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Matthew Ansara Net Worth, Age, Wiki! (Updated January 2024)



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Birth Date

August 29,1965

Full Name

Matthew Ansara





Birth City

Los Angeles, California

Birth Country

United States

Father Name

Michael Ansara

Father Profession


Mother Name

Barbara Eden

Mother Profession


Matthew Ansara, an aspiring American actor, appears on Harper Valley P.T.A. He was the only son of Michael Ansara, an American actor, and Barbara Eden. Ansara, the son of talented celebrities, had the potential to become a star in the American film industry.

Matthew Ansara, the American film business lost yet another potential star. In this post, we’ll look at the life of the late actor and famous son Matthew.

What was the net worth of Matthew Ansara?

Matthew Ansara’s net worth at death was estimated to be around $200k. He was an actor with a lot of talent. Ansara grew raised in a privileged household and was spoilt by his mother.

Barbara Eden has a net worth of $10 million. Eden’s great acting career included roles in numerous commercially successful films.

Matthew is not known to own any real estate or properties under his name. Similarly, the public has no knowledge of his investments and possessions during his lifetime.

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Matthew Ansara’s Cause Of Death

Matthew Ansara died from an overdose of heroin. His body was discovered in a pickup truck at a gas station in Monrovia, California, on June 25, 2001. An autopsy revealed a fatal dose of heroin in Ansara’s body.

The truck included vials of anabolic steroids. Further research revealed that his death was accidental. His mother, Barbara Eden, has spoken frankly about his death in public.

Matthew, an American actor, died unexpectedly at the age of 35. He was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California.

Barbara Eden learned about Ansara’s drug problem late.

Ansara dropped out of San Fernando Valley City College owing to a drug addiction. In 1984, the star of “I Dream of Jeannie” discovered her child’s strange behavior.

Ansara was in and out of rehab for fourteen years before becoming sober. Eden, however, died as a result of a heroin overdose, indicating that his battle with addiction had failed.

It’s not like Matthew didn’t strive to stay sober. Ansara was diagnosed with serious depression in 1994 and began taking medication. He didn’t touch the medicines for quite some time. His mother, Eden, stated

“When Matthew was clean and sober, he was such a beautiful human being, inside and out,”

Matthew Ansara: A Blessing to His Parents

Did you know? Barbara Eden and her first husband, Michael Ansara, attempted for seven years to have a child. However, they did not succeed. However, in 1964, the doctor informed the actress that she was pregnant with Matthew.

Childhood picture of Matthew Ansara with his parents, Barbara Eden and Michael Ansara.
Childhood picture of Matthew Ansara with his parents, Barbara Eden and Michael Ansara. Source: Closer Weekly

Matthew’s arrival was a blessing to her parents. I Dream of Jeannie sold out the same day she found out she was pregnant. Ansara was born in Los Angeles on August 29, 1965, which was a memorable day for Michael and Barbara.

Ansara was raised in California. He attended the University of California, just as actress Jae Suh Park. He also took classes at UC, Santa Barbara, and Valley College.

Who Was Matthew Ansara Married To?

Before his death, Matthew Ansara found love in Leanna Green.The couple was engaged and planned to marry the same year he died. Ansara’s marriage date with Green was set for September 2001.

However, fate intervened and the wedding was canceled. Nonetheless, Matthew had the experience of walking down the aisle. The late actor Ansara married Julie Ansara, the director of Unveiled.

Julie and Matthew married in a private ceremony on July 24th, 1993.The former couple was married for three years before splitting up. Did Ansara have a child? Matthew did not have a kid during his three years of marriage.

Career of Matthew Ansara:

Matthew, like Ashna Rabheru, was born into an acting family and has always been skilled. He made his stage debut at the age of 19. He appeared alongside Barbara on The Mike Douglas Show.

Barbara Eden and her son Matthew Ansara posed together for a photo
Barbara Eden and her late son Matthew Ansara posed together for a photo. Source: Pinterest

Ansara made another appearance with his mother at Harper Valley P.T.A. in the episode ‘To Dunk or Not To Dunk’. Aside from this, he has four additional acting credits listed on his IMDb page.

Eden’s son’s other movies and videos include Con Games, To Protect and Serve, One World, and Your Mother Wears Combat Boots. Matthew was a rising talent whose acting career was cut short by his unexpected death.

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Bodybuilding Passion:

Many people are unaware of Matthew’s bodybuilding interests. After getting clean, Barbara Eden’s son discovered a passion for bodybuilding and healthy living.

But Ansara had begun injecting steroids. His height was 6 feet and 4 inches. In addition, Matthew’s lovely nature would have made him an excellent fit.

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