’s climbing adventure is proof of his amazing ability and commitment. At the age of eleven, he started down this route in 2000 with the support of his mother. It is noteworthy because he won the Norwegian Youth Championship in less than a year.

When he reached the Sageveggen rock wall in Bergen in 2002, he had successfully completed an on-sight ascent of his first 8a (5.13b) lead route at the age of 13. After winning the 2005 World Youth Championships in Beijing, China, his rise in the climbing world only accelerated.

After graduating from high school in 2007, Midtbo relocated to Innsbruck, Austria, where he trained with some of the best climbers in the world, including David Lama and Jakob Schubert.

Magnus Midtbo is a professional Norwegian rock climber and YouTuber.
Magnus Midtbo is a professional Norwegian rock climber and YouTuber. Source: Instagram/@magmidt

When he successfully completed the difficult Ali Hulk sit start extension route in Rodellar, Spain in August 2010, which combined bouldering and sport climbing, it was one of his most amazing accomplishments.

When Midtbø returned to Rodellar in May 2013, he saw Cosi fan tutte, which was graded 8c+ (5.14c), marking another important milestone. Such accomplishments had only been achieved by a small number of climbers. Midtbo made the decision to give up competitive climbing in May 2017. In Midtbo’s YouTube channel’s 95th video, he stated,

“I still get motivated just by climbing. I think some people need a specific goal, but I’ve never felt like I needed one. It sounds really cheesy, I know. I just love climbing. I love being in the nature. I love the feeling of feeling free, but it is like that you know. I don’t know. I like the lifestyle, I like traveling, I like trying hard, and most of all, I like the feeling of feeling really fit, really strong, the feeling of being able to climb anything.”

He broke new ground in January 2020 when he competed for Team Europe in American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World, demonstrating his adaptability and agility in a variety of physical tasks.

How Did Magnus Midtbo Start Climbing?

Because of his family’s history in climbing, Magnus Midtbo started climbing at a young age. At the age of six, his parents, who are avid climbers, exposed him to the world of climbing. His interest and love for climbing were sparked by taking him to a nearby climbing gym.

He had a growing enthusiasm for climbing as well. Magnus began competing in climbing contests as his passion for the sport grew. With remarkable talent and perseverance, he rose through the ranks to become one of Norway’s best climbers.

Notable for his remarkable strength and technical proficiency, especially on difficult and steep routes, Midtbo is well-known. In 2017, he accomplished a noteworthy feat by sending “Silence” to Flatanger Cave in Norway.

This climb was regarded at the time as the first 5.15d (9c) grade in history, making it a legendary accomplishment in the climbing community.

Who is Magnus Midtbo dating?

Magnus Midtbo has discovered Marte Knibe to be his adventure partner in the world of love. Their tale is special since Marte didn’t start climbing right away; instead, she started when she started dating Magnus.

Marte is more than simply a background character; on Magnus’s YouTube channel, where they discuss their climbing adventures, she has established herself as a known face.

They probably started dating in 2019, but things became a little more difficult in 2022. Against his word to Marte, Magnus chose to take a chance on free solo climbing with none other than the renowned Alex Honnold.

Magnus Midtbo with his longtime girlfriend.
Magnus Midtbo with his longtime girlfriend. Source: Instagram/@magmidt

Marte, being the warrior that she is, provided sincere encouragement and input. However, she also stated that she hoped Magnus would refrain from taking similar chances in the future. Their partnership is a lovely fusion of compromise, love, and adventure.

Social Media

Magnus has around 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which serves as a vibrant hub for the climbing community. His climbing-related channel is a veritable gold mine of content where he freely imparts his knowledge. He collaborates with other climbers, shares training advice, and displays his own amazing physical accomplishments.

The core of his YouTube channel consists of his vlog series, which he started back in March 2017. He invites viewers to share his climbing exploits and travels through his vlogs. Magnus is not just on YouTube; he is also on Instagram, where he posts content about fitness and climbing.

He has amassed over 505,000 followers on this site, a testament to his presence and influence in the climbing and fitness communities. Also, he continues to inspire and connect with an ever-growing audience. He is five feet seven inches (174 cm) tall. He is 71 kg (157 lb) in weight.

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